Smart home technology is AWESOME, but way too expensive, so I’ve rounded up the best smart home tech you can actually affford!

Items Featured in This Video:
1. Amazon Echo Dot:
Amazon (US):
Amazon (UK):
Amazon (International):

2. Xiaomi YeelLight LightStrip (DISCOUNT CODE: GB17LED)
Gearbest (Intl.):

3. Xiaomi YeelIght Color E27 Bulb:
Gearbest (International):
Amazon (US):
Amazon (UK):
Amazon (International):

4. TP Link Smart Plugs:
Amazon (US):
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Amazon (International):

5. Xiaomi Door Sensor:
Gearbest (International):

6. Gearbest Light Switch:
Gearbest (International):

In today’s video I’ll be taking you over The Top 5 Smart Home Tech devices for 2017! The items I have chosen in this list are all Alexa and IFTTT compatible, and work seamlessly across iOS and Android. The first item I chose, for my favourite smart home technology roundup is Amazon’s Echo Dot, the smaller, more compact and more affordable version of Amazon’s Larger Echo unit, with the great sounding speaker. Amazon’s Echo comes in both Black and White colours, with a matte grey accent. It also has a mute button, to try and reassure people who may be concerned that the device is ‘always listening’. This unit also has Bluetooth, for seamless connectivity with Bluetooth speakers and a 3.5mm audio output port, for connectivity with all other speaker types. The second item I have chosen for my Affordable Smart Home Tech Top 5 round-up is Xiaomi Yeelight light strip, which can be controlled via iOS and Android apps and Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. It has 16.8 million colour options and even has settings such as colour cycle, for more ‘fun’ lighting outputs.

The third item I chose is also from Xiaomi’s lineup, a smart colour E27 bulb. This can replace your existing light bulbs for smart control, accross the same iOS and Andoird applications previously mentioned. Next up on this list is one of my favourite items, and it comes from TP Link, of all people! It’s a wirelessly controlled plug socket, also Alexa compatible. This allows you to make almost any non smart home appliance somewhat smart: want to simulate being in by turning on lamps or the TV? No problem. Want to turn off speakers or a fan, but can’t reach the socket, it’s a voice command away!

My final 2 products on this list are honourable mentions, a further 2 products from Xiaomi, a door sensor, which can be programmed to turn off devices with a door open or close, and a light switch, with smart capabilities. These are really cool items, although it is worth noting the door sensor needs Xiaomi’s hub in order to work properly.


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leonor stears says:

I was like you can here what i was thinking

Jed Teng says:

Im looking for scheduling turning on of lights automatically ,anyone knows the which device to get?

Bradley Jones says:

i do prefer the philips lights as you can sync the lights to your tv, music games etc

mayra MaySauc says:

New subscriber! You are so clear and informative

Elemented Hero says:


Evango123 says:

Everything you say starting with Alexa my echo dot does the same

john mcfall says:

53 year old bloke here who doesn’t know very much about this stuff but you’ve helped me loads so thankyou for your video……time to pull the credit card out! i love gadgets!

Nand Sookhan says:

Sorry, I didn’t quite understand. Are the bulbs stand alone? Or do they come with a bridge type device like the Phillips hue?

Connor Jones says:

amazing video my man! Does anyone know if the echo dot works without the big alexa

Luke Gilmore says:

Great help christmas all sorted

Sun says:

3:21 gulp, “this better work”

Hannah Almond says:

