Top 5 Smart Home Tech of 2019 (for Amazon Echo, Google Home & Siri!)

5 ► singlecue Gen 2 – Remoteless control for your Living Room devices. Compatible with Alexa
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4 ► Echo Dot (2nd Generation)
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3 ► MySmartBlinds Automation Kit Motorized Blinds for iOS & Android Devices
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2 ► Echo Show
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1 ► Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lock
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JBTS says:

I like it

Valdemar Reynoso says:

blah blah blah just play the thing

Mathieu U. Letellier says:

Is the M32 compatible with OSC ? Or any other mapping protocols ?

loosikeloth says:

“of 2019” – Published Jan 3 2018. Ok.

Soumya DasGupta says:

Thanks for this…. is very helpful. A very basic question… does the unit support the Mac platform? Will I be able to treat this as an IO device for my mac running pro tools?

Joel Williams says:

0:48 isnt that the “hi” from balloon boy in five nights at freddys 3?

Dheena Dinesh says:

Pro Tamil illaya

Baron Garrett says:

I’m sure to those who already know EVERYTHING about this console, went to engineering school and graduated with honors, knows what he’s saying. He’s talking extremely fast and using ONLY advanced terms. If you’re trying to learn about this console and what it can do, this video IS NOT for you. Lots of his words are getting lost in the description. So again, this video MUST BE a recap for advanced studio/live show techs who went to school for the MIDAS/BEHRINGER consoles.

Bidhan Kumarsaha says:

smarter life style

Chris Raines says:

The decision to produce a superior desk without 96 kh capabiltities absolutely limits its usefullness. Make it 96 kh and watch them start to fly off the shelves. Come on midas why so tone deaf when it comes to providing this.

Nelson Cacheira says:

Only useful when the machine will do what I want just by thinking it. Having to talk or clap hands and do gestures is not better than closing the blinds or turning of the lights. A button to press another button is dumb.

D WG says:

What’s the weather like: Stairs out of window.

promu production says:

I need my home to be da first point 1

ELeigh 09 says:

Amazing new ways the government and hackers monitor you and your home

Tupa Mesia says:

Thanks for the video: excellent..!!!

First Name says:

I doubt that singlecue would work for me. Since all of my smart home devices connect to a home automation server to allow them to work together… even if they are not natively designed to work with that specific platform or device. And then everything is then controlled by an amazon eco, google home or HomeKit (my main choice).

郭大伟 says:

let machine forest your life

LEOR TV says:

How Max input??

Mike Roberts says:

Great video

Albert Isern Alvarez says:

Where is Google Assistant!??

John Ballinger says:

This is a great video.

whatshisface says:

Although there are many cool things about the new digital world of audio mixers, there is not doubt that they still detract from the creative process.
I can only equate them to common core math.

Example an analog console may have 6 effects sends per in put channel.
I want to send input 1 to the effect connected to effect send 3.
I turn effect send 3 to the desired amount and bring in the return fader, when desired, which I have returned into input channel 22.
I can now decide if I want to send that effects return into the effect on effects send 1, as an example, or not.
Very quick! Very Simple.
It is the equivalent of the example below.

Standard Math:

The amount of moves to accomplish the same simple task in a digital mixer is the equivalent of the common core math equation.

Common Core Math:
Problem: +32 – 12 = ____
12 + 3 = 15
15 + 5 = 20
20 + 10 = 30
30 + 2 = 32
3 + 5 + 10 + 2 = 20

I can make a valid argument that, the children today are being taught this ridiculous method to prepare them to relate the computer world.

I won’t go into the process involved in the Beringer X32 / Midas M32 to accomplish this simple analog task because there are plenty of YouTube Videos to explain the process.

My other complaint with many of the digital mixers is, that most of them only supply XLR ins and outs.
This requires that the customer either purchase, all new cables for the equipment that uses standard phone jacks or tip ring sleeve phone jacks, or purchase adapter plugs.
Allen Heath does a much better job in this department but may fall short in the effects and midi department.

