Wink Hub Gen 2 Setup with Amazon Echo Alexa, Migrate and Review for Wireless Smart Home Automation

Setup of the Wink Hub Gen 2 and connect to Amazon Echo Alexa. From the first look box opening through the connection to the wireless network, migration from the Gen 1 Wink Hub and a full review. Since my Gen 1 hub is connected to my Amazon Echo and new Echo Dot’s, we will perform that setup as well to make sure all of my Alexa voice commands will still work. This is not just an overview, this is the complete installation. The Wink can connect to the internet with a wired and wifi connection. The Wink Hub supports both Zwave and Zigbee as well as other protocols.

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The Echo is a big part of my home automation and is connected to my GE, Lutron, and Leviton light switches through the hub. I am also using the GoControl/Linear and EcoLink sensors to control activities in my smart home. Other devices in my home include the Quirky Pivot Power Genius. All of these items can be controlled through the Wink App.

The Wink also integrates with the Logitech Harmony Hub, Home Security devices like the Nest Cam, and other internet of things (iot) gadgets. But this is not covered in this video.


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Jordan S says:

Hey great vids! Deciding between the wink and smartthings. Why the wink over smartthings? Thanks

SS S says:

So for someone just getting started with smart home integration (I just have a Dot, 4 Hue bulbs and a Hue bridge) what would you recommend? Wink hub or smart things hub combined with a variety of dimmer switches? Z-Wave, Zigbee or something else?

Steve LaBranche says:

Connected my Schlage Connect to Wink 2 & Amazon Echo. I thought I could have Echo play music when the Schlage door was unlocked and tailored to the specific user. Wink 2 doesn’t have the ability to activate Amazon Echo, and I can’t find anything in Echo programming to activate upon door unlock. I got lost in IFTTT. Any suggestions?

Donal Romano says:

dang it all, ive git 27 lutron switchs ill have to reconnect! oh and will this version support multisensors?

FunsterProductions says:

can you do a video on how you can use both and why you would want both hubs?

Heather Lalk says:

I am having issues with my phone app not finding my new Wink Hub 2. i have it plugged by ethernet cord.

eddieXgames says:

I have Cree light bulb do I need the switches in order to control the lights with voice conyltrol

Jeritt Hemeon says:

Hi John, does the Wink 2 have control capabilities for Sonos? I would like to upgrade my Wink but wondered which direction to go. Logitech Harmony Home was a suggestion at a big box store.

Matt Crawford says:

None of the device that I have the wink app on bring up the wifi password option….

Amit Himani says:

Hello John Great Video ! I have One Question. Why did you go with Wink Hub 2 over Samsung Smartthings Hub Version 2 ?

chicagotransam says:

Would you say this has sped up commands? My Gen 1 has around a 2 second delay. I’d love to see a side by side comparison

Tyrone Murray says:

hey john, what about international use

Brian MacMinn says:

For the bar lights, do you need the Lurton(sp) hub or can wink2 replace it?

Ramington Steel says:

thanks for adding value by doing this video. very clear and concise!

theBenMay says:

Your channel is a gold mine. Awesome videos!

jason duran says:

Can you add any z wave device to this wink ?

Adam says:

Great vid, thanks for sharing.

Tim Bittar says:

Thank you for the video. I’m in between the smart things hub, and Wink, back in forth with my decision… Everywhere I’m trying to get more info on how Wink manages the security system, arming and disarming windows and doors sensors, also if the Wink Relay can be used as a Away/Stay/Disarm panel. apparently the Smart Things has a native option of lock/unlock, and with Wink I would need to do though the robts, am I correct? Thanks again!

Mario says:

Just bought my first house.. As in, haven’t even moved in yet. Really interested in smart home integration.. So far I’ve got a Amazon Dot and ordered a Nest Thermostat, and currently doing research on which direction I should head. I’m thinking lights and cameras.. Not sure what brands or protocols.. Have you used IFTTT? Thanks for the info! Any pointers would be helpful. Subbed!

The Toltec says:


Ed Hudley says:

Excellent video!! Wanted to cry when you said I’m going to have to add my 17 Lutron devices back manually, but thanks for the heads up. Do you have the Wink Relay and if so, any reason why the screen stays on? Thanks.

Emmanuel Santiago says:

Basically transfer all smart device into one simple app ?

Scott P says:

Stumbled onto your videos and it prompted me to get a dot and the Wink 2. I’m having a problem however, the dot can’t see the Wink 2. I’ve rerun the setup process and nothing changes. Any word of advice for a home automation newb on how to fix this?

Nermain Merl says:

so the wink connects only smart things? It’s not like the Hook that turns normal things into smart things?

劉珈妏 says:

can you make Alexa talk about she turns on the lights? I want her to greet the guest. Thank you

Donnie Vandervort says:

This is really great. I now have my Wink set up with my Amazon Echo…thanks

Jason Rodriguez says:

Hello thanks for the video. Would this wink hub 2 ad to the speed of the wink wall plate. Or do I not need it if I have 3 wink wall switch hubs.

Mitch Howes says:

First off thanks for the great info John. 2 questions actually: What do you think or know about GPS based control? I was thinking why would i want to install a motion sensor on my garage when I can (assumedly) get the outdoor garage lights to come on when I arrive in the driveway with my phone? Secondly. I too am torn between a Wink 2 Hub and ST. Do you or anyone else here wish to chime in on the comparisons? Thanks again

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