SimpliSafe: Affordable Smart Home Security coming to Apple’s HomeKit!

Chad Laurans, CEO & Chief Engineer of SimpliSafe, walks AppleInsider’s Victor Marks through the all-new SimpliSafe Home Security system which includes the WiFi & Cellular connected Base Station, SimpliCam HD security camera, Keypad, Key Fob, 105dB siren, panic button, smoke detector and entry, motion, glassbreak, freeze, and water sensors.

They’ve also got new products on the way, including a video doorbell, outdoor camera with flood light, and smart lock.

All of these products will work in sync with each other, and HomeKit integration is coming later this year.

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Adam Hanrahan says:

Such a great – underrated video

Tim Popov says:

So let me get this straight. Let’s say you bought a new Toyota Camry. You drive it for a year and then a newer model comes out. Do you go back to a dealer and demand a discount on a newer model just because you have an older model? I don’t understand people’s complaining. Technology goes forward. If you have an older system, you have some choices to make, either stay with your old system or buy a newer system. That’s called capitalist economy, which is the best economy system there is!

Httjoeyy says:

Still expensive though

Security AllStar says:

Sooooooooooooooo, the simple things matter, right? Here is one to think about:

keye keye says:

Can I add a siren alone to an existing system? Can’t find any link to buy it separately on the website

Terebrate says:

Good luck getting customer service to respond when you have a problem. If they can’t fix your issue, Simpli Safe will simply stop responding to your emails. Good luck getting the camera to operate properly also.

Elizabeth Ligas says:

What about Android?

antonio campos says:

we are waiting to purchase a kit once it works with homekit

Wally Hagerty says:

After viewing this video it seems like it only interfaces with Apple phones and future Apple Integrations. Seems like a nice system it would be nice if it could interface with other smartphone platforms.

grimreapercmn4u says:

New system looks so much better. The old system was sooo ugly. Time to upgrade to them again.

johnny s says:

Scam alert!! Don’t trust your family’s security to these lowlifes!!

Shadow Knight79 says:

Junk. They don’t allow the new base station and keypad to work with their old sensors and expect me to shell out $1000 for a completely new system. Terrible leaving old loyal customers without a reasonable upgrade path.

Eric Draven says:

My security system is through Cox and it’s a waste of money. It’s much better and I’m sure cheaper to do something like this. Damn 2 yr contract

Jiu V says:

Great video – thank you. New system looks much better than the old one! But I am assuming HomeKit and other smart connections like Alexa, etc. will require users to subscribe to their Interactive Plan that’s $24.99 a month? I mean, even using their app today requires the Interactive Plan.

Tommieboy says:

Hey Chad! Was it your stupid decision to break ties with the NRA? Bad choice! You are going to lose customers and I will be one of them. Too bad you caved to anti-american propaganda. You might as well become a communist company. I will never recommend your alarm system again

prialicea01 says:

So I have to have iPhone for this system??

iishyxvietxboyii1 says:

Imma wait for SS4…

plantsforhire says:

Unfortunately the new system is not compatible at all with the old systems, so unless existing customers want to purchase a whole new system again, we’re screwed. SimpliSafe is not offering ANY kind of upgrade plan for existing customers that have spent a lot of money building up their systems, and it’s a real shame. The new design looks great, it’s safer than the previous versions, it finally has third party integration, and now they’re offering new components as well. And loyal customers like myself are out of luck with all of the money spent on the existing systems. What’s worse is that there was no previous mention of this at all, meaning they were pushing big sales during the holidays and not mentioning this to any customers who were buying brand new systems even as soon as a week ago. SimpliSafe really needs to offer an upgrade path for existing customers, because people are raging on the SimpliSafe forums right now.


There IS an upgrade offer for existing customers!!! I know, cause I just did it. Simplisafe is accepting returns from customers that have the old system. You have to buy the new system and send them back your old system. Once received, Simplisafe will cut you a refund check for the full purchase price of what you paid for the old system. They will even send you a free return shipping label. Now that is great customer service. The price difference between the 2 systems was less than $20, in my case. And that was with the exact same number of components. That tells me that Simplisafe is not price gouging customers under the guise of “newer technology”. Another feather in their cap for that. I’m really happy with this company so far and plan to stay a life long member as long as Simplisafe continues to show they care about their customer base.

Rophoenix says:

Excellent …thank you for the information buddy!!!

derek junior kelly says:

can we run a simulation where we catch an intrusion

MILDOT Squad says:

Offer an upgrade path for existing systems!!

ThreePhaseHigh says:

Simplisafe could care less about your safety. They don’t even want you for a customer if you own a Gun. The cowards drop the NRA of witch I’m a member . So please don’t use there junk.

