Samsung SmartThings Wifi: Mesh Network AND Smart Home Control!

The brand new Samsung SmartThings Wifi brings the combination of a self optimizing mesh wifi network and a smart home hub all in one! Get a first look at Samsung’s new SmartThings Wifi with Plume AI technology built in. Subscribe for more:

Samsung SmartThings Wifi:

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Jordi Lopez Vazquez says:

It’s a machine.

Nicoĺas Garćia says:

Diversity isn’t our strength. It’s lowering our birth-rates, raising crime levels, costing us money, sapping our cultural confidence, robbing our children, and delighting an international clique that makes its home in Paris today, Berlin tomorrow, and New York the day after.

jimmy syphodes says:

It’s a commercial ?? Don’t like it !

Kini Kaaihue says:

Whats the difference in wifi download speeds between the main router compared to a hub?

Matt Ong says:

Can I plug every hub to the isp for more stable signal just like in a multiple access point set-up?

beardrum1 says:

When is this actually going on sale or release date?? I have checked Best Buy and even Target and Walmart and no one had it in stock or could give me an answer on when are they are going to start selling it. The only place I saw it was the Samsung website. I guess I just wanted to actually pick it up.

Jason Dranoff says:

Is this one better than Google’s in your opinion? It seems to be very similar.

LJTV says:

I just started using the Eero system

Nandakisore Sreekanth says:

Is this the same as Samsung connect or is this the new version?

c0l0jar0 says:

This -vs- NETGEAR Orbi Home Mesh -vs- Linksys Velop AC2200 -vs- Google Wifi ??? Not interested in smart things. Just want good Wifi Coverage and speed.
Please help

Art Alvarez says:

Hi There, could you please share the model number, the ones floating around the web only show a single inbound Ethernet port (ET-WV525KWEGUS)

TruID says:

Not buying because it has ‘Smart Things’ written on it. But by the way, what’s your Xbox gamer tag Tim?

nelsoncong says:

Is the AC/DC adapter autovolt?

Gautam Veeraboina says:

Great content

srgtdonut says:

your setup looks so dope D:

CryptoKnightTM says:

I used 100-200GB/month with 160KBps speed lmao

Sosodeflol says:

Agreed for non-fiber internet. For everything else, buy a Nighthawk. It works well with Fiber and has the best range ive ever seen in my life, near 80 meter radius supporting innumerable connections.

Matt Owens says:

Nice video, you said it covers 4500 sqft. I don’t need that much coverage. Do you know how much 1 hub will cover?

Nathan Toland says:

600 Mbps

I_ am_ BLuR says:

?. Any reason this system couldn’t be connected to a modem/router combo? Mine is expensive and fast, I just need it to reach out better. Thanks.


Awesome! This is definitely the one I’ve been looking forwad !

King Mohamed says:

The most underated tech channel on YouTube. Keep it up!

Rosalyn says:

Can you use it with a VPN?

Kristiyan Krastev says:

Okay, can I come and clean your house cuz that Google Home and your light have seen better days 😀

Bob says:

What is the model number of the item you are showing

Bradley Thorburn says:

Hurry to the UK!

Ben Dore says:

samsung stop craeting these stupid things , just do real wifi charging

Goku Ultra Instinct says:

Love u!

Max says:

Question on the SmartThings side – Do they run 1 zigbee/z-wave network? or 3 zigbee/z-wave networks?

elisabeth grill says:

Why are these things so big ?

Keith Merrill says:

Do you need all three or can you buy them separately

Mike G says:

It’s just like the Google wifi mesh system

Lance Rose says:

What monitors do you recommend for Samsung Dex? planning to use it for a laptop and note 9

Christ Wright says:


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