Top Apple HomeKit Accessories You Can Buy

In this video we’re going to take a look at some of our favorite accessories/products that take advantage of Apple’s HomeKit.

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August Smart Lock –
Yale Assure iM1 –
Sensi Thermostat –
Logitech Pop –
Elgato Eve Button –
Philips Hue -
Nanoleaf Aurora –


pasta says:

4:33 oops

E P says:

Are there any door/multipurpose sensors that work with Homekit?

Jerry Puckett says:

Siri will not unlock my Schlage Smart Lock I have to unlock my iPhone to unlock my Schlage Smart Lock is this the way it is with all Smart Locks

Michael Hoffmann-Borucki says:

My Favorit is Homey by Athom

Phyo Khant Aung says:

Siri-“She who must not be named” xD

Paul Keating says:

If you buy a smart lock with pin, always tap at least 2 extra numbers every time you use it or long term you’re giving any random an easy in.

didair says:

For a cheaper alternative when getting started with a smart home i can really recommend IKEAS tradfri line-up, it works with Apple Homekit! I have all lights in my apartment and it works great. A plus is that a Phillips Hue hub can control the IKEA bulbs if you want to upgrade to Hue. But it doesnt work the other way around..

DanielWhaaaa says:

You have a very big head

Bout001 says:

If it comes to me, the August Smart Lock is a must. Also FIBARO seem to have a nice HomeKit product range

Tim Ivers says:

I feel the need to point out that when it comes to buttons, Philips Hue switches can now be programmed to scenes via the Apple Home app; this allows you to replicate the simple “on/off switch” that grandma might need.

smmozza says:

you stupid apple people …

Edward Lu says:

Hey there! Could you tell us what kind of shelves you have flanking your TV? They look great!

Ben Anderson says:

Please don’t say “hey Siri” in your videos. It turned on my fan and HomePod replied and scared the hell out of me.

bondjw07 says:

Great video, but I would have loved to hear a shout out to homebridge at the end. Many people following macrumors are savvy enough to use it. I personally couldn’t do without it.

Shon Hall says:

The Lutron Caseta switches are by FAR the BEST HomeKit devices we own! They simply never fail to work. I’ve got a dozen or so iHome and iDevices plugs, and, they’re hit and miss a lot of the times. Slowly going through and replacing them all with the Lutron switches, plugs, and, dimmers, and, couldn’t be happier! A tad more expensive, but, definitely worth every penny. Now, we just use the the iHome and iDevice plugs for holiday decorations.

We really love our Ecobee thermostats, too. Their additional remote sensors make all the difference, compared to the Nest and others.

We love our August lock, too. Our only issue with that, is it can’t seem to maintain a connection to the WiFi consistently, despite having a repeater right next to the door.

Overall, we LOVE HomeKit in our 8,000 sq. ft. Loft. We have a LOT of light switches, 4 thermostats, and multiple plugs, and, HomeKit makes automating those a breeze, especially when we travel or simply away from the home.

MGMK says:

I admired the muted “Hey Siri” 😛 Thank you for that lol

Terry White says:

My favorite lighting is the Lutron Caseta system. Siri, google and Alexa compatible.

Sabrina Fox says:

*Installed pretty easily if you have the right tools to bore holes and etc.>>>**** Easy to program and use. Great for not having to carry keys.*

markus808808 says:

Lutorn Caseta for lights and SOMA Smart Shades for window shades, I just don’t trust smart locks yet, sorry.

Hardik Arya says:

So I can add Alexa speaker to Home Kit and have other Speaker can I add that to

JohnyTechReview says:

It is funny how with all the smart control to control devices we are making hard switch to control those “soft switch” lol. It is like we gone so far in circle ended up just having a hard button to turn on the light. At that point just get a regular switch lol. (Yes I get it that you can do scene with a switch but if you have 1-2 devices it make no sense )

Kode Williams says:

Where did you get that lamp

mementorequiem says:

Siri is just so damn stupid when compared to Google Home. :/ But hey, it does the trick if you are only looking to control your HomeKit enabled devices.

Mac says:

what u think about Koogeek’s stuff?

Ha1frican says:

The fact that Nest doesn’t support HomeKit is a tragedy.

Pilates Bumps Beyond says:

What floor standing fixtures are those please

Ross Wolman says:

What lighting are you using for backlighting the TV behind you? Thanks!

harjot singh says:

I would like to see about motion door sensor

Allen Tracy says:

Can’t believe you didn’t mention Lutron Caseta, definitely a top homekit accessory, possibly the best. Also the Chamberlain garage door controllers, kwikset premis deadbolt, and ihome plugs including their outdoor plug are all great.

Thinks IOT says:

You want to make own homekit devices watch this video how to works using raspberry pi

Candice Hawthorn says:

blowing away by the #lightblade1500s that is amazon #apple kit

Hans Felsh says:

For smart plugs, if you’re using HomeKit, the best / cheapest is the Incipio CommandKit Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring, which is $20 shipped (from Incipio) at Walmart and Rakuten.

Gockel XXXXXL says:

You can use the Philips hue lightswitch in HomeKit. It has 4 Buttons and it only costs around 25$

Nathyn Marius says:

i was calling for this

michael macfarlane says:

Nest isn’t HomeKit enabled?

David Alan says:

Mac OS Mojave has a Home App now. You can try the public beta.

Doug Poplin says:

How about garage door openers?

Sackary aigtest says:


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