Radtubeclamp says:

Have a look at the new inprover system on youtube, actually confirms a false alarm to outsiders, search inprover


your company is Anti NRA you no longer will have any of the conservarives business once word gets out and ALL are Rush and Hannity listeners are probably your largest buyers , I emailed Rush about this already,,,, …..companies around the US are falling for fake emails and on line hate for the NRA making it look like a massive number and you will lose milions taking these as real they did the same thing to Kurig go look it up hannity set Kurig straight and their sales SKYROCKETED he even purchased a New machine for everyone who tossed theirs out thats How Conservatives do things the RIGHT WAY, get facts before you insault 75% of Americans until then we are spreading the word to avoid your product and we are Not a bunch of fake bloggers

Boyd W says:

Has anyone used one in a pole barn with steel siding? I have storage in some pole barns 8 miles from where I live. My iPhone 7 works inside of these barns.

Han Wagu says:

Is “SimpliSafe: Affordable Smart Home Security coming to Apple’s HomeKit!” really? Chad’s comments were “..integrations with folks ‘like’ Apple Homekit”, that by no means means integrations with Apple Homekit. Oh, SimpliSafe is already selling the new system but can’t even post a new owner’s/user’s manual or more detailed information on its website to make an informed decision.

J says:

Just placed my order to replace my SS2 system!

Chris Schwartz says:

I have been told by two different Simplisafe customers service operators; that Simplisafe has no plans to offer Home Kit intergration. This year or any year. Then they tried to up sell me on their monitoring service. (I already have it) Here is this first response:

SimpliSafe is a closed, proprietary system that is truly unique to our company! Unfortunately, this does mean that our equipment is not able to integrate with any other system, including smart home devices. But paired with a $24.99 Interactive Monitoring Plan, any SimpliSafe system can be controlled remotely, through either your online Dashboard or the SimpliSafe Smartphone App for iOS and Android.

Here is the second:

During our unveiling interview, our CEO mentioned that the system would be compatible with/work with things/devices like/similar to Apple HomeKit, but unfortunately we do not have any official plans to integrate our system with Apple HomeKit at this time and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or miscommunication.

Needless to say; if this is true, and Mr. Laurans lied/mislead whatever you want to call it, then I’d say this is certainly unethical if not illeagal. The only reason I sold my year old Simplisafe system that worked just fine, and bought the brand new shinny version, is because of this video and the fact that it was said Home Kit was coming this year. Well that and the newly engineered motion sensors that dont work any better than the old ones. From their website:

not pets

Alarms that cry wolf? No thanks. We
precision-engineered our motion
sensors to detect the unique heat
signature of humans. Not pets.

My 6 pound cat sets off the motion sensor from across the room. Yes I have adjusted the sensitivity, turned it upside down, replaced it and got a new one. The cat still sets it off.

I had recommended Simplisafe to all my friends and family. I was pretty happy with my old system. I wont be recommending the new system to anyone. Not yet anyway. All I did was waste an afternoon taking out the old and installing the new, threw away a few hundered dollars (the difference in what I paid for the new system and what I sold the old system for), dealt with multiple false alarms, and spent a half dozen evenings on the phone with customer support trying to get the system to work right.

Its a shame when companies over promise and under-deliver. I sure hope this is not the case here, but it sure seems like it. I would appreciate any input or insight anyone has on these issues. I was a big fan and promoter of Simplisafe, but I’ve not been real happy so far with this new system. ALL THAT BEING SAID… I will give them this; Since I have had a dozen “false alarms” or more in the past few weeks, the response time of the monitoring company has been really good. I can no more look at my phone to see what the alert is, and they are calling me to make sure everything is ok. I have to tell them “hang on while I pull up the camera to see whats going on”. The reaction time of the notifications and the monitoring service couldnt be any faster. So that is big plus! I’m not ready to change just yet, but I would like to know more about the issues above. If you have read this whole thing, thanks! If you have any informnation, I would be very interested!

Molon Labe says:

Was going to get your product buuuuuut,you cut ties with the NRA,I’m a member and now my family will go elsewhere,i guess you dont need my money?i suggest all NRA members follow suit.

John B says:

Before you spend any money with simlplisafe, I would recommend you visit their online forum ( . You’ll find what the ACTUAL customer service is like…namely nonexistent if you’re an existing customer. Don’t take my word for it, go look at their forum. You may be glad you did.

Sean Brown says:

I need more technical information. I have devices and smart switches I want to continue to use.

ekim lonamaga says:

Will there be some system updates for future improvements and bug fixes?

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