Wink vs SmartThings Showdown

Wink vs SmartThings review:
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In this Wink 2 vs SmartThings comparison, we test the speed, compatibility, and automation of both hubs. We bought Wink and SmartThings and set up both devices with a smart outlet. Both have their pros and cons, but which one is best for automating your home? Our video will help you decide.

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Liam McGarrigle says:

That smart things delay is strange, mine with my lights has absolutely no delay (if it did I’d go crazy).

Maybe it’s the switch that is causing the delay and not the hubs. Some relays don’t work as fast.

Christian says:

I guess you haven’t added a disclaimer that Arlo IS in fact compatible with Wink… At least according to their site.

ChromeDomeUK says:

So if I got an Echo Dot for basic stuff (Lights & TV) would I need one of these or just a Philips Hue & Harmony Hub?
What do these add to the setup?
So much stuff out there.


z grubble says:

Good video! FYI…there are two T’s in the word buTTon. And they’re not silent! It’s button not buhhon. Smart also has a T in it. It’s okay to say the T because no matter how much you use that letter, it’ll never wear out!

Clear sky Over the lake says:

Major Advantage. Samsung has been proven fact done and known to have integrated CIA ease dropping on their TV’s. How can I trust any Samsung product now? Wink is freedom.

hosackies says:

Does either of these apps allows for away from home control? Meaning can I turn on my lights when I’m out of the home wifi network, say when I’m at work and on 4G LTE data. This is my main concern before investing in this tech.

Blake B says:

Can you a showdown with the more updated smarthings hub version 3 for this year?

Allan Straughan says:

Ha! I asked on your last video if you had looked at Samsung. Yup!

Justin Hsueh says:

time delayed calculated by lua script
wink: 1:24.805 to 1:25.566 (.761 seconds)
smartthings: 1:34.276 to 1:35.065 (.789 seconds)

Shawn Rouse says:

Great video, one of the best comparisons and most succinct. Keep up the excellent work!

Etienne Fonseca says:

Hi, Good video. I need to create temporary users many times a month. Which one do you recommend to control Schlage connect ? Thanks to help us.

Dirty Burger says:

Thank you

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