Great video, I’m really interested in this. I have paralysis from below my neck down and live in a care home in the uk. Ive been looking for ideas on how I could control my tech via voice control and make my room more ‘smart home’ enabled . I don’t currently have an alexa (I’m considering getting one), but I’m wanting to control my fan (as I have it on 24/7 due to issues with controlling my body temp) because often times nurses here will turn it off when they come in my room (as they’re cold) but will forget to turn it before they leave. In this instance I’d like to be able to turn it on myself via the app (using my mouthstick) or via voice when I get a alexa. I am wondering if a few of these smart plugs were plugged in to my extension lead how much room they’d take up and if there’s smaller smart plugs ? I only have a couple of sockets in my room, and many items that need plugging in (for my medical equipment ect). I really wonder if there is some sort of ‘smart extension lead’ instead of these plugs, as that would work out more cost effective for me. It would be cool if you could label what’s in each socket of one, so I could be like “turn on air mattress”, “turn off feed pump”, “turn on phone charger” via alexa 🙂 I’m also looking for a way to control my tv via voice, so any ideas/ suggestions of other smart tech you think might be helpful to me would be greatly appreciated! =)

Evan Bolton says:

Eyyyy TDCC

Jordan Hubbard says:

Alexa can suck my dick Google home is 10 times better

Cameron Hawer says:

I can tell you put a lot of effort into this video and it helped me loads thank you.

Luke Merrick says:


yoan cuvillier says:

Good job mate ! You answered all my questions ! Merci ! I’m subscribing !

Erica Willis says:

Damn. I loved this vid. Very informative. You gained a subscriber!

Rafael Santana says:

I love the video. Especially the read he gave all the critics. I know thats right if yall going to complain and put input about voice control tech from this vid. Then get rid of all your tech.. You said that perfect.

Justin says:

3:23 haha did you get scared after waiting for it then it finally said ok? It looked like you jumped lol

MrVivorico says:

Hello, i was wondering if echodots needs a hub to control all those things? i thought only echo plus is equipped with a smart home hubs?

Max Hoffmann says:

alexa is open source so you can see what it does and can proof if it is sending informations to amazon or not

Pink Magic Ali says:

Two things, I personally hate my phone trying to listen and I’ve disabled it and I have an epic list of privacy setting for FB to go with it. That said part 2. I recently heard about a version of amazons Alexa that you can activate with a button, which turns on the mic. Useful if you don’t like it listening all the time but want to control lights and stuff remotely. A happy medium perhaps?
Also do you know if any of these products are available in Aus? People still seem to think we’re on Mars.

succ me up says:


Paolo Andres says:

Dude nice review very informative! btw what’s the first song?

600 FR4GZ says:

“Alexa, whats 2+2? -1?


Will Wilson says:

Who’s here from the Google launch?

Jack Yarrow says:

High quality, informative video! Thanks

Max Reeves says:

Geek what. Great infomational video by the way. I’m hoping to get one for Christmas but I have a few questions .
The first is .
Do these accounts cost money ?
Second .
Can you set a time for the lights to turn on ?, eg’ Alexa, turn bedroom on at 2 o’clock’
Does the power outlet work over different WiFi . I have a 3d printer at my dad’s and I was wondering if I could turn it of from my mums .(because prints take ages)
Love to see a reply thank you

Gaming and Console Tech says:

Great video buddy… I do retro gaming reviews hardware and that kind of stuff. I’m just getting into a smart home integration and Iv got three of theses 1 in the kitchen 1 upstairs and 1 in the living room.

mevin babu says:

I was looking to do a setup in my bedroom with alexa and the smart plug and the Philips hue but i saw this vid. Looked at the cost of 3 of the smart lights and its 90 pounds. Imma just stick with the hue for 65 with hub tyvm

gamer's world says:

Do u need a smart hub to use the Eco dot to turn off lights

andrew clemmit says:

Great vid very well presented

Daniel Georgiou says:

Such a stupid video, why don’t you include something like a sonoff ??

Alex Man says:

Your comment to security is what I tell people as well

BlackShades says:

Can you change all colors though Alexa on the yeelight? Like “Alexa, turn color Purple.” Or does it have to be a “setting/mood”

Danny Rodriguez says:

Awesome video!

DarkSideOfME says:

Very informative keep up the good work, and your right about the technology

Izzy xzero says:

Song? Want is the song in the background? Please help

pimpmyride says:

How did you get the British accent got Alexa? I’m in the US.

Marcia Drake says:


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