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Joe Kaminski says:

So Kevin, Smartthings or stringify for a central hub for overall control for my new smart home.I use multiple Amazon Alexa products

Sharlihe says:

Try jeedom for centralize all your devices !

avtomat klashnikov 1974 Delta says:

yes!! do a separate video about smart things by samsung

Ettianne Anshin says:

Do you find motion sensor triggers for no apparent reason?

Gentle Raph says:

Love your home, so unique

James Nurse says:

hi Kevin I want to know more I am doing over my home an I want to do It smart

Ewizee says:

Quality video once again, keep it up

datitanblade2005 says:

There has been some concern about IoT devices. Beyond the security of you wireless network, what type of security does this offer to keep your device(s) from being compromised?

Ryan Barclay says:

yes Kevin

very good idea to keep the channel all inclusive of all technology

very interesting setup

Akash Gupta says:

i had tapped that bell icon longgggtime ago!

Agent76 says:

Kevin know this and thanks for what you do it is much appreciated.

February 13th, 2016 Intel Chief Confirms Our Worst Nightmares: Home Smart Devices Are Ideal for Spying on You

United States — Director of National Intelligence James Clapper stated to the Senate Armed Services Committee that the Internet of Things (IoT) — so-called “smart” devices, vehicles, and appliances which employ various computer technologies — may be used to spy and keep tabs on people in the future.

Aaron Rawago says:

a great percentage of the video was mostly your face

StikeTech says:

I’d like to hear more about smart things. Up until now I thought it was just Samsung’s version of hue, but it sounds like it’s a lot more than that. Liking the series so far Kevin!

Kevin Priest says:

Nice work. I’d like to see more on how you have your motion sensors set up. Great video!

Geoffroy Sika says:

More smart things broooooo

traxxasbandit1 says:

So many hubs, yuck… HomeKit compatible??

mulenga kangwa says:

damn o i need dat bruh

Ryan M says:

you mentioned smartthigns supporting Nest. Really? I don’t see it in the ‘things’ section. What am i missing? 🙂

Ettianne Anshin says:

I use Logitech harmony hub and echo and wemo switches and lifx bulbs and led strips

Erik Leypoldt says:

We are so behind In Australia

Kyle Ruggles says:

Awesome! 😀

Kevin The Tech Ninja says:

That’s not my house in the picture! Don’t judge me!

Bartosz Kaźmierczak says:


Alpha Rakama says:

great video. those z wave outlets are dope.

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