Smart Home Tech Meets Tiny Home at CES 2017 | Consumer Reports

Smart Home technology with voice control is one of the biggest stories we’ve seen at CES 2017. Consumer Reports checks out a tiny home run by Amazon’s Alexa.

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Jerikoh O'Cru says:

All this gadgets seem to make things a little bit more complicate…Why the hell do I need all this system to turn on/off the lights?

Mike Wright says:

Are these smart homes or remote controlled homes?

djkenny says:

I wonder what the square footage is? It seems only semi tiny.

Benjamin Swedberg says:

First comment

1MRJB1 says:

Greetings from Putin and friends… in your home. Nice house though.

Berk Can says:

Stupid google because they didnt provide good IOT device support, Amazon is winning Smart home thingy 🙁

HysTrik30 says:

what the name of the music ?

Clément Lasserre says:

What’s the song please ??

Bae baeclc says:

Sooo…. what happens when a guy tries to rob you, from outside, yells “alexa unlock doors” …….. hmmm.

shafta99 says:

getting us used to the robot overlords. lol

Kenz300 x says:

Save energy – save money. An energy efficient car and home saves money.
Save money by looking long term and not short term. Spending a little more for energy efficiency saves money long term.
An electric vehicle will save money over the long run. Walking, bicycling and mass transit are better yet. I had an energy efficiency audit on my home and and followed the recommendations given. I added insulation and sealed air leaks. My energy bills went down 30% the following month. I am now replacing light bulbs with LED’s which are 85% more efficient. Spend a little money to save money every month after. Electric car, electric lawn mower, electric snow blower, no emissions.

Red Atlas says:

I got flashbacks from The Simpsons evil house episode.

Bruce John Shourt says:

Good report, but uneven sound recording because of the same video production error your people made last year. Body microphones are good when there isn’t much ambient noise but they produce a poor signal-to-noise ratio in other situations. When he was outside it was noisy compared to being inside the house and he naturally spoke much louder just to hear himself and that is what you have to do when you don’t have a hand microphone to hold close to your mouth. He might have been aware of that and spoke loudly with the body microphone which is about all you can do (and also clip it as close to your mouth as possible) to compete with the ambient noise. But it also resulted in an overall louder file that needs to be evened out in post production which it was not. Last year some of their reports from the convention floor had poor audio recordings because they did not use short shotgun wireless and mikes which are the proper choice in the noisy environment.

Aran hiwa says:

Can’t wait to try Watch dogs in real life

soulfresh10 says:

so people too lazy to go lock the door now, wall-e obesity here we come. or skynet

Romam Yakhin says:

*People do not live in tiny homes by choice. They do not drive BMWs.*

William Woody says:

Who knew a tiny house could be as decadently annoying as a pretentious McMansion?

CanAmSteve says:

Hilarious – is there any home less in need of “smart” tech than a tiny home? I used X-10 switches (remotes that could be PC controlled) but slowly realized that they did not make much sense for everyday use once TV remotes became ubiquitous. I have had setback thermostats for 20+ years and have never felt the need to call home and change the setting (if I could have). I don’t need color-shifting remote LED lamps, I don’t need a fridge that connects to the internet. I don’t need Alexa or Google or Siri or any of that contrived tech that will make people even fatter and more stupid than they already are.

RohanRon _ON says:


Lunch Box says:

How long before Alexa becomes HAL?

Balzy73 says:

No thanks. Too “1984” for me.

Simon L says:

did you forget about the tiny home details

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