Top 6 Best Smart Speakers / Best WiFi Speakers (2019)

➡ Amazon Echo (2nd Gen):
➡ Sonos One:

➡ Harman Kardon Invoke:

➡ Amazon Echo Plus:

➡ Google Home Mini (Walmart):

➡ Link 10/20 (

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Top 6 Best Smart Speakers / Best WiFi Speakers 2019. We’ve been doing a lot of smart speaker comparisons and reviews so we decided to put together a list of the Best Smart Home Speakers 2019. In this video, Jeff walks you through our top 6 picks. Topics discussed in this video include audio quality, smart features, smart home integration and more. Jeff also discusses the benefits of streaming music via wifi and the differences between the main smart home platforms – Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Some of the speakers on our list include the 2nd generation Amazon Echo, Harman Kardon Invoke and JBL Link 10 and 20. Hope you enjoyed this Best Smart Hub Speaker 2017 video. Thanks for watching.

Best Wi-Fi Speakers 2019 Write-Up:

Sonos One Review:

Google Home Mini Review:

Sonos One vs Amazon Echo vs Google Home Review:

Sonos One vs Harman Kardon Invoke Review:

Amazon Echo 2 vs Google Home vs Echo Plus Review:

Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot Review:

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Android –




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Christian Gronberg says:

Echo dot 3 is the best budget

silver phoenix says:

i was looking for a speaker suitable for driving

Muhamad Idaham Umar Ong says:

basketball, and that was 5 years ago. For now is running

Michael Peers says:

Nothing is up with me… I’m perfectly fine thanks. I just came here to watch the review. So thanks for the review by the way.

Petblower says:

Hi Jeff..helphful video..besides..what camera (and model) did you use for recording this video?

BMWTRIP81 says:

Wow what good is a review on speakers with now sound demo

Sean Lavelle says:

Favorite sport is Ultimate Frisbee

giantcomet4 says:

why would you want to shop on a speaker

Amy Garcia says:

Will the speakers work with the smart beam projector ?

Jack Shaheen says:

Some lame ass products. Apple HomePod. Idiot

goku ultra inspired says:


Malsawma Ralte says:

SHIA LABEOUF on the reviews!!!!!

Quabledistocficklepo says:

I’m behind the curve, but here’s what I want:
(1) Recording
(A) Notes throughout the day: bananas, light bulbs, cereal, etc. (To be checked before leaving house)
(B) Diary/journal in separate folder.
(2) Reminder: I want to be able to tell my electronic assistant to remind me of my appointment, and I want it to keep repeating the reminder until I say to stop.

These seem like modest requirements to me, but are they available? If so, where?

Siddartha G says:

favorite sport: football

Daniel Canales says:

Soccer is the best sport in the history of sports

KDC USA says: Check this out the Best Hi-Fi speaker that guarantees the sound of FLAC transmitting through the WiFi connection. It decodes the your music file and transmits the original sound naturally. It’s awesome!

Karayah Holly says:

Quidditch! Or, to be realistic, dance!

Brian B says:

im pretty sure if people can use google they can find there own deals and good price lol

jordy stevens says:

UE blast in the thumbnail……

Noel Jenkins says:

I live in OZ i do not care about US cost

Lucas Meredith says:

Favorite sport is football. Hands down.

Iair Kolberg says:

What about the Denon Heos?

David George says:

This Zebronics speaker should have been in your list man.

Alex Tharman says:

College football!

Miguel Camacho Aguilar says:

Triathlon, but it’s just too expensive

Blake Waddell says:

Basketball all day all day!

dktiger0205 says:


Rafiq Dhanji says:

What about the Sony S50G? Review?

Tahoe says:

3 mn de blah blah blah

Mike Boca says:

Soccer to watch, rowing to practice

Luk Worthy says:

I guess you don’t like the Homepod sound quality ?

Christian Myrvang says:

Hi Jeff. Just found you channel and have a few questions on Smart Home options that integrate well. I have a small flat that I am totally renovating so its a good time to think of solutions. I want to control audio and lights in three rooms, being able to play Spotify, listen to Podcasts, YT videos, stuff playing on my TV or laptop while moving about, as well as getting information from an assistant and controlling the lighting in the flat from other rooms. I use Apple products, Google might be an option, but Amazon is not on the market in my country. What should I look at to get the most user-friendly and integrated system for audio, lights and an assistant?

Minichelio2013 says:

Favourite sport – rugby league

Steve Worrell says:

Wish sonos had GA

Worthy kla says:

What you should of titled this video is the BEST OUTDOOR WATERPROOF SPEAKER AS I have the mega blast and I’m looking for other options for outdoors

Hastings Mumba says:

What watch are you wearing

BikeAdventure says:

What about Libratone Zipp? Are they worth review?

RubberBoa says:

I wish I saw the link 10/20 before I ordered my google home mini ;(

El C says:

Stop saying “What’s up”!

Beachesbulldog says:

isn’t google assistant also being added to sonos one? BASEBALL

rod tibo says:

You need nanoleaf in your background

silver phoenix says:

i was looking for a speaker suitable for driving

Ryan Jasperse says:

Definitely CrossFit!

Mike S says:

I people said Echo Instead of Alexa cuz its wake up my device and second the wake word can be changed to amazon, echo or computer!!

Walt K. says:

Great video. Thank for sharing. I’m looking for a speaker that can and will be herd in the entire room. Crystal clear and base heavy. Mids, lows and highs at their best. For indoor and outdoor use. Compatible to my iPhone, YouTube and TV (Visio) All at a reasonable price$
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Christian Cabahug says:

I’m not that sporty, but I love soccer.

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