SmartThings (Review) // Crash Test

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Leon Davies says:

You deserve much more subs

Curtis Harmon says:

Great video as usual Bob. I like the honest approach to review videos. Also,don’t be afraid to get more in depth with these in the future. Keep up the the good work sir!

Warren Downes - One Wood says:

Great idea for a segment and like the product as well, might be worth approaching Little Bits there stuff is right up your alley as well.

Jeff Ferguson says:

It’s unfortunate that Ubiquiti couldn’t make their miFi system as nice SmartThing’s UI/UX this given the huge differences in price points.

Great review Bob.

William Lutes says:

I have the Ismart alarm system, very similar !
Luv the review Bob, thanks 🙂

RetroWeld says:

That is a useful device. Its amazing what they come up with these days.  I appreciate the information.  Thanks for the video.

Cameron Sisson says:

Do you know if it works with the Amazon Echo

Bryson Ruud says:


TecaTime says:

Hey Bob, are you still using the smartthings? Thinking about buying and wanted to see if you would still recommend. Thanks!

Anthony James Brown says:

Hey, I wonder if you know anything about the danger of wi-fi (especially on young children)
Did you know that in many European countries, schools have banned wi-fi.

MarcusMeyerTricks says:

Still waiting for that shield video : /

jelly bean says:

+I Like To Make Stuff  why is there a annoying sound in the background’?

Ville Säävuori says:

The background music was really distracting — there’s no need for that at all.

Ric T. 49 says:

google home…

Charlie Thompson says:

Nice review I like reviews like these because I would have never known about this product with out it. Sounds like a cool system just have to think up of all kinds of cool ways to incorporate it.

Deathlok67 says:

Thanks for the heads up on this product.. was not aware of it.. Assuming its wireless “IoT” eg. 6LoWPAN. Any idea on the range of these thing? Did you see how it was affected by the number of walls between the hub and the end-device?
– Rich

Mike Fulton says:

Cool wood love to hook one up to a heat lamp that only needs to be on at curtain times, but it also needs one on colder day this might be a good solution to that. Thanks Bob

Willem Kossen says:

Money. But really nice toys!

dario pierini says:

Che figata

George Sudarkoff says:

The biggest problem with SmartThings is the availability of their cloud service (though it’s been slowly improving in the last six month). And because all the smarts are happening in the cloud, everything stops working if there’s an outage. So, it’s a great toy and does provide some convenience, but don’t use it for anything mission critical. For example, as tempting as that might be, don’t automatically open your garage door on presence detection. You might end up with an open garage in the middle of the night. And of course it’s a poor security system without a lot of extra gear (secondary power, secondary network connection, etc.)

Blah M says:

Can you please make another longboard except this time make it one of the squared ones

M1ne 0nl1ne16 says:

I like it tho! Can i get it to?

Mark Hazlewood says:

Interesting review.  I’m most concerned about the security of the system.  MOST of the home automation items are easily hackable which means security sucks.

Justme Maarten says:

samsung -1

Tom Reagh says:

I’d be interested in seeing if you could duplicate the functionality of some of their modules via the arduino shield.  I bet the cost could be defrayed by a little sweat equity and brain power.

Sean Rubino says:

I like the fact that SmartThings is an open source program and different devices are added often. When I was choosing my home auto hub I went with Wink, though. The price was right and it worked with my Schlage touchpad lock.
One draw back I heard about the SmartThings hub is that it is dependent upon an Internet connection. No internet, no automation. But that is probably true for most hubs.

jamang1999 says:

Smart things can connect to Nest through IFTTT

Chip Davis says:

I have Smartthings and Nest too, so it would be nice if they worked together

Marc Schaefermeyer says:

+I Like To Make Stuff nice job on the review! Looks like an alright product… Really interesting for the maker part of it. Do you know if it’s an extra shield or is it just some api call via the arduino?

Andy Blackman says:

What an interesting product. Nice review and good addition. I just started to use an open source software called OpenHab. It was designed as a vendor neutral solution and works great since I have Insteon ($$) and onewire things.

MesserAaron13 says:

I was thinking $50 maybe $100 and you smacked me with $300 lol

s0nnyburnett says:

I’d rather spend my money on a nice thick belt.
For the kids, next time I hear splashing. Or anyone else who I don’t want in my home.

CherokeeArchetype says:

Someone should come up with an outlet receptacle that contains the plug-in. I would rather dig into drywall than have an external port my toddler is going to rip out of the wall. It could even have a bypass for a fail safe!

MinecraftPlaystation says:

I have been using these guys for over two years now. The automation controls are really in depth.

Paveee says:

Great, nice video man keep it up

Adam Huff says:

Nice review thanks

sneaker seeker says:

Can you make a shop safety video

Chris McDowell | CMR Woodworks says:

Seems like a pretty cool system. Thanks for the review.

Katz says:

Can’t wait for the arduino video. Maybe next time use the device in the video a bit more or do a follow up video 🙂

mikewhoelse says:

Just found your channel. I like it, I’m gonna try and make that planter sand box but just as a veg/herb planter (no sand) for my girlfriend

Markus Blechschmidt says:

You could also try and develop your own sensors for this system

Andrea Girola says:

Good review! One question… I’m interested in buying something by Smartthings but I want to know if it will be compatible with HomeKit and Siri! 🙂

Koopa Gaming says:

Could you do a more in-depth review on the X-Carve?

Norbury53 says:

Seriously, what can it do that a few Raspberry Pi’s and a few sensors can’t do?

West Side Ride says:

I really enjoy my Smart things system, but really looking forward to next generation that will be released soon which should be more reliable.  Cheers

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