Vivint Smart Home Review: Securing Your Smart Home Has Never Been Easier

Vivint has come a long way since it introduced its doorbell camera in 2015. Like its competition – which includes the likes of Comcast Xfinity, ADT, and even DIY solutions like Simplisafe — Vivint offers a full suite of connected smart home security devices that work together to protect homes against everything from burglary, to fires, and floods. The difference, as I’ve experienced first-hand, comes down to the service experience.

Bitten by the smart home security bug, I wanted more. I wanted smart locks, voice control, door sensors, window sensors, and cameras … with night vision. Then Vivint came along and offered to install a comprehensive smart home security system for review with the option to either remove the system afterward or leave it in place for follow-up reviews as new features and hardware were added down the line.

I’m opting for the latter. Vivint isn’t the most affordable smart home security option, but their service and app experience are outstanding, and through my experience with their system, I’ve learned both of those factors are absolutely key.

Vivint outfitted my home with its doorbell camera, one indoor camera, three outdoor cameras (all with night vision), two Kwikset SmartCode deadbolt locks, three door sensors, 10 window sensors, one interior motion sensor, two glass-break sensors, two smoke detectors, and a flood/heat/cold sensor, and a touchscreen control panel.
If that sounds like a lot, I passed on four window sensors for the second floor, a smart thermostat (Vivint makes its own, and Nest is an option), a smart garage door opener module, and any of Vivint’s smart lighting solutions, which include lamp modules and compatibility with Philips Hue smart bulbs. The point here is that Vivint systems are designed to provide smart home convenience as well as security, and systems can be scaled from modest to almost obscenely elaborate.



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Technology unboxing Review says:

First to write nice vid

Nick Moidja says:

I’ll wait for all the bugs to be worked out of these security systems-HACKERS.
A good old fashioned key lock works just fine.

chad stern says:

Who decorated that horrible living room. Throw away those curtains

Edward schanz e says:

I work at vivint smart home in Utah.

Wyndsetter says:

Just bought a house where the previous owner had a Vivint system. Not impressed with the 1 inch hole they left in the exterior of the house, where their camera had been. When I called them, they refused to do anything as I am not a current client of theirs, so it is not their problem, then proceeded to say they could do it if I signed up for the service. Go with a different system. That is a horrible way to run a business.

UttR Concrete says:

Just go with ring

Kafir Gear says:

Hey, that looks like Alula? Not Vivint. Can you clarify. Vivint doesn’t make equipment does it? I talked with another company, Security AllStar who were straight up and told me that they did not have their own equipment only sell and monitor it. if that the same with Vivint?

Darren Johnson says:

I love the Vivint system! I’ve sold about 25 systems to residents and small businesses!

Robin Thomas says:

I have a Vivint system and just last night someone stole something off my porch and the doorbell camera did not work and capture the movement on camera. I wish I would’ve got a different system. Why am I paying for something that won’t help in an emergency?

Bob Smith says:

Does vivant need a UPS in case of power failure or malicious disconnect?

The Golf Life says:

I want to know what packages to steal. We’ve had tons of stuff stolen. It’s almost like they know what’s worth stealing…

Bob Husband says:

How much does the Vivint monitoring and video storage cost and compare to Rings Alarm Protect Plus Plan for all devices at one address for $10 bucks? I went with the Rings Alarm because their customer service support is great and I can add to my system over time by myself. Does the Vivint alarm have any Amazon Echo or Google Home assistance support? I like your products reviews because you do your research. Tx Bob

David LIoyd says:

Isn’t it “ADT” instead of “ADP”

Freddy Gomez says:

Best system hands down.

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