Top 5 Smart Home MUST Have Gadgets – Your DIY Home of the Future through Automation

Create your Home of the Future with these top 5 home automation gadgets. these are the best tech items for your smart home. The top 5 list is ranked based on safety and security, sustainability, versatility and other important criteria. If you are considering how to start your smart home, this video reduces a sea of devices down to the top 5 smart home essentials that will integrate with your Wink Hub, Smart Things, Amazon Echo or other smart hub.

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Smart Door Lock Deadbolt:

Zwave Door/Window Sensor:

Smart Wall Switch:

Plug-in Appliance Module:

Amazon Echo:

Quirky Pivot Power Genius:

Wink Hub:

SmartThings Hub:



Matt Lewis says:

Hey John,
Can you explain the reasons I might want to choose smart outlets over the individual sockets? If I plan to plug things in and want at least one to be voice controllable, wouldn’t it be worthwhile to just go with the whole outlet? I hope that made sense. Thanks! Also, did you do a three way switch video?

Dennis Gailey says:

I was curious about wall swithces. In the case of a regular switch and a secondary switch for a light in a room. When installing a smart switch, do you have to install the main and an add-on smart switch or can you just install the main smart switch for it to work?

BrazucaNY says:

@John Stone – Can we get smart outlets ? like you have the switch.

Bob Bridges says:

Great video John! I’m just getting into smart home automation and have been running through your videos. I’ve installed Philips Hue with smart bulbs and recently installed a SmartThings hub with a few sensors and smart plugs. My question to you is, will the Lutron or Leviton smart switches talk directly to SmartThings? Or do I need a Wink hub (or other similar) for that? Lastly, I’m looking for a smart lock that integrates with SmartThings, but all I can see are the deadbolt kind. I need the kind with the door knob/handle in it as well. One of my outer doors does not have a separate handle and deadbolt, so need the combined. Any ideas?

Juan Lucero says:

Hi John,i am following your videos , in a few days , we moved into a new house , I was one of the first people to have a ” amazon echo” and now I want to deploy all his power , lol , I could see you had the lock of your house connected , I do not really like what using a code , I prefer the cell or FOB , plus the peace of mind , dear old metal key , so I tend to use the lock Kwikset Kevo , but still can not find whether or not it is compatible with “echo ” , you know if so ? Thank you.

Justin says:

Hey John,
Why not have smart bulbs on this list? Compared to smart switches, they are rather cheap. And to the same point as the plugin module, you can move them around with little to no fuss.

Peter laughs says:

Why don’t u use smartthings hub instead

Bearded Railroader says:

I just subbed, great videos keep them coming please. I just got the Schlage connect and had no idea I needed a hub. I’m now having problems trying to find an app for my phone iPhone. Do you recommend an app? I just ordered the Wink 2 hub. Any info would be great. The zwave schlage connect is the first smart device we got for the home. Hoping to add more devices with the right app.

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