Top 5 Smart Home Tech of 2017 (for Amazon Echo, Google Home & Siri!)

I have found the 5 best smart home tech that will make your daily home life much easier. They all work with the Amazon Echo, Google Home and Siri. Watch to see my reviews!
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In this video The Deal Guy has found the best smart home tech for 2017 that will enable you to accomplish budget home automation for little money!

If you have an Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple’s Siri then this video of the best smart home tech 2017 compatible with these assistants will be of interest to you. This smart home technology is helping the elderly do more around the house easier. I hope you enjoy my smarthome tutorial of the best smart home tech of 2017!


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Karen NO says:

Like your video.

Smellavision says:

call me old fashioned, but I just don’t feel like I need any of this smart home gadgetry. Seems like it just creates more problems than it solves.

Janell Pohlen. says:

Thanks, Matt! I know this has been viewed in the past but knew I could depend on you! I’m ready for a streaming stick and went to you for a review. You are great!! Thanks

Sophie McGillivray says:

Imagine If you could be able to make the colour light bulbs change background to a picture or any scenery you wanted? You could change your whole room to any background, say underwater backgrounds for example; you could have fish swimming around in the background like your under water. You could say “Alexa, set the mood for romance” and she would set the light bulbs to project hearts and pink or red lighting. Don’t just think small about changing the colour, what if you could make it play a video round the whole room of your favourite childhood memory or make it change to floating bubbles around the room, but I mean really realistic, real footage! Say if I said “Hey Alexa, set nature as my background” which could play a video of birds flying around in the amazing rain forest or you could have a sunset on the beach as your background. What if you could even make it play nature noises with the video too or have waves crashing, any noise you want! My favourite thing would be if you could say “Alexa, show me a night sky” and that would make the room have stars all around with shooting stars going by every now and then, imagine laying in bed it could be like your laying under the stars!

Simply4K says:

are you a teacher?

Hooded Gamer says:

I use led lights controlled by my voice

Bobby Rhodes says:

One question. What are the advantages/disadvantages of using the Firestick vs Google Chromecast? I have one Echo, one Google Home and 3 Google Minis. My Samsung TV has most of the apps built in so I would not really need this device for the apps it provides (Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, etc.). The main functionality I am looking for is to be able to turn the TV on and off with voice. I also use IFTTT so if it is only possible through a trigger that is fine also. I just want to know how.

Andrew Moreno says:

I have a Alexa I control my lights but I need to get more stuff

Samuel Amberg says:

Does the door lock notify u if u have left a 400ft range that u left it open?

Serena Park says:

Lol…i love his personality. And this video was actually really helpful!

Martin Blackwood says:

alexa is awesome

Thiago Silva says:

can you add more deals for Canada on .ca webs ty

samuel johansson says:


Mario Flores says:

Grrat vid. Thanks

Trishal Suvarna says:

Oh that looks futuristic

Samuel Amberg says:

The coffee maker thing only works if you don’t have to use buttons. Now everything uses buttons to customize things. Especially kitchen appliances, so this wouldn’t work for my grandma. She has to press start and select boil water or warm up because hers is like a microwave for anything liquid and edible.

Christopher Hiett says:

I want one of the fire sticks have any info

Salsapete says:

Excellent video, I really liked the plug in adapter and smart bulbs. I was kind of bummed out recently because of a great deal on the amazon for their smart lock along with the amazon cloud cam for $249 along with installation. The reviews on the video integration with the echo show have been poor,
Can you review these products and give me the true 411 on its performance.
Also a little shocked on the $7. cloud cam subscription what features do I have if I choose not to subscribe, wish it was free for prime members.

Candace Pankanin says:

Hello. Nice video. I would like to control turning my smart TV on and off and changing the channels. I currently have FIOS. what device would enable me to switch to the channel of my choice. Thank You

Jonathan Reynolds says:

Can you do all of this with Google assistant

ItsXypher says:

what isn’t smart is that you said “more smart”

Jody Porter says:

I guess you could do garage doors etc

Cory Horgan says:

Save money on smart plugs with the sonoff smart switches that only cost $5! There’s a set up tutorial on my channel for the sonoff smart switch that’s hopefully pretty useful! I made all my stuff controlled with them.

Fire Shocked7 says:

Nice charger

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