[SPRING 2018] Ultimate Smart Home | The Best New Smart Home Tech!

This is a smarter home, and these are my picks for the best new smart home tech for Spring 2018 // Puls ▶ http://offer.puls.com/TechNinja
EightSleep // https://ktt.ninja/2EfPj4J
LaMatric Time Clock // http://geni.us/1ez8gog
Bond – Ceiling For Fans // http://geni.us/HDK9
Nest Secure // https://nest.com/alarm-system/overview/

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Ebenezer Scrooge says:

smart devices that you would be dumb to pay your money for just to get their useless benefits

lachowskilover55 says:

the thumbnail is not the apartment in this video…. LOL? clickbaity

Neon Light says:

What you do for a living?

Mark Deibert says:

Dude! That ceiling fan is awesome! Where can I get one?

az zahar says:

I think the only useful stuff is Bond, if the official update for fireplace and garage door is now up

Susan Jimenez says:

$600 (Rounded down) is an excellent price for a “smart matress,” plus I love the idea of the technology that records how one is sleeping, getting rated, eg. “how many times one turns and tosses during their sleep,” and I also like the other feature that was mentioned, which is the “temperature control device.” Great video content on “Smart House.” I enjoyed watching it very much. .Thank you or as the Koreans would say, “Kumsahumnida,” which means. “Thank you, very much!”

LOOTd says:

I’m getting a real case of home envy right about now!

Review Detective says:

Talk about bringing SMART to the next level!

AliHD says:

Hey awesome video! I was wonderig if you would like to do sub4sub?

Matias Welz says:

Wait, isn’t bond just an IR blaster? How does this not work with TVs and media devices?

Peter Varelas says:

Can you do a video on how you keep your smart home secure from an internet perspective?

Ikonik Modz says:


Christopher Lee says:

Awesome video Kevin! I’m really getting into the smart home tech lately. Does Bond work with a tv like the Logitech Harmony?

Danny Winget says:

Bond is dope!

CKid says:

I dig that Bond got a fireplace that I could use that for. Good video.

Mayhem W. says:

That foam mattress is amazing. I purchased a few for my home.

DodoDave1 says:

Nice intro

Michael Miller says:

I enjoy these videos the most. Love the series!

Yashrajsingh Parihar says:

Hey Kevin…
I wanna know what is better Bond or Logitech harmony…

Max Pawa says:

The Bond device is a copy cat of the logitech harmony smarthub, minus the Rf control.

Austin E says:

Is the thumbnail actually your haouse?

Canoopsy says:

Awesome work and beautiful home!

Exalaxy X says:

1) Great Content
2) Great Quality
3) Same name as me


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