Ultimate Smart Home Guide and Tour!

One link to all products: http://amzn.to/2oMQWiu
ULTIMATE 4K TV Media Setup Tour: https://youtu.be/XEqZG_XI8hE

Wondering what you need to get started in building a smart home? Check out all of these products you need to achieving your ultimate goal in home automation. Something from this setup tour will help you with your home automation journey.

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Moonlight Richards says:

Your home is truly impressive. I hope to attain what you have in the future. Great video!

Aakash Yadav says:

i would like to automate my home using raspberry pi

Sukwa Man says:

73c you will be rosted human…:)

rfrancoi says:

GREAT video Sir.

Abdou Benchikh says:

It’s not “echo has more to offer” it’s echo is an amazon product

Alexis Mauldin says:

Lol. You made my head explode.

Chris Utley says:

Teamed up with Amazon. Wow. Impressive.

ItzSpencer says:

now if only I was rich

Mr Clyburn says:

what if this doesn’t work, can I use a KEY???

Mexiyeah says:

How about music?

Ahmed Helal says:

Hi wher can I find that tv stand you got?

Naklet says:

Until the wifi goes out

Straightoutofchiraq says:

Where did you get those lights on the corner? Looks like a plant.. what’s the brand?

rcholnoky09 says:

These work great for me and are much cheaper than the TP link http://www.ebay.com/itm/112485688013?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

Joshua Sandford says:

You should’ve built everything yourself using arduino. Could’ve made face recognition smart lock, own smart bulbs, smart plugs.
+ you could’ve made your own Google home/Alexa using arduino to operate everything you make- kinda like the thing in Iron Man

Amanda says:

So my question is, what happens when the power goes out? Is there keys that come with the locks?

UnstablePlatform says:

Imagine changing the battery for all those products.

Jie Xiang says:

Any idea if Orvibo Allone RF works with Echo?

Kar Law says:

Love this video.

Amazingme says:

just waiting till your entire house gets hacked

IPisCrispy says:

when the hell did these cool things come out? when did we get here so fast? world, slow down!!!!

Eoin Obrien says:

This is not smart

Killer Dog says:

I wonder how slow your internet is after u set up everything

NYCurlyDoc says:

Does the Samsung Smart Thing and Wink Relay offer two different functions? Do you pick one or work with both???

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