No one company has yet to appeal the the recording engineer or home recording musician.
What one company offers has the other doesn’t.
I can only assume that the designer are not listening to the right people.
It’s like the windows operating system, you are just stuck with what they decide to give you.

I would like to take the Soundcraft si Impact effects and EQ, add the ability to download and install waves plugins take the ins and outs plus add inserts to the full 32 +1 motorized fader channels from Allen heath but, use the Midas faders, preamps, midi and chassis design, then add an effect send section to the master input section.

Six to eight sends assignable to three or four knobs though a single routing switch
One buttons that assigns 1-3 and 4-6 or 1-4 and 5-8.
This could also be duplicated and a separate section as monitor sends.
Internal routing is fine for assigning the returns to input faders that maybe take up input channel faders 27 -32 or 25 – 32 on a separate bank.
Those input channels, used as returns should also be select-able as stereo pairs as well, so one input channel becomes stereo the same as the single master stereo fader.

Give me all this for the price of the M32 and I am peeing my pants!
This will never happen in my lifetime, since none of the designers, of these digital mixers, are calling me for advise, but I can dream.

Patrick Kamgang says:

Why Top 5?

byebye bro says:

Hi my bro how are you
I hope you are good
this products is very very good

Derek Frampton says:

The layout of this mixer vs the x32 is amazingly much more professional, BUT still such a small non-touch screen for 4k? (twice as much as the X32, which is what this is in a different case. nuts. ) Also “sister company” yeah you mean Behringer, which BOUGHT OUT MIDAS… so they’re your PARENT company.. wrong relationship claim there. lol

Diep Dinh says:

I love mixer midas. Thank for tranning

Hardcake Productions says:

Who was first Behringer or Midas?

Johanne Sebastien Bach says:

Alexa….wipe my ass

Anastacia T. Perez says:

1. Alexa is best for smart home devices
2. Google Home is best for asking questions
3. Siri is best to secure your phone

slickcross says:

Man…im a musician and im so confused lol Sound is a whole other animal.


How would compare this to a Allen &Heath Q32? Anyone!

Catfish Hunter says:

i ordered a pizzia and didnt know it and was just thinking about doing it 5 min before my phone done it ! wow impressed!

Jeff E says:

Check out this travel case for the m32r!

DomiTastyVideos says:

1:25 So they had sex?

That one says:

y u no android

Josh S-TV says:

Google home

MrManFisher says:

Not a review. It’s a sales head doing a rundown of the thing. No tech head definitely. Otherwise he would have picked up on the expandability through AES50 and the Dante card.

Magnificent-Jazz Michael says:

8:02 Lmbo

Barny Leavers says:

This video is NOT a review. Labelling it as such is misleading.

Cio Dokop says:

This looks like knockoff of the Yamaha

Max Raider says:

This video was mayde in 2017 ididots

Zuni via says:


dheeraj arora says:

amazing gadgets

Genaro Gonzalez says:

Here´s a good one…….The Talback section (9:35): video says that it has an INTERNAL MICROPHONE as well as a built in external conection for this purpose .
That said ….can somebody tell me where is the INTERNAL MICROPHONE or how can it be accesed?
I know that the X32 does have one (an INTERNAL TALKBACK MICROPHONE), but I don´t see one on the M32!!!!!!

Paul Walster says:

The faders look a bit sluggish.. Not to mention multiplexing delays between channels.. what processor is powering this Linux software?

Olugbenro Stephen says:

Hello, I got the Midas m32 digital mix but don’t know how to record the audio to my windows PC instead of plugging in a USB flash for recording. Really need help

Hnoo Alnn says:

How to make the connection between things and internet !

jess jesse says:

1: enslaved electronic global ! Totally stressfull ! Toys for boys ! You called it technoloogy !

Crucial P Denis Lea says:

Interesting !

Tim Del Toro says:

How many devices can you connect?? iPads, iPhones??

ODIN says:

What if my sister’s name is alexa

rob Stevens. says:

Can you use the other 8 faders for daw, so you can have a 24 fader daw controller? I think that’s what alot of people wanna know.

aldodaniel1986 says:

This mixer looks like a Behringer x32 to me…. hopefully the quality is not the same….

