Ultimate Smart Home Lock // August Smart Lock Pro + Connect!

The August Smart Lock + Connect is the most versatile and flexible Smart Door Lock on the market right now. Buy the Best Smart Home Lock 2018: https://goo.gl/NuPamC

When building your ultimate smart home with new smart home tech choosing the best smart door lock is one of the first things that are essential to smart home security. Control the lock from anywhere in the world, August Smart Lock Pro + Connect works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit so perfect for those with a Apple HomePod as the center of the smart home. Full Ultimate Smart Home Tour and Guide V2.0 coming soon. Stay Tuned for more Smart home tech setups and reviews on smart home devices.

Video made in partnership with @AugustLock. All opinions are my own.

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Fatih Özcelik says:

Is there any lock for the German market?
We only have here the „noki door lock“

Rockin Robyn says:

Thank YOU!! I like this! This will help me when I travel or work out and I don’t have to carry my keys on me. We are military family and live in government housing so we can’t completely remove certain fixtures however, i desire to have security for my home! Great video again!!

Gaza Don says:

Best affordable 4K HDR tv under $1000. That would be a great video for someone that’s on a budget

Yama says:

Can you make a video on the chamberlain Myq garage opener please?

Toma Walker says:

Hello, Danny. I would also like a Roundup video. I have been considering getting a dog again and would like a dog walker to help when I’m at work. So, I would love to have a smart lock. I’m part of the Google Assistant and Nest family. But, I’m not opposed to branching out.

DVZN Media says:

might have to check that out

Govan Origins says:

What’s your internet speed?

Darkstar says:

too bad it’s $280.

Danny Winget says:

What smart home tech do you want me to check out next? Round up of smart locks or something else? Let me know! Thumbs up for Ultimate Smart Home Videos!

Creative Engineering says:

Technology is changing rapidly, we live in a society that has a bright future. We work all together to secure our family and community. It is a very great video showing us that we can do more and more and create some awesome products that will benefit people all over the world.

juan evangelista says:

round up of the best locks on the market, please!!!

Jason says:

$300 for half a deadbolt.


What about the Yale lock that works with nest

th3h1ghlander says:

DW: thanks again for a great overview of the product and revisiting improved versions of the same product. I look forward to a smart-lock round-up as I am considering options soon

Omar Correa says:

Now I know the code to get in your house Danny. Don’t be surprised if you find me chilling in your crib playing Xbox.

Siim Kuusik says:

Nothing that my HomeKit enabled Kwikset Premis couldn’t do, and the Premis has the code touchpad built already in. Bought it used for $90 in the States when I was visiting.

xxnike629xx says:

What I’m considered about these things is if there’s a power outage and Internet, Bluetooth, etc is unavailable. What happens then? Are you locked out of your house?

Mike Dee says:

You should do a break these locks for security and see if any one of these can be broken into

Mike Schwede says:

Ok nice. But what’s better than nuki.io ? They have beside a numberpad a fob and support geofencing for unlock/closing the door and for alerts.

Food Stamp says:

Sup Mister Winget

Chemy Torres says:

I remember the previous video, this one is nice too, more features, still worried about the batteries but in everything else, totally great.
Nice video, like as always Danny

THE ICON says:

Hey Danny amazing video thank you very much I would like to see what’s the best smart lock or just a review on Smart locks I used to have an old school August but I can’t use it where I reside now and I have the Vivint smart home alarm so it comes with its own lock so this is very useful and helpful anyway just for knowledge and peace of mind

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