Verizon connected house tour: What a 750Mbps connection can do for you

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We checked out Verizon’s Instant Internet Home space to get a glimpse of the home of the future.

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gearzone2611 says:

Verizon is PRISM. Of course it is connected!

gaslone79 says:

Fancy 750Mbps connection but pealing sealant on then doors…

Tabish Syed says:

I am getting 1.29 Gbps and I only pay for 1 Gbps. Suck on that Americans.

wymm says:

my house is already 500 mbps and it is only like $30

Instance Noodle says:

verizon fios exist in only 20 cities in the United States. Awesome if you live in those citiesm

Jaime Nazario Jr says:

Google fiber has 1000mbps down and up

Jyoti Basu says:

I have 50mbp

Davey S says:

I have fios and am mostly happy with it. My only complaint is that youtube peering is really bad; I get buffering during peak hours, even streaming just 1080p.


I have dell laptop of 2GB ram, Would android studio work in. please reply sir

cid fan says:

Its the 750/750 tier but as you can see from the speed test he is getting 800+ download and 900+ upload which is very close to google fiber. However google fiber is much cheaper.

Vilmos Bognár says:

watching on my 1000mbps internet in hungary…

Drew R. says:

90mbps for $80/month

ikechukwu says:

where is krystal key

Rohit Kumar says:

My internet is 850mbps (1gbps) here is Australia

Kaiser Legato says:

750mbps of vulnerabilities. Mirai and the like will be delighted.

Sophie R says:

i pay $40 a month for 15mbps but my grandparents pay $40 for 50mbps

Colton Morris says:

I have AT&T Gigapower and I get 1GBPS up AND down. And the service is less than $100/month.

Kinq Azure says:

Does it come with their bloatware as well?

Dovydas M says:

Try internet in Lithuania, its something around 300 Mbps and you pay 15€ per month. Thats somewhere around 15-20$. No contracts or extra fees.

Christopher McWain says:

Did I just watch an ad?

Cousin Chris says:

The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals on Father’s day

fightmefag says:


Review Application says:

Have a look at Pattern Keyboard android app most easy way to enter text.

Cloud supermatrix Go hardcore says:

Be happy you hv internet many people don’t hv internet


hello sir, I watched your video about android studio, I downloaded android studio but I am not getting preview of the project

MaSTA ChO says:

big brother just got a big boner.

Mariyqn Nakev says:

ads getting better by the day

Mufaddal Hakim says:

meanwhile here it took me 8 mins to see this 4 min video *cries in the corner*

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