Ultimate Smart Home // Nest Edition!

Welcome to Ultimate Smart Home NEST Edition! Thank you to NEST for Partnering with me on this video. I show you all of the NEST products in one place Including the Nest Cam IQ, Nest Cam Indoor, Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect for the best ideas for you smart home security.
NEST CAM IQ: https://goo.gl/UosM6Z
Nest makes arguably the best smart security cameras and the new 4K Nest Cam IQ is no exception. Lets look at the best smart thermostat, best indoor and outdoor security cameras, best smart smoke detectors and see how everything works together with existing smart home products.

NEST Cam IQ: http://amzn.to/2tZ72be
NEST Cam Indoor: http://amzn.to/2uxPJSf
NEST Cam Outdoor: http://amzn.to/2eNtS3N
NEST Thermostat: http://amzn.to/2eNTRYQ
NEST Protect: http://amzn.to/2h3nAO1

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Christian Caroza says:

Hey Danny!

Great video on Nest products! Do you think you can make a video on more “works with nest products” and demonstrate how those products integrate with the Nest platform? (i.e. Chamberlain Garage, wemo/tp link plugs, and the yale lock to name a few)



javx03 says:

That last part took the cake! Why hasn’t no one mentioned the fact that it can turn off your AC if it detects a fire?! Good review bro! I enjoyed it!

Chlero's eyes says:

Hey I watched the commercial at the beginning of this video you’re welcome and I expect everyone else too

ahale1987 says:

Love the video. You should do a HomeKit edition!

Nick D. Johanson says:

Quality of the video is on point!

Sun That Never Sets says:

Um isn’t Carbon Monoxide a heavier gas? So by time it reaches the detector on the ceiling at least it can alert the EMS to bring a body bag

Tuma Time says:

excellent video i have the outdoor camera just orderd the thermostat

D.Remedy says:

I needed this video. Thanks

Michael Wulfbeer says:

I should do a video. I have 2 thermostats, 4 Cameras, 3 nest protects and the nest secure. More nest protects coming, another outdoor camera and the nest doorbell camera.

Allothers Taken says:

I hate when youtubers dont mute trigger words.

Cody Green says:

Can the protect feed temperature back to the thermostat so the thermostat can keep cooling/heating till all rooms are at an acceptable temperature? I see that the protect 3 has a temperature probe but I don’t see this feature specifically called out. Thanks!

Asiful Islam says:

Well looks like i got new idea for my project ! indeed m a civil engineer

Alistaire Cook says:

Hi Danny, which would you recommend between the Ring products such as the floodlight cam & Stick up cam or the nest outdoor camera?

Will Ford says:

Great if you want to spy on your family!

Pete Molkenthin says:

Great video. I’ve got the full Nest suite in my house and it’s so simple to use.

Labrador Kid says:

Due to the price I have to build up a Nest collection slowly. I want to start with a Nest CO2 alarm in my furnace room for early detection. Do you know if the Nest Smoke/CO2 alarm will broadcast over the Google Home and Home Mini? I’m sure I won’t hear the Nest that far away, but I have the G Home close by. Great video by the way!

Ideals Spirit says:

Lol its like your home has an immune system.

Jose A Avellanet says:

Great video.

Keith Hobbs says:

I want free stuff too lol

Jan Bertelsen says:

JUST DONT BUY NEST OUTDOOR / Rubbish product – I had 2 cameras ripped off the wall with ease and the bad design of the product did not prevent it – DONT BUY IT!!! The service has been awful and not customer focused at all especially spending over £1,000 one would expect some service instead it has been arrogant and dismissive offering less than 6% discount – I would have expected more from a Google company

kwjz53 says:

I have the Nest and was wondering if the Nest has a device to put on sliding doors that will turn the air conditioning or heat off if the doors are left open . Thank you

LightningGmr says:

I’ve thought about doing this for my dad cause he’s home alone and getting older and I want things to be as easy as possible for him. He has a lot of medical problems so the idea of automatic lightning, thermostat and all that is super appealing. I just don’t know how to begin laying it all out lol

chaclacayo perû says:

can I start in my princess room first?

Sun That Never Sets says:

Cool Tech.. Privacy issue huge concern.. Remember that 4th Amendment thing. Does Google collect all this crap.. so scary.. it needs to be local and not on a cloud.:

Darren T says:

I love the thermostat and protect, but it’s the subscription cost that puts me off the cameras

Zataralee says:

You should reach out to Sense home energy monitor about sponsorship and a video. I love it. I have mine setup to set the lighting and turn off my fish tank pump when Sense detects my TV is on.

Scottlp2 says:

It’s too bad nest doesn’t make a water detector for leak/flood detection.

Finn Cook says:

Psychology burst compete face wrist bottle hurry jaw single involve green.

Derrick J Johnson says:

How can i add my wife phone to google assistant? I was able to add her but can not set her google home up for nest can you help me?

Mary Hughes-Ocampo says:

Nice,This is so all helpful i’ll be watching your videos constantly

Oscar Cordova says:

This is by far the best smart home product description I have seen. I am interested in the Nest products. Now I’m 100% convinced I want Nest in my home. Thank you!

David Deblaere says:

It’s all so expensive!

Peter Krupa says:

No Apple HomeKit support so unfortunately a no go atm.. shame because I love the design of the thermostat and Protect.

Living Impetus says:

All Nest Cams should include a minimum of 2 days of free footage.

Danindu Wakista says:

TGreat Stuff Danny

Hunter J. Short says:

Really loved this video, so how much would a bundle like this cost out of curiosity?

Brennan Ball says:

I don’t know if I like how the indoor nest cameras look

Robert LeBlanc says:

I have a very full Nest system and will be adding the Hello when it arrives but I’m not interested in the Secure as it lacks additional fob readers other than the base station for additional entries.

alango1971 says:

how much iq security camera price?

NoahTheHipster says:

you should have millions of subscribers. i dont get it

Scoobasteve2343 says:

While watching your video, you adjusted the heat in my house with your voice command to your echo lmao.

Michael A says:

You mentioned 3 hours of footage without the nest aware. But it’s not really footage correct? It’s just a random still photos.

Pete Birdsong says:

I hate those random chirps, so I smacked that like button.

Yasir says:

“smack that like button” automatic dislike!

Daniel Waun says:

Nice video. Thanks. I’m leaning toward adding the nest ecosystem to my google home setup when I get a house. Right now I think the biggest hurdle has to be cost, not supposed difficulty in use.

Assante Freeman says:

Great smart home content, keep it up.

Richard Recupero says:

You have to be a fool to buy a cam that has fees. No thanks. Hikvision DVR with remote access.

Troy Moon From the TDM YouTube Company says:

I just hate those annoying beeps from those smoke alarms. And I also hate having to vacuum it when dust gets in it!

ZEB I says:

Awesome video

TechThumbs says:

Thanks for turning my heat up to 74!

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