Ultimate Smart Home Doorbell?!? (Ring Video Doorbell)

Ring Video Doorbell unboxing, review, and install – With Ring, you can communicate with the person on the other side of your door from anywhere in the world. Ring Video Doorbell offers one-way video and two-way audio communication. ▶Buy Ring: http://www.ring.com ▶On Amazon: http://mcmx.in/1B5uuQm

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Luciene Blanchette says:


rmuranaka1 says:

Amazingly….you can’t watch the video in a live feed…..only if the doorbell rings. Unreal….bad design.


Two Questions:
1). If I use the existing hardwire will it ring the existing 110v Chime?
2). Can I store videos locally or on my own cloud storage without paying $36 dollars a year. Seems absurd to pay for cloud storage when most consumers already have web accessible storage for free such as WD or google drive or even email.

MagnumDB says:

No local recording anywhere? It’s all cloud-based which you have to pay $3/month for?

Was it worth the time? says:

Totally fucking useless.

yof says:

i want one so bad

tripjet999 says:

Better solution: put down the stupid cell phone, get your lazy ass off the couch and GO ANSWER THE DOOR!     And lose the nasty tramp stamps, too!    Ugh!

Brama Bull says:

its great I have one

Michael Campbell says:

Great review! Answers most of the questions I have about this product. Especially like where it will record to the cloud. I have a regular DVR surveillance system, but it is difficult to get it to record to the cloud. This thing seems to do it without a static IP address and not much hassle.

Monroe Hoskins says:

Does the camera focus? Just in case you have to mount the camera closer to the door?

King Patrick says:

sorry guys but this camera is servicable at best. the app is absolutely horrendous. no automation features, no live features, camera falls asleep and wont pick up movement, when it records movement it is 5 seconds later. no timers to set time of day to record. WILL NEVER BUY AGAIN AND DONT RECOMMEND

maurice Freeman says:


VP Magalang says:

Very professional and concise review! I’m glad I clicked on your video. Definitely no waste of time here and you hit all the points before anyone can get lost in thought, bored or frustrated. Thanks!

Dario Lepej says:

This seems cool, but thief (or anyone else) can just break it or simply cover the lens…

Disturbed Productionz says:

Hey, can I email you a question? Oh wait, nevermind, I see my answer at 2:07….you’ve never clicked on the mail icon to read your 2,602 emails. 😛

Kermit Coy says:

I installed the ring doorbell and connected it to my wifi but when someone rings the bell I get a video notification, the only problem is I have to be looking at the phone when the notification comes in, I was expecting some type of audio notification. I checked my phone (a samsung galaxy note 5 ) sound notifications and it says it’s on but I get only video.

Betty Thomas says:

Looks like something I could install myself.

Rob Ron says:

Nice just one question. Are you able to add on more cameras or ring cameras, say for the back door or patio etc?

Dead Or Alive says:

Very nice and informative video! I have a question…can more than one person use the app because if I’m not available, can my wife answer with her phone? What about the kids too? How many people can use one Ring doorbell?

spock_elvis says:

Doesn’t the boldly displayed logo sort of defeat the purpose?

Dale Webb says:

nice review. i just purchased mine. with your video i feel confident that I can install it. thanks

Lisa Oliva- Stephens says:

You have made a good video, but the product now has changed. Seems it now needs POWER already available, which I don’t have. The price is rather prohibitive. Would have gotten one, if it was affordable for senior on fixed income. However, just wanted to say your video is best . Nice job, Maybe you can do an update?

RK Technology says:

WARNING!!! This product is useless!! If someone has a mask on they wont care if you have a camera and the other thing is usually robbers don’t come ringing your front door. Also if your internet is down then this is as good as paperweight. It’s a waste of $200.

Pamela Mercer says:

Loved it. Was just showing it to my partner at work. We both have to try it since we live in the boonies. Great product.

Daily Dog says:

The doorbell is crap it takes 30 sec for the doorbell to send a notification to your phone

Bridgette Lee says:

What if u stay in apartment without doorbells could u install it

yusuf islame says:

why? Just why?
A system where I can talk to people if they come to the door when I’m not there? They can just call me….or FaceTime me…from a location convenient to them not just standing awkwardly on my doorstep telling me about their day..and the ones that don’t have my number are either the Pizza guy, the mailman or the postman and why would I want to have a conversation with them? Plus if it IS the pizza guy I’m home cause I know he’s coming…so that leaves uninvited guests who i don’t want to talk to anyway because A: they’re breaking into my house or B: they’re telling me about Jesus or selling something…why would I want to be interrupted from what I’m doing as I’m out to chat to them?
I’m struggling to see any point of anyone buying this

Paul Blue says:

does anyone know if u can view this on a smartwatch and if so how ?

Charlie Bombard says:

I just wanted to add a note out there for those who don’t have a very strong wifi system. They neglect to tell you that you need a minimum of 1mgps speed for your down load and 1mgps speed for your upload for this doorbell to work as advertised! So check you internet speed before you make your purchase and it will save you a ton of headaches in the future!

Adam Aaronson says:

2600 emails, sweet lord get your life in order. Doorbells are the least of your problem. 😉

Michael Parker says:

How many phones can hookup to this unit? Can this unit contact multiple phones?

SouthSide says:

Can you install two of these front and back door and pull them both up on your phone?

jesper zwanikken says:

will i be able to connect to me friends houses. is there like a code to connect?

paula Havens says:

can you hook this up to a laptop or a tv with wifi in stead of a phone.

Clark Peng says:

Dear Dom, your video review is very professional. We are sincerely inviting you to review our product for unbiased and honest review. Our product link is https://www.amazon.com/Areox-Waterproof-Wireless-Doorbell-Warranty/dp/B01FD69YF2. If you are interested in it, please contact me at your convenience.

BAZ00KA J0 says:

I cant find anyone that has tried the Ring app on a Windows 10 PC instead of a cell phone. If anyone else has, please shoot me a link.

Juan Del Rey says:

Danger connects to your wifi easy to hi jack

Charlie Bombard says:

Make sure your wifi speed is fast enough to run this item. Great concept! they just needed to disclose that your wifi speed needs to be a certain speed for it to work as advertised.

James B says:

This is a good heads up in case you have jehovahs witnesses at your door, now you know to answer wearing a banana hammock

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