The CNET Smart Home revealed!

We transformed a house in Kentucky into a full-fledged smart home. Come watch how we did it.


Steve Lloyd says:

Set up a camera in your kids bedroom so you can watch them sleeping… really!!?. Absolutely not. If you can see them, so can hackers.

Oppilonus says:

Why do you need so many umbrellas?

steph g says:

you forgot the smart locks and the ring video doorbell 🙂

mikelieber1 says:

would like to see a full extended video on how everything was done – like a behind the scenes. – hope this is not the end of the smart home!

DTechque says:

You should open this house up as a museum

Alden Buyer says:

Thumbs up for admitting these things are very far from perfect.

RiGo says:

he kept setting off my Amazon Echo…:(

Marcus Reby says:

how much did all this cost??

Its13reezy says:

jarvis from iron man lol, he runs the house

ChromeBookGamer says:

Makes great smart home. Runs it from an iPhone. That’s called idiocy, especially being a tiny phone.

Aaron s says:

I wonder how much it costs

Mike Wolf says:

Ok, great video, but who lives in the house?

DonJuanJon says:

I’m sure u won’t be the only one watching

bam2xl14 says:

Let’s spend an extra 35k to save 50 a month.

Ghulam Sakhi says:

do not make your home smart because there is two risk.
1- someone will hack your home… just imagine
2- make your lazy ..

David Shekelstein says:

8 months ??? really ???


My neighbors have their houses automated, for me I have a manual house

Gary Luaders says:

What a joke. This is a bunch of DIY BS. Real home automation works and is reliable, this isn’t it

LonelySquad says:

Why on earth are people obsessed with turning on their lights with an app? I have insteon and rarely use the app. it’s easier to just press a button on a physical remote.

Immediate Reviews says:

Voice controlled house? Very cool. Looks like I need to step up my game!

Matthew Jardine says:

I love smart home technology. The only issue is if your WiFi goes down. Then you essentially loose interconnectivity. Then you hope you know/remember how to do some of the stuff the old fashioned way.

William Wilson says:

But does anyone actually live in it

Brodie Dooley says:

so to do the lights do you have to rewire everything?

Juniper M says:

why is this video so short….I need a full tour lmaoo

Eddie Galindo says:

I’ve been waiting for this forever! Great video CNET!

The Beast says:

Rich brown that’s why he can afford all this

fatcrewz says:

how about the aircond?

Snaketuber says:

b I g a s s f a n s

Starchy says:

i love technology and all but i think this house will turn the people in it dumb

Brad Williams says:

What about a robot lawnmower like the Husqvarna Automower

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