What the Google Home Mini can do in your Smart Home

This is my review of the new Google Home Mini and what devices I use it with. Google Chromecast Audio, Chromecast Video and Philips Hue work great with it, see for yourself!

As a German family, we of course don’t use use the Home Mini set to English, I just changed it for this video. But all the commands work the same way in German and English.

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You know which buttons you should press!

Music: “Waves” by Joakim Karud: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZD4rUUT2BM


Brandon Knable says:

Fantastic video

Isaac Molokandov says:

Your not suposed to say its nothing special your suposed to encorage people to buy it

mukund p says:

Does it work with non-western accents of English? Like for the rest of the world…i.e. more than 5 billion people who dont really speak like Americans or British?…. as a german you seem to be pretty good at the almost american accent.

Andrew The Jasper fan says:

I saw a google home mini add in this vid lol

Bezimeni TM says:

Song name 2:22 ?

Ben Sholt says:

People making these videos need a tip….. JUST GET ON WITH IT! what can it do???? …..switching to another video, bye bye

Brian Neuman says:

It’s pronounced com-pra-ble. Not com-pear-able. You’ll get more credit when you speak correctly.

Giovanna Bembom says:

Hi. Can I ask you something? I really liked the turn on your pc feature. How did you do that using google home?

Bruce Comer Jr says:

All your video did was activate my Google Home and play NCS music instead of the rest of your video, congrats.

carlo palacios says:

Can you use google home mini to control music played on sonos PLAY 1?

Praveen Volvotkar says:

Why u trying to be MKBHD….
Be original please
P.S. really helpful video though

William Sanders says:

What kind of smart light bulbs do you use

Movie Vine says:

Lol,has anyone seen the fly in the candle jar @6:00, hey google exterminate fly

Johnny Bee says:

Well done video!

Connor McDermott says:

Why does everyone complain about the micro USB power cord? I mean it’s not a smart phone that you need to charge faster.

Reid Handsaker says:

Ur intro made me think there were crumbs on my phone

Patrick Channel says:

DIY google home mini wall mount …>>>. https://youtu.be/dhMd53RuDTQ

Chase Sherman says:

Watched this right next to my google home mini I just got and she was going off 24/7

Trey Kenworthy says:

Says it has not so good audio compares it to a much larger much nicer speaker

BenlePlayz says:

dang great channel! im surprised you are so small! I would recommend recording yourself sitting at a desk, and maybe putting egg cartons on the walls to help your sound quality. Or upgrade your mic. Other than that amazing video! I subbed

Dawn P says:

How close does the mini need to be to say the TV with a chromecast, to give it instructions? Also do you know if the mini with chromecast will access Netflix?

David Maltby says:

Enjoyed the video, except I think some of your assessments so biased against the Google minutes

Orlopez84 says:

I like your video

EB Vlogs says:

My google home mini is awesome

zerocool says:

OMFG dude spitnit out u sound like a fucking robot

Francisco Monreal says:

Can I put a Personal Name ? PE Rosita Turn on my Computer

Cesar Omar says:

Hey men, it works with the Original Chormecast? I mean the first version of it.

Astro Slam says:

Anyone else’s google home send them to the video he said when he was talking to his google home?

julian dijkgraaf says:

brain where did you buy your google home mini, because i live in the netherlands and it’s not yet availible here

Joao Valdez says:

How can i make my google mini play spotify, i linked it and it tells me it will play it but nothing happens

technologydirect says:

I love your account I have a technology account as well, any tips???

awwyeah says:

Just got mine, and after some setup (I’d say this requires some time to work properly) I really love it. Definately worth the money!

wesler218 says:

What is needed to turn on the pc with the Google mini?

Johnny Bee says:

What’s the point of setting up your voice when Google answers anyones voice? My Mini answered your questions as I watched this video!

itsbarbiebitches24 says:

Bought my Google home and it’s amazing

Nathan Baer says:

What is you have a dumb home

Johnny Bee says:

I got 2 on sale for only $29 American $!!! Score!!!!

Reggie Gimmix says:

really fancied one of these but lack of bluetooth and crap speaker means I’ll maybe wait for a better quality version or look at alternatives..not even a mini jack out…bad decision.

Ayush Gautam says:

Triggered my Google Assistant.

Crayola Skies says:

Wonderful video. Thanks for the information. I just got a mini.

The Nunez says:

Bro man you talk like a fish

Havens Sports says:

My google home mini sounds great

Cole Barsen says:

I would watch this guys videos more if he didn’t have that accent

BOSSman Gaming says:

Why do you. Talk so. Weird.

Linda Duet says:

Wow that’s real

Tube Time says:

Great video! I am amazed how you can make the google home mini turn on your PC, but can’t figure out how to do it when I clicked on your set-up-tour: can you describe the solution for that?

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