Top 5 Best Smart Locks for Your Home 2018 | Best Door Lock Reviews

If you want increased ease of access and home security, a smart door lock might be the gadget you need. … 5 latest deadbolt allows users to unlock their doors with the tap of a finger on the lock itself with electronic or bio-metric way.
Top 5 Best Smart Locks for Your Home 2018 | Best Door Lock Reviews

Friday WiFi Electronic Smart Door Lock – ,

Buy Smart Door lock at Amazon – ,

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Nuki Smart Lock – smart bluetooth door lock

The smart lock from Nuki automatically unlocks your door when you get home and closes safely when you leave. Your smartphone simply remains in your pocket. ,

Friday – WiFi Electronic Smart Door Lock –

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity Easily and automatically synchronize the lock to your smartphone or tablet, so you don’t have to worry about fumbling for your keys while your hands are full on the way in or out the door.

BLUEGUARD-E smart lock

The BLUEGUARD-E smart lock attaches easily to any door and connects via Bluetooth and a mobile app to a user’s smartphone. ,

Teodoor – Smart Lock

With Teodoor, your smartphone becomes your new door key. It installs easily on the inside of your existing lock on a wide variety of doors, providing you with a complete, personal smart lock experience – in truly hands-free fashion. ,

Monkey. The smart key – Now Nello –
Upgrade your existing intercom to get hands-free access to your building, enjoy unattended deliveries or go completely keyless in combination with any smart lock.
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Pablo Neruda says:

Hope the lockers are betters than the ads and actors ….

Tyson Judd says:

Fucking weird video

Sebastian Colón says:

*Knock *knock …oh look, I think my friend arri…aaaaagggg …RAPE! RAPEEE!

William W says:

Was that a Watchdogs intro?

ZedIOptima says:

5 Smart Door Lock and keyless front door lock for home security and smart your daily life.

John Bob says:

A lock isn’t very ‘smart’ if it needs something to open it….the ultimate smart lock opens upon recognition of face….I seen someone with one…pretty cool.

C rus says:

Until the power is out … and blizzard outside ..:)

James Reese says:

Is it hack proof?

Kit Kennedy says:

and if you dont have your phone on you

Coco Wang says:

Great content! I recently bought a smart door lock by MOLILOCK. Quite good, they also produce various door lock, like fingerprint door lock and wifi door lock.

Cheefus Smith says:

half this shit isn’t even available. how is this the “5 best smart locks for your home 2018”?


When your phone battery goes flat , then you look completely stupid…..genius !

OptimisticPessimist says:

I might consider a smart lock, but then hope I don’t piss off a black hat hacker. They might wirelessly hack the phone. That can be done via BT even when you think you have it turned off.

Shai Long says:


pokopi83ko says:

at a general electricity fail…whats happening ?…all locked ?

OptimisticPessimist says:

Why should I trust security advice from someone who has huge ground floor windows without high security bars?

MrDvikk says:

5 stupidity looks

Gregory Burnett says:

Awesome and fantastic? and realy cool video
made by you ever first time i seen
something new and something different video
from others. Thank you soooo much dear.

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