Switchmate Light Switch Review – Installs quickly but not so smart.

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/73e8c (affiliate link) – The Switchmate installs over existing light switches and allows for remote toggling via an app. But it doesn’t work with smart homehubs. See more IOT Devices: http://lon.tv/iot and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

UPDATE from Switchmate – they wrote in to say that they are working on bringing smart hub functionality to the device.

This one I found tough to decide between a three or four star review. But because it functions as described I am going to give it four. It easily sticks to a light switch via magnet (in my case a rocker switch) and it will turn off and on lights on command from a paired mobile phone via an app. There’s also a timer that can be programmed from the app to have the light turn on and off at specific times. Installation really is as simple as described.

But don’t call this smart – it really is just a remote control and timer for a light switch, nothing more. It does not connect to any of the popular automation services like IFTTT, etc. like the Belkin WeMo and other similar products do. Nor is it compatible with any of the emerging connected home hubs like Apple HomeKit or whatever it is that Google is putting together. It also doesn’t work when outside of the home – the paired phone needs to be in bluetooth range of the switch for it to work.

So from the standpoint of the product being smart it’s not. It’s relatively dumb because the hardware doesn’t support any of the standards emerging in the iOT marketplace. Maybe it can be made compatible in the future with firmware updates, but for now you won’t be asking Siri, Alexa or Google to turn your lights on or off with it just yet.

And that of course brings us to price. At $40 each it’s prohibitively expensive to outfit a home with a bunch of these. $20 maybe, but $40 feels a bit much for something that’s very limited in its current capabilities. This is especially noteworthy as there are products from Belkin and others that, while requiring more installation, are standards compliant and a bit smarter than this device is currently.

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bk33bk says:

Can you have more than one box connected?

zach schwanke says:

i think you could use Bluetooth extenders abd then use it out side your house?

Erik St. Pierre says:

You should buy a couple GE WeMo bulbs. They’re only 10-15 per bulb and they work with SmartThings, IFTTT, etc…

Would be good to try out if you’re just dipping your toes into the home automation world.

House Station Live .com says:

I love when you discover some very geek stuff like This !

Chris Pistocco says:

Loved the video

DagicCross says:

does anyone know how to make a similar one with raspberry pi? would be cool to DIY this with raspberry pi zero and work over wifi 😛

Kevin Grant says:

Having problems with the timers… switch comes on at the correc time but does not shut off.

Aaron Coe says:

Yet another great review.

Léon The Professional Procrastinator says:

Yep, this is literally the ONLY thing I need it to do. ( no sarcasm)

Chris Pistocco says:

I assume not z wave ?

natetheD says:

what a useless gadget

RickMakes says:

One feature of the Wemo switch that I like is the ability to turn the light on and off randomly when I am not home. Does this thing have a random mode? I’m not a fan of timer switches that turn on and off at the same exact time each day.

mipropiosoft says:

Muy ingenioso

respibob says:

I agree that the lack of smart connections this makes these fairly useless. I had seen these and thought that is a good idea, easy to install and easily moved. But I would want them to work with IFTTT and my Echo. When they get that capability then I think they would be an interesting purchase.

Andrew Bonander says:

Cool gadget!

SuperBigDog2U says:

Does it actually store the timer settings on the device or is it only stored on the mobile phone? I ask because I’ve purchased LED RGB bulbs that had apps with timer settings but it required the mobile phone be in range and on for the timer to work because the settings were not stored on the LED bulb itself. Also, I see you using it with a toggle switch, would it work with a flip switch (peg type)?

Eugene Burton says:

I bought one and the app doesn’t give you a chance to scan for device. the site says 4.4 android or later, I’m running 4.4.2. I have sent 2 emails and no response. not very good customer service.

Stephen Jones says:

perfect for turning on and off the front porch light every night  …. that’s about it

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