Sense Review – Smart Home Energy Monitor

Energy monitors are boring, but when you add a self-learning algorithm and a dash of automation then they quickly because one of the coolest pieces of smart home tech. Sense is here and it does some pretty neat stuff!

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In this video, I’ll be talking about Sense home energy monitor. It’s a WIFI-connected energy monitor that monitors the real time power use of your home as well as tracking specific devices based on their electrical signatures.

With IFTTT support, it has some home automation capabilities, but the lack of a API or native support for webhook limits its usefulness… for now. Still, the data this device can generate is super insightful and can help identify major power consumers in your home.

You gotta check this thing out!


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LIFX + –
Aeotec Z-Stick Gen 5 –
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NodeMCU ESP8266 Chip –
Sonoff Outlet –

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Josh Willard says:

What’s up with “other”

Hany Solh says:

Im testing Neurio now and i like it but just looking at your sense app it seems a bit easier to use than Neurio. But Neurio connects to HA!!

Grayson Peddie says:

I don’t want to have to create a user account for Sense, so it’s not for me. Besides, I’d rather store all the data about power consumption in my server and that’s that. No cloud whatsoever.

And yes, integration with Home Assistant is my #1 requirement for home automation devices.

Steven McCombie says:

Ouch – $480 is a bit on the rich side – I’d think it cheaper with the inline sensors on each socket that could monitor power usage… even with the number required

Laser Lens says:

show me something that doesn’t require a cloud service and I’m sold

burnzy3210 says:

love the stuff you cover on this channel dude! havent seen anyone else making stuff like you do, keep it up 🙂

Master Wizardry says:

Have you shrunk a little?

Adrian Čosić says:

Auch that electrican is really expensive for my standard :/ I have built a DIY power monitor based on the OpenEnergyMonitor using a STM32 and ESP8266. I have to order two more clamps since I have three phase AC here. Also each phase has its own voltage transformer. OpenEnergyMonitor has a simillar app but I think that Sense has a better app.

Gary says:

you could make one with current sensors and a Node MCU with MQTT

Sean Williams says:

Hey Ben – Cool review. I got one of these units when they were on Kickstarter, but, I haven’t got around to having it installed yet, but your video is going to give me the push to have it done. Have you made any changes to consumption based on the information that it’s providing?


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