FreestylerYT-FNA says:

4:25 because we have hands and you don’t have hands


OMG !!!!! I am amazed more and more!

Jordan Orozco says:

how do you turn the sound board on????

metalplatedfacejob says:

it’s a beast, waaant.

Sim Bee says:

Let’s face it, this is just an over-priced Behringer X32 with a re-hashed design to rip off all those people who still hold a 20 year old prejudice against being seen with a Behringer product! 🙂

TECHBiD says:

nice item…

DJ Louisonthemove says:

Keep dreaming !!! Hahahahhaahahahha

Katie DeMarco says:

Seriously, you’re that lazy that you can’t change the blinds.

shaun farrell says:

And after owning all of these ” SMART ” Technologies you can feel more comfotable as they spy on you in your own home and the Wifi frequency radiation makes you sick only to go outside and be bombarded with the coming 5G Frequency Radiation ( as used by the Military as a weapon of war & law enforcement to disperse crowds / protests …… it can make water boil … ie : we are 70% water )
And as everthing you do is listened in on and controlled ( driverless cars will be centrally contolled , all possible with 5G )
You will all be hearded into ” Smart Cities ” to live out your remaining tax cattle days ….. that is the one’s not mass genocided from Mandatory Vaccines and the organised contol spread virus to kull the ” useless eaters ”

Go to sleep ….. enjoy your technology and mandatory RFID Chip implants …… ” it’s all for the greater good ”

…… ” Nobody seems to notice , nobody seems to care ”
George Carlin ( quote )

Kuuuks says:

How do you lockout/Restrict band members from have access to their individual in-ear monitor mix ‘BUS’ so they can only access their own mix and not mess with the other parts of the console/Mix on the X32/M32 Mix app?

Gadmer Layson says:

What happens when you pull the bird on single que?

Diamantminer says:

Alexa,drop into grandma. I MEAN DROP IN NOT DROP INTO!!11!!!ELF

Patel Vidhu says:

All these smart home device will make people more lazy.

Rody Outdoors says:

This may be the best board out there from under 10K, yet, seems lacking a lot for studio recording, I know it is pitched as a stage board. 2 ch only usb 2.0 recording? showing a cassette on the screen? lol. Cool, I guess they wanted us to say. No touch screen; there should be a reason for that. Having a Thunderbolt DAW control and multitrack recording either to usb or to sd card would have been better but then the price would be close to 10k? I like that this one is not locked with that horribly sample rate of 48k like many competitors! but still, I feel it lacks something or I lack more information. Not willing to shed 4K for only a mainly live stage board.

Izzie Schitzenberg says:

call me old fashioned but at least with analogue stuff my ‘snapshot” is right before me at all times, not embedded somewhere

Nathan nc says:

9:29 Hs screen ?

Sehmus Kızıltoprak says:

Bunun türkçesini anlatabilen yokmu

val angelo cuadrado octaviano says:

does sweetwater can ship going to philippines?

Tony Draper says:

This console is awesome. Thanks for the video & in depth look.

KDRTV Kenya News says:

What’s the difference between this and the Behringer x32, are you guys serious that this is not a replicated version of it ?

Sujit Kumar Das says:

How much price of this mixture

Rosenberg Jerusalem says:

Tolles Gerät uns super leicht zu Bedienen, für mich ist das Gerät einfach zu schwach zu wenig Möglichkeiten für Profi Einsatz.

guitarz04 says:

I turned on my midas M32 and I cant get any input signal on any of the channels, it worked the last time I shut it off, any ideas? ive tried everything I can think of, maybe the mixer is kaput?

JMmmn Liberal says:

What is this used for? Can you use it in a recording studio? And where does the music get recorded to? Is there an internal hard drive to record the music to?

alex neptune says:

Hey Great!!! video can you tell me what is the safe RMS value for this console??

Karuveli RaSa.Mahendran says:

Thank you very much for the quick overview..

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