Tested In-Depth: Smart Home Connected LED Light Bulbs

The cost of switching your incandescent or CFL bulbs to LED ones is lower than ever, and new technology is making it more practical to buy connected bulbs. We sit down to discuss the state of the “smart home,” review several connected LED bulbs, and talk about the potential benefits of using smart locks. What are your thoughts on connected home devices?

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
Music by Jinglepunks

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Keven Klayne says:

Just buy candles.

cruizin31 says:

The trouble with LED’s-particularly the cheap ones, is the CRI. Most have some kind
of ugly color cast. Explains why the incandescent while being very inefficient is still
so pleasing to live with.

thudeets says:

You two are should be too capable and self reliant to be giving examples that include a cleaning lady.

You’re not THAT busy or helpless.

Oh bother.

Fachri Ali says:

it would be nice if the door lock has 2-step verification on it

Nathan says:

it is sooooooooooooooo hard to lift my finger a half an inch to flip a light switch. lets spend 30 bucks a bulb to avoid such a strenuous motion.

Jim Carrey says:

What about 1080p60? That’d be cool

IH8YH says:

i would never install one of those “smart” locks in my house, what if it get hacked or something…. no way i gonna use something like that. i’ll stick with keys.

MusFuzZ says:

When i build my house, i think i’ll use a 12v system in addition to normal, have all the LED lights, partial heat, and everything else controlled by a Rasberry Pi.

CessnaDriver2 says:

I prefer a nice dumb 150W halogen blazing bulb of destroy the planet joy. Burn baby burn. Why do I want a smart bulb? Only thing you would need is to appear as if someone is home to turn them off and on and good ol timers work just fine. Keep it simple stupid. KISS. There is such a thing as relying on too much tech.

doceigen says:

Uncle Fester made it cooler.

Jarik C-Bol says:

I bought a couple of the LIFX smart bulbs back at the second round of preorders. They where a bit slow to roll out all the promised features, but at this stage, they are quite good. they have IFTTT (or IF, whatever they are calling it now) support and DO support, so you can set up geofences, (lights off when you leave the area, on when you arrive) schedules, and use them for all sorts of connected alerts for services with IFTTT support (blink your lights blue when you get a tweet, or dim the lights if it starts raining, flash red when the ISS flies over, schedule reminders, a bunch of that sort of thing.) 
The LIFX bulbs are more expensive individually than these, but do have the added bonus of not requiring a base station, which makes them fairly easy to set up.

Justin Williams says:

Great concept, but then it was about a year ago when the stories started to break about how internet connected light bulbs were open to exploitation and leaking wifi data.

SuperSaltydog77 says:

There are industries or businesses that specialize in separating your money from you that involve peoples need for increased technology.( Example: you open your door and turn the light on by flicking a switch, or you purchase a remote program that turns on the same light when you pull in the drive-way for $99.99 ). Suckers.

James Corrall says:

I’m a huge nerd and I did just buy a PS Vita because I could but tbh I really don’t need any of these things. We do have two “smart” bulbs for the living room but there about as dumb as they can get and are basically dimmers with a remote. Other than maybe NEST I think that’s as far as I’d go. Better heating regulation would save me a lot of money in the long run but for the rest of it I can prod a switch.

Clee Van Leaf says:

26.00 Cleaning lady. Yeah I don’t have one of those, unless you mean my wife.

Mathias Maier says:

Does anyone know whats that LED Smiley box in the background blinking? i want that thing so bad!!

dragonfiremalus says:

Is that Lego shuttle in the background a set or a custom build? Either way, I must have!

willthefuneverstart says:

Livermore is hardly Richmond.

Donal Romano says:

wow, the fear is strong with you guys! I have a fingerprint lock on my front door and a +NRA News  sticker!

Michael Valdez says:

People are acting like those that want these light bulbs are crazy or weird. I personally just want the functionality of dimming setups for certain purposes or activities without the need for dimmers – it’s all in the bulb and an app.

Seems like if the bulbs also work with a normal light switch that having the added, totally optional functionality is a good thing as long as it’s easy to use.

Yan Wo says:

I would like an LED to lower its color temperature when it’s dimmed, as tungsten ones do. The ones I have stay the same color temperature.

Damian Reloaded says:

Great technology to make it easier for you to get robbed.

The Angry Fish Guy says:

Great in detail review, Thanks Tested!

Chris Ziegler says:

Hue’s RGB lights are color changeable through the Smartthings hub…

dbright says:

4 digit code of decimal number = 10,000 different possible codes. if there are 100 valid codes set up an attacker has a 1 in 100 chance of guessing a valid code by typing in a random 4 digit number. If they guessed wrong twice a day it would likely take 2 months before they find a valid code.

VF Gunrunners says:

State of the smart home? Not really A lot more smart home tech out there but good video

LuNzIcE says:



Now, I ask you nicely, as you deserve it for great content. Please put the links there for us viewers. Also, that survey you wanted from Still Untitled, I still haven’t done it as there is no link for me.


Fan who still watches all the videos despite this minor (major) annoyance.

Flanz Shirt says:

7:03 what sort of biavian language is that

FernanDK says:

where’s the link

Prairielander says:

I install security systems and home automation for a living and honestly after working with that all day I like to come home and just flip a switch to turn something on. Its all kind of cool when it works but when something goes wrong it can be a major pain.

For example a cust had an oven that only had a touchscreen and no manual knobs. It was displaying some error and he could not use his oven until a tech came to fix it. Or people rely on keyless door locks then it stops working and they don’t bring a key with them and get locked out. I think eventually people will die in their houses because their computer will crash and they will have no means to escape or light a fire or obtain food. Technology and our dependence on it will be mans downfall.

hunterd78 says:

after experiencing the awesomeness light that comes from the higher color temperature bulbs, I will never buy another bulb at a low temp.  I prefer 6500k, but nothing below 5000k.

Sammo Lamanno says:

I love watching Tested videos. Not only are they informative, but they support my theory that you can watch two geeks talking about new tech and it looks/sounds just like two drunk guys talking about anything.

William Hayden says:

+Tested, please start adding links to the things you are talking about.  Thank you.

Krisha Irish Santos says:

There’s so many bulbs that I’ve already tried to use. I started from CFLs and I noticed that it’s too soon to burn out, there is a warm up time needed before it is able to produce its 100% light, and disposing it is very complicated because it contains an average of 4mg of mercury. It was a such a big hassle until I was able to find refuge from LEDs. Its energy efficiency is really noticeable once you turned all your bulbs to LED ones. I purchased mine from Triangle Bulbs and I’ve proven its quality because they still work well for me, my house’s lighting still looks amazing, and I just couldn’t find any fault. No regrets to LEDs. No regrets to Triangle Bulbs.
You might wanna check the one I’m talking about: http://amztk.com/e12-led

TheDajamster says:

So if your office light is on a motion detector, and you’re at your desk for an hour or so, does the motion detector think you’re not in the room & shut the light off on you?

Condition Nerd says:

I have the Philips Hue light system and I must agree it was a pain to turn the lights on/off with an app. But recently Amazon Echo introduced an update which allows me to turn on/off individual bulbs or all of them with just my voice.

Max FV says:

holly crap, americans get upset if they have to hit a switch to turn on the lights??????

xcvsdxvsx says:

this is a level of creepy i just cant get into. no thank you.

milesjsandifer says:

nice! when did you guys start uploading at 720p60fps?

00meat Plays says:

Is the smart lock bump key resistant? I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone telnet into the thing.

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