Ultimate Smart Home: Episode 2

The coolest home tech out there in episode 2 of the Ultimate Smart Home.
Amcrest ProHD: http://www.amazon.com/Amcrest-ProHD-Wireless-Security-Camera/dp/B0145OQTPG/
Google OnHub: https://store.google.com/product/onhub
Google Chromecast 2015: https://store.google.com/product/chromecast_2015

Between a router that works as the hub for all your smart home connected devices, a Wi-Fi security camera that can see in the dark and the Chromecast to allow you to stream video and audio straight to your TV the Ultimate Smart Home is officially back.

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WonderWaffle says:

Austin, I’d appreciate if you reviewed the new Samsung Push/Pull lock in the next smart home episode, it’s really cool, and it’s way better than every other smart door handle.

ryan russell says:

Where’s the rest of this series? I want to see more awesome home gear please!!

Jacob Ortiz says:

What I would like to see is a home automation system like Smartthings, Insteon or Lutron. A home automation system is the ultimate smart home device and I think everyone would agree with me on that.

Eamonn Byrne says:

I ment oomi

Eamonn Byrne says:


Brundley A. Levros says:

so funny to see Lamarr Wilson laying down comfortably on the floor enjoying watching himself on the TV

Os _Tech says:

Lamar! lol

Patrick Lipp says:

@austin Evans Take a look at Crestron Pyng it can handle a lot and would add a True home automation/Smart home aspect to this series.

Cowden Harker says:

2:59 Oh my GOD

Quokkat says:


#Tkallday says:


Raymon Rodriguez says:

Maybe a brain would make the house a little smarter

Brandon D says:

3:00 SMH I am now scard for life

Enzo Conti says:

Talk about wemo switch control,and why not about parrot drones??

Alfonso Hernández Bustos says:

new google on hub!!

Trovão says:

Draw Lamarr like one of your french girls

Matty T says:

you should make more episodes of this

CPT_LoopyPants -The Noob That Could says:

Damn u got gud internet austin

Josh st says:


Mrcrazytony97 says:

hallo girls dis is gostin

abdul-wahab hawsawi says:

*2:59* when the device is good, it shows you people in 7D.

ryan russell says:

Where’s the rest of this series? I want to see more awesome home gear please!!

Samual Persaud says:

What happened to this series?

Max T. says:

i want smart lights please

B. G. says:

Lamarr XD

Jade Davis says:

I’ve been looking for a security camera with that exact feature set for like ever! maybe I’m just bad at looking but either way I’m getting like 4 of these

Ikechi Anyanwu says:

I’d like to see Amazon echo next.

JustAkash says:

Austin, can you please do a review of Jibo, the robot? It’s epic

Muhammad Hazeeq says:

lol Lamarr

Luke Foley says:

You should of put Amazon Echo

ThePc845 says:

for me it sounds like he is saying: Hey Guys! This is sauce-stin

Smain Younes says:

i am just curios what were all of the youtubers i know doing at jonhathan’s house ??

Dylan Cyr says:

The amcrest app looks ok, but the footage coming out of it looks pretty terrible.

Cold Hooded says:

really lamarr wilson

games withshield says:

lamarr wilson

tasman_devil says:

Lamarr Wilson Cameo… EPIC! 🙂

Matt Rogers says:

i want more smart home videos 🙂 please

funniray 10 says:

wait… who has a tv (besides linus) that is 4K?

Matt Rogers says:

i want more smart home videos 🙂 please

Apple Person 1 says:

why not a video (smart home) with the nest protect smoke detector

Master Yoda says:

Love this series

Brett Martin says:

Do more Gba videos

xan page-brown says:

i like how lamarr was hiding underneath the tv

NarawaGames says:

Smart toilets!

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