Samsung SmartThings Wifi: The Best Mesh WiFi for Your Smart Home!

Samsung SmartThings Wifi Review: Best Mesh WiFi for Smart Home!
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Samsung SmartThings Wifi hub is the follow-up to the popular Samsung Connect Home mesh. the new SmartThing Wifi acts as both a mesh wifi router and a smart home hub, giving you the best of both worlds all in a single product.

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Samsung SmartThings Wifi works to eliminate dead zones in the home with dynamic Wi-Fi interference mitigation, sophisticated band and client steering, dynamic load balancing, adaptive mesh topologies, and device specific optimizations. It uses Plume WiFi software to continually optimize the mesh wifi router in your home so that you always have the best possible speeds.

Plume technology delivers an intelligent network that learns from millions of similar homes and is capable of adapting in real time to interference or congestion as it tunes performance to your connected devices.

The Samsung SmartThings Wifi app allows you to do the SmartThing Wifi setup super easy, and it features integration with the Plume app as well – this allows you to manage the mesh devices with Plume, and also use the Plume HomePass feature, and manage your smart home and home automation with the SmartThings hub.

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Nicolas R says:

I’ve used a device similar to this and it worked great sometimes and horrible other times making me unplug it. Will this work nice and fast all the time or plagued with poor performance sometimes?

ogoditsnickagain says:

What is the AC rating on these? Having a tough time finding that info. Right now in running Asus ac68P (x2) via aimesh. They are rated ac1900. Would love for these to be similar in speed

kaaihue1 says:

What are the speeds you’re getting through the main router and then the hubs?

zsqduke says:

Do you know if these can work together with the 1st generation?

Food Stamp says:

Sup Mister Andru

ClassicGamesCanada says:

I ended up with the linksys velop. Had some issues at first but now after several updates it’s rock solid and I never have to touch it. This looks interesting though.

John Overton says:

Can I plug all 3 directly to ethernet, and is there an advantage?
Will connecting it that way disturb the mesh Network?

UttR Concrete says:

I wish Apple would make a mesh WiFi device

Chemy Torres says:

Nice gadget, useful and needed for everybody, even those who lives in small apartments.
Vudu liked as always man

Nathan Forde says:

I’m totally interested, 3 stories plus a two bedroom in the back… Wifi is a bastard of setup, you got your drop outs, deadzones or low connectivity in some areas even doa there are 3 wired routers and two switches/ehubs … It’s just a nightmare

keith7023 says:

C as n you set up backhall

Andreas Lomaka says:

A couple of these reviews popped up today – is this the Dyson situation again ? All the features described, no tests done – this is an infomercial. Where is the disclaimer at the start of the video? This is dishonest. Unsubscribed (and you should too).

tripas421 says:

I just bought 2 months ago the Google WiFi mesh system. Is there a big difference between these??? 🙁

outofthisworld2003 says:

Good video.
I just purchased 4 Samsung connect home pros($60 new on Amazon) they are AC2300 I believe. What are these new ones. The Samsung site does not have specs yet. Do you think there’s a need for me to upgrade.

Dah'Mir Gray says:

Quick question, I have Comcast and supposedly get up to 150mb’s with my plan. Really haven’t notice (dead spots) but there are portions of the house where the signal isn’t as strong. 2 wireless Printers, 4 tablets, 5 mobile phones, and 1 laptop. You think this will really help??

c0l0jar0 says:

This -vs- NETGEAR Orbi Home Mesh -vs- Linksys Velop AC2200 -vs- Google Wifi ??? Not interested in smart things. Just want good Wifi Coverage and speed.
Please help

Ben Mitchell says:

Is this system better than Orbi?

xxnike629xx says:

These things are great, but my concerns….
01. This solely depends on an active Internet connection so if it goes down, your hub and electronics (door lock, door bell, fridge, etc) will all be unusable which could lead to bad situations like a break in for example.

2. You connect all of these ‘smart’ devices to your home’s network. What happens if someone hacks into your router and gets control of all of these devices?

It’s why personally I think that it is best to keep things not connected and within its own network and not connected online. Like for home security cameras, I think it might be more beneficial and more reliable to have a closed circuit type of set up where it’s not dependent on your home’s Internet where it can be hacked or if the Internet is down, it would also mean your home security is shut down as well.

truman2cool says:

Debating whether or not I should even bother with getting two ASUS router for their AImesh (Spending the same amount)

Bennie Mangle Jr. says:

And just to clarify, did you say that you can use the Samsung smarthings wifi system with your current wifi router?

vindicatorx says:

It’s funny like the professional reviews all say it’s decent but the app really hurts the performance. Wired speeds are terrible to.

Jay Malone says:

Very cool. A little pricey if you already have a SmartThings hub…..but still very useful! BTW: Excited to meet you in Dallas!

Derwin Estremera says:

What is the speed of the WiFi

Michael Greer says:

Interested in how this performs as a Wi-Fi mesh vs the 2nd gen eero pro. The eero software doesn’t report data usage. With the likes for Comcast enforcing data caps, the user needs to know how much data their devices are consuming in order to manage their usage. Therefore, while my eero pro works great, this lack is cause for looking elsewhere. One hardware thing I’m concerned with is the backhaul communication. The eero pro is tri-band. What is the SmartThings Wi-Fi mesh?

Norma Angoelal says:

thank you !

Future Video Media says:

how are the wifi speeds?

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