Tour of an Apple HomeKit Enabled Home, with Dozens of Devices Controlled by Siri

I’m a huge fan of Apple, and a big fan of the concept of home automation. Naturally, I was excited when Apple announced HomeKit, and the first HomeKit enabled accessories started rolling out. I am an early adopter, to put it lightly. I have a home built around 1870, and have outfitted it with an extraordinary amount of HomeKit devices, making pretty much the entire home controllable via HomeKit and Siri.

I wanted to provide a tour of my HomeKit-enabled home not only because its cool to control your home with Siri voice control, but also because I wanted to demonstrate some of the practical uses of HomeKit to improve your home. I hope you enjoy the video.

In this video, I discuss the following HomeKit devices in my house:

Lutron Caseta dimmers and remotes
Lutron Serena shades
Phillips Hue bulbs, lightstrips, dimmers, and tap switches
Ecobee 3 thermostats and sensors
iHome SmartPlugs

I also discuss the third party app: Home – Home Automation with HomeKit By Matthias Hochgatterer.

By my estimation, this is the best HomeKit app so far.

Check out my separate review of the new HomeKit smoke and carbon monoxide alarms:

I have gone through a lot of time setting up these devices, troubleshooting problems, and resolving them. In another video or post I’ll discuss some of the common problems you can run into with HomeKit setups.

If you have any HomeKit questions or comments, leave them below, and I’ll respond.


Gazababon123 says:

Eh, can we use the home kit without those wireless stuff?, so my house is using the normal switch, is it possible to set my electronic in home app?

Picco bow says:

Unprofessional video

Josh934TXS says:

nothing ocd about this. half of the shit didn’t work and its all messy. looks more like android home kit LOL unorganized and only working halfway

Stainless says:

you should really get an amazon echo

way more accurate than siri

This Is Ions says:

Big fan of our setup. We’re working on something similar in a house from 1908. Noticed your outlet in the bathrooms: I don’t know about American Codes, but in Canada any outlet in a bathroom must be GFCI. It’s given us troubles too.

Thanks for the ideas, wireless switches and lights would be so much easier than re-wiring all the old mistakes

Bill Bethel says:

Great job on the updates. Best video yet. I will be converting my Micasaverde/Vera system over. It’s ZWave based. Should be fun. Hoping to be able to control my shades. I never have figured it out with Vera. Have a home used for Airbnb, it will be nice to tell guests just to use Apple Home. No one has used the Vera app. The scene feature is great. No running around flipping switches. You have done a great job. Let me know when you want to visit Arizona.

yuyiboy says:

That HOME app IS an apple app

David Garratt says:

What kind of range do you get with device – I have a large house and am concerned that Bluetooth won’t provide sufficient range for all door sensors – I understand i can use an Apple TV as a base station but it’s unclear if your can increase the coverage by having more than one base station on a network?

Søren Jensen says:

Since apple launched their own Home app, have you had any chance of trying that one out?

Awesome Dave says:

Why don’t you wrap up your garden hose?

NickGaming19 says:

My house is older ha 1817

trejkaz says:

Shades are a pain. You need power right next to them and the cost for that electrical work alone is a huge sting. Then the shades themselves are expensive, and difficult to actually find to buy. Windows aren’t standard sizes so everything has to be custom made to the right size. Even getting non-automated shades into my new apartment 5 years ago was the biggest cost on moving in, and they wanted another $2000+ to motorise all of it. That, and the electrical work being expensive too, is the main reason why I haven’t made a move on the automation stuff yet.

Laxmichand Fatnani says:

I like your enthusiasm and coverage of your video. I would request you to have someone else take video. Its hard to sit through your video – a lot moving. You will need editing etc aswell.

cruzernator says:

Time to get upgrade to an Amazon Echo in every single room in your house 🙂

Collin Eichinger says:

Can you have apple HomeKit devices on more than one iOS device? Can I have it on my iPhone and my iPad and my moms iPhone?

rkreke51 says:

Maybe you need and Android

Bill Bethel says:

My house is a robot. Luv it!

Jake Walters says:

what if the wifi goes out………????

Patrick Hill says:

Cool setup

MrSkoTA says:

After the last year of using this, do you believe that the issues with the voice recognition are due to Siri, or do to data not going to the devices correctly and the responses from them possibly also? And since Apple has released their new home app, has any of this gotten easier, harder or stay the same?

GeometryDash Quik says:

The reason Siri wasn’t working at some points is because you need to unlock your phone to use some of Siri’s HomeKit features. Kinda obvious

christian calix says:

I have a question can you use ihome plugs but can you connect extra standard plugs will it all work with ihome plugs but will it make all of the light turn on

305nayeli says:

your house is so beautiful and organized…love it

Jazreel Faye says:

It’s great that Apple is releasing their HomeKit it’s almost like they heard you haha – you should be really happy cause man, you’re such a fan!

Babar Amjad says:

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Mike Shelley says:

How did the Hue Light Srtip hold up in an outdoor setting?

Mike Albanese says:

Dude . Try “Turn off the kitchen lights BITCH”. NOW.

TechMonitor says:

How do you have 3 ecobees? Do you have 3 hvac systems?

Limon Phipps says:

how do you get Philips hue lights to work with siri when your away from home or outside your home network?

Riaz Husain says:

I’d love to see it control ADT security, lawn sprinkler system, and water softener in addition to doing AC / water heater and lights.

TheCrash2769 says:

another rich guy who has way to much money and thinks he is a high tech geek and has been sipping the shitty apple coo-laid for a very long time. he is a apple customer for life and thinks all apple devices are the greatest in the world regardless if they truly are or not. he loves his apple coo-laid.

How to TechPro says:

I just found out you can use pico remotes to control you Philips hue lights. Have you experimented with this?

Ibrahim Nabhaan says:

now there is apple home app

Arthur Perotti says:

That was great. I’ve watched the whole 29 minutes, twice. Because of this video I bought an Ecobee, a bunch of Lutron in wall and plug in dimmers and pico remotes as well as some Hue bulbs on black friday. I’m also going to get the iHome plug ins as well for the stuff that I don’t need a physical remote. They should send you some treats. You should keep working on making this huge home smarter by adding some new features such as video surveillance and smart locks.

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