Verizon Introduces “SmartHub” Home Internet Replacement – With A Huge Catch!

Verizon this past week announced the SmartHub – a box designed to use a cellular connection to provide residential home internet, a “landline” phone jack, and smart home control of lights, thermostats, and locks.

Verizon explains it this way:

“SmartHub is a wireless, smart home solution that manages your connected home devices, provides reliable, high-speed internet powered by America’s Largest and Most Reliable 4G LTE network, and home phone service with HD Voice, all in one elegant device.
You can use SmartHub as your primary source for internet and phone service at home or when you travel.”

With a built in battery and an ethernet port – is the SmartHub actually a viable “primary source for internet” for those living a mobile lifestyle?

We’ve dug up the details – and discovered the major downside that makes the SmartHub decidedly dumb.

For the full story:


Mr Rey says:

thanks for the honest review of the verizon “smartHub” product. I am curious what verizon is thinking when they come out with product like this? perhaps I am being to critical but, I think veriozn believes their customers are not witty enough to understand verizons schemes.

johnothy says:

I like the term “dumb hub” lol.

Reg mason232 says:

Verizon- seems to have their own meanings as pertains to common English words. What something means can best be defined as what works to Verizon’s advantage! I’ll give you an example. After I reach my plans limit, they slow it down to a snails pace, and they advise me it will reset to normal speed on the 1st of the month. However, it NEVER resets on the 1st of the month! It will however reset around the 2nd or 3rd day, based on the speed of the system! I’m guessing Verizon defines the 1st as the first week, or the first part of the month!!

SportsMania ! says:

So I have a personal hotspot I game on with my Verizon plan and I still don’t get good connection if I get this will I get better connection or same since my phone plan is through Verizon plz help

Marquette Smith says:

What is the point? Now it’s at $110 on the data plan, Looks best to stay away and $ave your money.

Tyler Keele says:

I purchased one because this is the only ISP we can get in our area and I have not had any issues with it thus far. After we hit the 10 gig limit, the speeds reduce, but we can still stream Netflix, connect to the Nest, and I’ve even been able to game online. The only issue is that downloading apps, software updates, etc is excruciatingly slow. However the device does work well given the circumstances.

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