The best smart lights you can buy

Smart lights can be a huge convenience for your home — or they can be a huge headache, if you buy the wrong ones. We tested the biggest names out there to find the best one.


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superspeeed says:

the only reason I want one is so it can wake me up in the moring at a set time. Can Hue do that?

HebboFan says:

What’s a hub ?

Luke Foley says:

Also wink is a better smart home hub
It doesn’t need a hub! and it does everything the same and better as Samsung smart things!!! You can ask Google to trigger commands. Wink for the win!

Arya Ritchie says:

I use xiaomi’s yeelight and it is awesome!

Luke Foley says:

LIFX lights are better and you can use OK Google and Alexa to do different commands. They only mentioned that the Phillips hue can be controlled by Alexa. *cough *cough SPONSORED VIDEO

Joel Stamp says:

So the one thing that is wrong with Hue is that you can’t use your normal switches with them. Funny LIFX DOES let you do this, and everything else that Hue does but you claim there’s wifi problems so think it’s not worth speaking about. Sounds like your WiFi problem, not LIFX’s

Antoine De Schrijver says:

What about mylight

Matthew says:

The comments were more informative compared to the video

Tony StarX says:

This is amazing @

CrystalStearOfTheCas says:

What’s the best digital pen I can buy? please the internet is totally (almost) empty about these

Vinny says:

The problem is that ONE bulb is 30-50 dollars and that insane


I just started a youtube channel and have 4 videos up. I know 99.99% of you will not read this but it would mean a lot if I could get 100 subscribers

Robbert van der Eem says:

Where is Xiaomi? They don’t cheat you on price…

(1VB) Mustang says:

I’m a big fan of the LiFX bulbs. It’s nice that they don’t have to have a separate hub to control them. I have great WiFi signal strength in my house, but rarely the LiFX bulbs seem to lose connection, the problem might be with the app though. That Samsung smart things sound interesting, but can’t you just use Amazon Echo to control all your smart home lights, and devices?

The Third Reichu says:

i bet the thumbnail says “this is my next loan”

Duci1989 says:

If you switch the light off with the “hard” switch there is no power, so no smartbulb in the world will respond then. So that was an invalid con against hue.

b1998en says:

‘get a message from bae’ *all lights flash red

Nick Naccarato says:

I want that couch. Where can I buy that?

Tony MacDonald says:

I know this was a video about bulbs, but I strongly recommend Insteon by Smarthome if you are looking for a truly smart home.  The key to a successful smart home is that you shouldn’t need to do anything.  Insteon and a little initial effort can get you to that point.  Anything less is just a novelty.

Worgle says:

Hue jackman.

Lil Sharm says:

what did they mention at 2:45

Phil Bosua says:


дмитрий корнеев says:

what about xiaomi? it cost just 10$

ChiefBoomBoom says:


Noah S says:

Umm… No lifx lightbulbs are brighter and more color accurate!

Konrad Paul Mertner says:

So basically the only downside (1:40) for you with the Philips HUE Bulbs is, that they don’t work when there is no current on the power line…. Are you serious? Are you also going to complain, that your iPhone isn’t able to beam yourself to Paris, because it has FaceTime?

robotsongs says:

Wow, embedded advertising for Samsung, huh? Doesn’t YouTube require some sort of disclosure for stuff like that?

the_TS says:

Something is weird with the sound

Dan Vitanov says:

Or you can get a xiaomi Yeelight for 1/5 the price

Rohan Panchal says:

I have the Philips Hue. Have had it for at least a couple years now.

One thing to note is that the original kits with the hub don’t work with HomeKit.

And Philips also cut support for a third party standard that they were supporting for external smart light bulbs.

So i have been hesitant with buying more of them for that reason. Plus the cost is pretty high per bulb.

Craig Bennett II says:

Isn’t most of this $50+ per light bulb?

John Bertot says:

I know you must be committed to the hipster look, but your sideburns seriously distract from your content

Rudolf Kardos says:

Philips is good.. i was searching for one but damn fck almost 150 euro… -.- prices are high…

Brandon Simmons says:

Is there a reason why Verge never links products in the description.

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