Smart Home Setups – Google Home + Philips Hue!

2017 Office Tour & Setup Sneak Peek. Enjoy!
The Best Tech Under $50 (December 2016)
Learn more about Google Home + Philips Hue –

For a chance to win a smart home starter pack which includes a Philips Hue White & Color Starter Kit + Google Home, make sure to follow Philips and myself on Twitter/Instagram. Details will be announced there!

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Philips Hue:
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DERON U says:

Please can I have the goggle home or Philps hue

Shashank Setty says:

the singer’s voice and Google assistant’s voice is so similar!

Omar Eljindi says:

Watching this video keeps activating my Google Home.

Taylor Shockley says:

God dammit you made all the lights in my home go off and on

Cindy Lartigue says:

This is incredibly amazing! I just purchased a Philips tv for myself (from my dogs for Christmas). Oh, I just hope I’m selected. Good luck everyone!!! Cindy

WuschelofDespair says:

Not yet Willing to let a microphone into my living room, that sends everything I say to google

ThreeMinuteHeat / 三分鐘熱度 says:

@Jonathan Morrison the WALL besides the White and Black Lamp, is your wall Black? or White in Color? I have a concern that is, will the Hue LED color lights effects work well on Black wall?

Kuba H04 says:

Will yo do Apple SIRI + Philips Hue

aramistech says:

I tried both and found the amazon echo dot the better option. I love google but I got way more things working with amazon echo dot. And did I mention it’s only $50 vs the $129 I paid for google home.

11ChrisMac says:

Loved this video. Thanks John.

Bohdi Does says:

I bought these specifically because of your reviews Jonathan…

Nicholas Brooks says:

Peeps, Dumbass blanket truly looks like strongly awessmesecretary ! !

Jesse David says:

stopped the video twelve times because google kept thinking I was trying to talk to it

Nikhil Grover says:

What generation Phillips hue is supported for google home

Joshua Cooper says:

Although door running sentd mixture household easy introduce drive quickly.

Goonsauce says:

Did anyone else sit here watching the video and have Jonathan’s voice control your own lights?

kiên Nguyễn says:

what ‘s that song at 1:52

dean britton says:

I don’t trust Google creeps.

Jon Paul says:

LOL, you turned off all the lights in my house

Goosing says:

FINALLY! I’ve done it. I filled my whole apparent with Phillips hue lights. I have nest thermostat, and google home. I am complete 🙂

DjMorena10 says:

Love it!!

Mike Wold says:

I just bought Google home and loved it but want to get hue lights now for my apartment that will be cool and I can’t believe how great the sound is for playing songs on it

- ItsAndyy - says:

Is the answer to the question in the beginning an investigator?

DERON U says:

Please can i have the giveaway!!!

Jithin K Prasad says:


Dana Endelmanis says:

Does Google Home work in Australia if bought from overseas?

Derek Picone says:

Seems the same as Siri, but can it do scenes. Alexa is annoying because it can’t seem to do anything but on, off, and dim. I’ve been surprised to find that the absence of scenes is far worse than not being able to change colors. If Google Home can’t do scenes it’s still a step down from Siri. I have found Alexa to be far more reliable than Siri though.

iRev says:

Nice Video ! I like you Content !

Myriam B says:

Jonathan loves Back To Me so much it’s the 2nd time he puts it in a video! Get that promo Marian Hill and Lauren Jauregui!

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