Smart Home Lighting on a Budget | Sengled Lights Best Tutorial

These Sengled bulbs are easy to setup and work with Sengled Hubs, SmartThings or Wink because of ZigBee Technology. Now Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatible.

A19 Classic Starter Kit: US
A19 Classic LED Bulb: US
A19 Classic Daylight:

BR30 Review:

Here are product links for more countries:

A19 Classic Starter Kit: CA
Sengled Everbright Bulb: UK
A19 Element Touch Bulb: CA
SmartThings Hub: US
SmartThings Hub: UK
SmartThings Hub: CA

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MsAMJ LLC says:

My apologies if this has been answered (I looked quickly). Now…Because I have both bulbs and plugs currently that do NOT require a hub, if I were to purchase this starter set, is the included hub all I need to use with my Echo devices?

BrianHN says:

does it work with google home mini?

Serguei Oussov says:

Hi Brett,
Thanks for the video!
Question: in order for those light bulbs to be working hard wired swich has to be on all the time?

Sinda Slinda says:

really nice video

Bhavik says:

If the hub is connected to a router it should be accessible from an wireless AP connected to the router…even if the AP is far off..?

Michael Raduazzo says:

Great videos. I’m a newbie to the smart home world. Can you PLEASE post a video on how anything (could be lightbulbs) interface with alexa. For example, I connect the lightbulb to smartthings and connect alexa to smart things but how do I then control the ligthbulbs from Alexa. Sorry for the rant. I’m clearly a tech idiot. Look forward to your response. 🙂

Rupesh 033 says:

Thanks buddy for the informative video but it’s almost 2018 and NOBODY uses a hub based home automation. Best to spend extra money for a wifi version. There are a whole lot more different wifi products than hub based. So go with wifi.

Luis Diaz says:

I need the hub? or I can buy just one bulb and put it work without any problem?

Prabhu Ramachandran says:

Hi Brett, your video are great and help. Question for you, Do Philips hue bulb support in Sengled hub??

Kostas Petropoulos says:

Nice video, I want to ask you, I have the SmartThings hub now I must buy the starter kit or only the bulb?

Karol B Hernandez says:

Can you control other stuff with the hub

rick fimple says:

Hi Brett great videos! I originally was going to buy these, based on your review, but I purchased two tp link smart bulbs on a whim when i saw them at the store. I am beginning to think having a Hub would work better with my set up. The issue I am having with the wi fi no hub bulbs is connectivity. They work fine but get kicked off my network once in awhile. I have a lot of wi fi devices. I have 4 Echos, 2 google homes, and two wemo smart plugs, plus harmony hub and a smart tv etc. I did check my echos and moved them all to the 5ghz channel and this seemed to help a lot. You mentioned in this video that the hub may lessen the wi fi traffic, is this because it is Zigbee and just the hub is connected to wi fi? Despite all my gadgets I am reallly not a “tech guy” and I am just learning about the different frequencies and realizing all this stuff matters! lol. I guess my question is will the Sengled Hub help? and if so How? My house is about 1,300 ft….my router is upstairs, I want to use the seglend lights for the downstairs dining room and the upstairs hallway. Oh, I dont have any other connectivity issues, for example the wemo smart plugs have never been kicked off network.

Stephen De La Rosa says:

Very helpful. I picked up a Smartthings link for my Nvidia Shield TV. I also have Google Home/Minis all over the house. Will these light work via Google Assistant and the Smartthings link while Shield TV is off? Your videos are very helpful!

Peter Randall says:

Hi Brett! Great video, could you tell me if the sengled hub is compatible with other brand of bulbs?

Tanya Castro says:

Failed to collect to mobile device!! I have IPhone and I went under cellular / data no where to select 2.4

Ok says:

Could i connect it w google home mini?

Andrew Teo says:

Hi Brett, this is my first time here. Very useful videos, thank you! I was looking at buying the Sengled Starter Kit but wasn’t sure till I watched your video! I have SUBSCRIBED to your videos. One question which may make me look stupid. Can I control these LED bulbs remotely outside home (or anywhere in the world) or can I only do it while at home? Please answer soon as I am about to purchase the Sengled Starter Kit with 4 LED bulbs.

Jonathan Moore says:

What’s the best-priced RGB bulb?

Tom Caswell says:

Do you have to set up the hub with a cable to the router on first setup? On the website it says it is technically possible to just to the wifi option from the get go.

Humberto Mendes says:

Hi Brett, first of all thank you for the way you expresse your self in the vídeos, making it so much easier to understand.I would like to ask you to make a vídeo connecting Google home to a broadlink, and control your TV 100%, including channel zapping and all the rest. ON and Off is to easy. 🙂 Hope to see it ASAP. Regards from Portugal and keep on the good work. By the way if you don´t know where Portugal is, ask Google 🙂

Merc5953 says:

Anyone know of these bulbs are compatible with the Smart Life app?

Alex Padilla says:

Sonoff Basic WiFi Wireless Switch

Joris van de Pavoordt says:

Hi Brett, love your videos! I bought Sengled lights myself after watching this video. I can’t seem to connect the hub to my router though. Apparently my SSID doesn’t meet the Sengled hub requirements (it doenst include a lowercase letter). Do you know a way around this by any chance? I have never had this issue before, and my internet provider (who also provided me with this router) doesnt let me change the SSID.

Jakub Libera says:

video resolution is looking like burnt toast even at the 1080p setting. Everything is very grainy..

Luis Gatica says:

Hi Bret, nice review… just one question, it is posible to conect other zigbee devices to the Hub?? Like a smart switch (zigbee) or a motion sensor zigbee, blind control, etc… ???

Barry Cook says:

Sengled element classic

Brett, great instruction and guidance. I was totally frustrated with getting the light bulb paired with the Smart Hub you were concise and very specific. Issue solved! So I do have another issue though. The A19 programmable when paired does not indicate a dimmer slider? I purchased the bulb at Wal-Mart btw.

The main reason for my purchase was to pair a Schlage ZWave door lock system with the Smart Hub. You do a great job with your You Tub support. You might think of adding one inn the future.

Thanks again

Barry Cook

Wilbert Perez says:

Hey I got the sengled kit from you recommendation .How would I create a 2.4ghz conection? I have a regular wifi modem.

Ed Bruning says:

Thanks Brett, I’m finding your videos very helpful. I’m putting together a plan to add smart lights and switches and I want to do it as easily and cheaply as possible. I’d like it to work with Cortana and the Google assistant.

Did these bulbs require two hubs, SmartThings and the Sengled Hub, or would they work only with a SmartThings hub? Thanks

Emanuel Perry says:

1080p my ass!

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