Tested In-Depth: SmartThings Home Automation

Will’s been testing the SmartThings system since its successful Kickstarter campaign, and shares his experience setting up home automation for his family. SmartThings lets you set a house up to be contextually aware of a variety of events, with no reoccurring fees. We discuss what aspects of home automation may make sense for most people, and how home control works via the app.

Learn more about SmartThings here: http://www.smartthings.com/


Karim L says:

Would you do a review of Zipato Zipabox – Z-Wave Home Controller Gateway?

Len Ricupero says:

good smack?

JS Productions says:

Nice Muni shirt Will! 🙂

Jay Doscher says:

For anyone that cares, the recent release of the new app and SmartThings V2 hub has broken many old features. One of the prominent features of multiple users in this video is not available after the app update.

Hesham Subuh says:

Another good one is the staples connect. I use it and it works and its free not a subscription like home depot app.

DukeLaCrosse20 says:

24:40 The cleaning lady arrived, we went to bed last night…  do you have a vibration sensor on the bed?

David Snyder says:

22:36 “occasionally you use a switch”

John Smith says:

What if it got hacked the robber could do everything

Howard Price says:

Philips Hue bulbs use Zig-Bee not a proprietary protocol.

SolarizeYourLife says:

Yes these systems are super convenient but all the negatives are really negative – and that’s a bad thing. Yes security I see you as an issue big issue, and like Wink, you need internet always or the whole system shuts down that’s not good, I hate that, needs a smart logging buffer, when internet is not available. Wemo so far does not ‘must have’ internet, just WiFi working, but I only have two switch modules plugged in, no dimmers or sensors, yet.

statikreg says:

This video couldn’t come at a better time…Looking at adding some of this functionality to my house soon…Thanks!

edward davis says:

This not only needs to alert you on your phone but it would be good for your computer whether it is your iMac or a windows unit. I work a lot in my home office and it would be an awesome feature if it could alert me on my computer. I use this product more for my 4 year old son who is not afraid of anything and not afraid to be adventures and he is a real handful.

Matthew Jones says:

I have a keypad on my door lock that can trigger mode depending on who unlocks the door.  For example, if my cleaning lady unlocks the door, it goes into cleaning lady mode.  More secure.  🙂

crazycutz says:

but does it save humanity ?..

MidnightDust says:

Storing the data in the cloud is a deal breaker for me.

Krishna Moorthy D says:

Awesome, thanks guys

Stankowski Travel says:

interesting, but why you call it Tested In-Depth? you were just talking about it..

Gonzalo Gatica says:

Hi, If it uses Z-Wave, you can use Qubino/Fibaro module dimmers in your light boxes and this way control your lights without having to buy a Hue which is expensive!!

Big Earn says:

GARBAGE!  If you love dozens of program crashes, false calls, freeze-ups, etc., then purchase this garbage system.  Oh, all those crashes are just in an hour.  I returned close to $600 worth of this garbage and tried a second system at another store to make sure it wasn’t me.  Sure enough, same issues…Returned $600 of garbage, again.  Crash, crash, crash, crash, false call, false call.  JUST DON’T PURCHASE SAMSUNG SMARTHINGS.  Just don’t do it.

Britt Aliperti says:

“Imagine a world where when you go home your refrigerator will have a beer in it and it will be cold ready to drink” …..introducing 1950’s technology!

Zoebby says:

now that’s what I call in-depth! Thank you!

Geist Von P.A. says:

This is great for paranoid people and people with O.C.D.
Otherwise this seems like a lot more hassle than it’s worth, not that I don’t understand how this technology works, I just don’t see this as being very beneficial unless you don’t want to pay for a security system and have complete control over your domain.


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Reed Markee says:

Very good info!  However, I’m still waiting for the integration of a Video Doorbell.

Jon Sanders says:

thanks guys very informative

Hunter Boy says:

Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of home automation on my blog at *bryanreviews. com/home-automation-review/* Thanks, Harvey.

Andrea Luna says:

just don’t lose your phone

Oliver Weber says:

While watching this video I immediately wanted to order this stuff. Too bad they don’t accept orders outside the US and Canada so far:( I live in Austria and while for example the SmartSense Mutli Sensor is available on Amazon.de coming from the US, it costs 191€, which is insane. Guess I gotta wait! Hope they change to worldwide shipping soon.

Chris J says:

Does it come with Pierce Brosnan’s voice?

Len Ricupero says:

Your Prices are way off

Wrecks says:

You had me all the way up to “it’s all in the cloud”. Is there a way to setup my own server or an alternative system that I can operate using my Synology NAS?

Ask The Student says:

need to hardwire this stuff with power over ethernet to make it really good!

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