Smart Home Showdown: Connected Shades

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Lutron and Somfy go head-to-head in the CNET Smart Home.

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Shafez MD says:

I understand that the CNet Smart home is all about connectivity, new, fun, useful devices and possible applications out there to help make one’s home smarter.

Considering that, I was wondering if the Cnet team would look into electrical privacy glass type products. I know that most manufacturers, for such products, haven’t necessarily connected their products via smart home hub yet. But there are some manufacturers that seem to be using smart phone to help manage, control and make such products smarter.

Any chance of the CNet team looking into electrical privacy glass or films?

G C says:

Who owns this CNET smart home?! and can I come over for dinner?! 🙂

Christian mrclep says:

Wait, you sometimes have to get up and change the battery? I´m toooo lazy for that…

Kenny Crayton says:

If you’re gonna demonstrate how noisy or not noisy a product is how about getting rid of the horrible background music.

john M says:

I’ll stick with manual.

Kevin Gates says:

Great comparison, thanks!

Karol Bała says:

i want 100% light blockage

hannibal smith says:

it runs on a battery right? so how long can that shade run on one battery charge


Nice Hardware

pan Govin says:


Evan Adams says:

They are so damn expensive but the only smart home thing I really want.

jalene150 says:

Why the hell would this cost thousands?

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