Tested In-Depth: Nest Cam Security Camera

We review Google’s Nest Cam, their 1080p connected camera built for home or office monitoring. We compare its features to the previous Dropcam models, discuss the merits of home security subscription services, and try to figure out who this product is made for. Is this any more than just a pricey webcam?

Shot and Edited by Joey Fameli

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Tested is:
Norman Chan http://www.twitter.com/nchan
Will Smith http://www.twitter.com/willsmith
Joey Fameli http://www.twitter.com/joeyfameli
Adam Savage http://www.twitter.com/donttrythis
Jamie Hyneman http://www.twitter.com/jamienotweet

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Mike's Bytes says:

I dont mind the $30 dlink cameras
640×480 looks great on a phone
and I just have it email me photos when it senses motion
so no need to worry about saving video files on a cloud and dont need to spend time watching live video

swSephy | Sim Racing says:

These cameras seem kind of shitty for how much they want for them.

fabio cunha says:

I don’t understand why no company has made something similar that would record to a local hard drive.

Mctrippa83 says:

You lost me at subscription.

Brad W says:

6:08, really? You need a cam to tell you to get up and check on your kid if you hear “a thump and your kid screaming”? Haha. Kinda sad.

Kevin Gates says:

Thanks for this video guys

LifeOfMikey says:

how does this compare to the vimtag hd

Don Bash says:

This is the not a helpful review. You guys talk too much. Get to the point. Stop talking about your baby cam and get to the Nest Cam in various applications. Waste of time. I learned nothing except that I need to watch a different review.

Palangi Farm says:

apa itu cinta

RIot77xd says:

say if you had your own private cloud could you hook it up to that and bypass the subscription?

Christopher Raff says:

To Will and anyone else looking for an Internet connected live view baby monitor look at the Motorola Blink1(non-baby monitor) for $80 on Amazon.  Moveable, with IR, and you can view over Wifi and internet via an app on the phone.  Perfect and cheap.

opagumba2 says:

a shot of vodka every time will smith says baby monitor..and u’ll be dead by the end of the video

xnamkcor X says:

Yes, Norm-tan, screencapping a browser window is a horrible idea. I agree. Excellent strawman. How is NAS Support? Specifically Synology or Lenovo/Iogear.

William Hayden says:

At $200 per camera + $10 and up for cloud storage this isn’t a great solution for the adept.  If you’re not technically inclined you’re just paying up for simplicity.

Ken Kuhl says:

so frustrated with nest. loved my dropcam, but for 2+ months now their website doesn’t allow you to change or cancel your subscription. And, they have NO customer service. Not bad customer service, non-existant customer service. Pretty frustrating that there is no way to get them to stop charging me credit card each month.

Alex Seal says:

What is the 3rd poster on the right?

Randolph G says:

The review was 1/2 assed … Get a ladder out put it up on your front door – show me the motion sensor for real not just talk about it. How long does it take to set up? I want to lie here and watch you do all the hard work. Pick it up Guys!

Rithius3485 says:

What is that thing behind that has a drop of water dropping over and over?

REV J says:

Cool, now hackers have a new toy and we can start getting cloud breaches of in-home psuedo-celebrity “security” cams.

SaltyPineapples says:

Mr Hankey the Christmas poo

Gary Lowe says:

if you want to see a surveillance state come to the UK. we have over 6,000,000 public CCTV cameras and god knows how many privately operated ones. its ridiculous.

Kewl Beans says:

“if you hear a thump and your kid starts screaming” get your lazy ass outta bed and go check! if you need a camera app on your smart phone to pay attention to your kid you really shouldn’t have kids. what’s wrong with the world?! :smh xD

Kevin Millman says:

We use the original dropcam as a baby monitor… we just leave an old tablet running basically 24×7 with the app up watching real time and since we have a HTPC in our living room powering our TV it’s trivial to have the baby monitor running in the background and have any noises come over top of the show we are watching.

The lag isn’t that bad, if you think 2-3 seconds is going to make a difference in your reaction time then you likely shouldn’t go out of the room anyway.

I agree on the cost however all the alternatives require other trade offs and risks in terms of running the internet facing webserver from your home (you now are responsible for the security, etc).  While I think that a 1 day cloud service would be ideal I think that would cut out the vast majority of their subscriptions because honestly most people don’t need more than 24 hours of coverage….

Tom Wilkinson says:

You guys are fucking sellouts, and Norm is a twat.

Jimmy Eklund says:

I would love to see you test some 360 cameras.

IMRROcom says:

Subscription service. and $200 = RIP OFF. Buy your self a proper video security system. We spent a little under $500 for a great 8 camera system. White cable down a white wall looks better than a black cable down a white wall. VCR Tape you r kidding right? Security systems run off of hard drives and SSD storage. For a bunch of liberal SF Nerds you sure seemed freaked out about surveillance off you buy the Gov. and everyone else but you doing the same thing that you want the gov to do. Watch every one else as you are not the bad guy. It is them.

OlaGolme says:

I would like something like this if it did not have the subscription.

William Dean says:

can it at least stream to a nas server for storage???

Ben Stortz says:

Great review! I like the suggestion for the braided cable, definitely makes sense.

Bertha Smith says:

on Nest NC1103US does it have the same options if you dont want to use the cloud service? Or would I have to use the cloud service?

Michael Daniels says:

I honestly clicked on this to see the red robot in the background of the thumbnail

anDWandy says:

so say i have 3 set up in my house. how does my wifi perform while streaming 3 1080 videos

DoomTrooperTV says:

You guys are bitching about TWO SECONDS OF LAG!!!?????? WOW

Richxps says:

Can this work well pointing out the window to watch the front of a home ?

Purpill says:

that test was dumb because they didn’t test the wifi connection first lol, and he’s acting like people only want this as a baby monitor lol

Pick Punch says:

Hi can you explain how you are getting color using night vision. All the other reviews of this product show it in the grayscale. I did not realize this was possible here with this product

Ray Sital says:

I feel like this was a review for a baby monitor.

RetroWeld says:

Nice job guys. Douglas

OlaGolme says:

Is it wireless? Can it work wirelessly?

anDWandy says:

break into house go for my tv where my tv where my router is plugged in and then bam no more video surveillance

William Hayden says:

Um, that’s NOT IR.  You are merely picking up ambient light from the windows.  The room is too bright in this case for the IR to kick in.  Com’on now!

Korey Webb says:

I am 15 and my parents had a surveillance camera up until we moved a month ago.

rick durro says:

im in the u.k there is a camera mounted on a wall across the road that looks right in my house have to shut curtains

Tara Wang says:


Erick Posada restrepo says:

Just don’t buy it. Period

natas321 says:

google has just announced at the nest camera never sleep, it is always on, even if the user unplug it. but they promised they won’t listen and watch what do you are doing.

Melissa Mackay says:

So is this not good for outside? Like if I have it pointed at my car so I can check it before going out in the parking lot?

franklin jennings says:

bro/s get to the f’n gear. baby schmaby. less talk more walk. jk 😉

bigrob says:

why cant they come out with a $99 camera that takes a photo every second and stores in on a HD and can be accessed by a phone. seems simple with no monthly rate

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