This is what a Future Smart Home looks like…. INSANE!

A special look at FIBARO and their Wireless Smart Home and Home Automation products and app! Learn more about FIBARO: #CES2019 #FIBARO
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NOTE: The smart lock installed in the showroom was actually a DSC not Yale. Sorry!

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Prince Freedom says:

What happened to isp deal my young bro? I really think you ain’t or can be good at any other topic on youtube! Im honest!

Amal Surendran says:

b *U* ttons

KashKidSelfies says:

Why does he look like the special guy from the goonies?

Rando User says:

It’s not automation if you have to press a button to trigger a bunch of actions. With SmartThings you can trigger actions without the need to press buttons.

Mthungameli Asad says:

this guy is very scary

Hast1e says:

It’s just something when people say “Alexa” in their video and it triggers my Alexa

Justin Greenwood-Delgado says:

Would be good if you mentioned the price point of the device and release date (UK/US) and how its configured this review just looks like an advert and you only spoke about one device, your content is getting very much like an advertising platform, instead of a review show, which is a shame as I did use to like them.

Paytrix says:

Or you could just use HomeAssistant or Openhab2 and use it for free…. But no, let’s show off expensive smarthome things and have tons of apps for all that crap.

Nas kamenashi says:

You my friend need home assistant. Thank me later.

Mo A says:

Very nice well written review my friend. Curse you sun!

Sagar Amlani says:

Surely this was sponsored video?

Mthungameli Asad says:

this dude is human??

P. Wingert says:

Alex-A set meeting room to in use

argothian18 says:

Getting rid of Fibaro and Switching to Homey was the best decision, bit of a shame of the very expensive brick of Fibaro that is now sitting in my desk

Tuan Thai says:

Like the guy from Glass.

gee geeme says:

Couldn’t Alexa do all of this?

Matthew McCool says:

You look disgusting

r d says:

And it makes you lazyier and more fatty…. Wtf is this world coming too!!

Don Ar says:

Why are you talking….like thaaaat??….are you having…..aaaa stroke?

Wyatt Doran says:

Were can I get that cool door that lights up

The NoCopyright BassBooster says:

congrats with 300K subscribers!!!!!! if loved your video’s for like 2 to 3 years now keep up the great work!!!

Feather Unboxing says:

Xiaomi xiaomi xiaomi

SadeSaimon says:

Hey can u more “why pay more” setup edition videos

Henrik Grönbäck says:

Those items are not smart, they are just dumb

Odhran Wall says:

Follow my insta for a follow back @odhranwall Have a great day !

nuzrineinstein says:


Riaan Van Lill says:

not really unifying anything get “home assistant” problem solved all smart home tech in one place and easy setup .
Also opens the possibility to make exactly the same button thing with just a cheap esp device less than 2 usd.
and every component you have linked to home assistant is controllable with alexa and google home .

But this is cool stuff to see everyone catching on to the ever-evolving world of home automation

Robbie Francis says:

Control4 Does all that too….. and better

Kristián Sokol says:

I might be a bit rude but it seemed like these products should be already on the market for a few years they are kind a “step back” .. I mean we have SA (HomePod Alexa google …) and the whole point is to not press any buttons so if theses came out few towers ago. I would be like woooooooow but now it’s useless .. that’s just what I think (but I like the all in one app though)

Scribbled Riddles says:

Rami Malek on meth. Jk

mark zuckerberg says:

have you sweaty hands

crewgadjy says:

“Walli” the switch which look from the future.or like the dial on my old washing machine. lol

Alex Chan says:

been using fibaro and z wave for years. excellent marketing, good devices but their home centre apart from gui panels is by far the worse. bugs, restarts, restore, no zwave plus, poor market, lacking plugins, still no new nest plugin. the list goes on…

Steve Sherman says:

Fibaro is mostly behind the market and very slow to update and adapt. They were promising when they first came out but it has taken them years to finally deliver workable products that already exist.



Fine Art Aerial says:

Dang bro, are you Mick Jaggers kid??

Alex says:

You have the most punchable face idk why

danil34 says:


imike964 says:

This guy needs to sleep!

P. Wingert says:

An implant. It can be installed in any device that’s not smart? Like an Alex-A UK edition. I hear it had to be installed through the bung hole in its bottom. But it allows the Alex-A UK edition to respons to simple request and push a button on the wall. It also allows it to distinguish Red buttons from Black Buttoms and illuminated wall switches. It can also report if the wall switches are flashing.

Alexandr Post says:

TechFlow, how much all this cost? I’m asking because Xiaomi provide a very similar products for very low price. I have a smark home kit at my flat and it’s just great. Check on Aliexpress

Security Guy says:

None of this is new. Maybe where you are is 5 years behind times.

Thomas DeAngelo says:

It’s a Halloween mashup. A fuckin ghoul hosting a tech channel

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