Samsung SmartThings – The Best Home Monitoring Kit?

This is Samsung SmartThings, one of the best ways to protect and control your home!

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Nikhil Paladugu says:

Where is that hoodie from?

Mikey Singleton says:

Crispy content man, was routed your way by techninja and glad I found ya. Sub’d and looking forward to more of your content.

james keeble says:


Tech Aspiron says:

Wow. More companies are getting into this Smart Home Tech sphere. We are in the future.

Gio Gargiulo / The Nerd Herd says:

Your videos looks SO clean. Awesome!

Atoniic says:

Do you still need the Phillips Hue Hub when you have the SmartThings Hub already?

TechMe0ut says:

Great review, I like how you put everything into perspective in a short yet detailed way.

liteglow2000 says:

Can it be used in Europe ??

Jeremy Judkins says:

Good video. Looks like the whiteboard says “subsenbe” lolol

Matthew K. says:

3:27 I love everything on that shelf! 😀

Shanmukh Karra says:

Got here from KevinTheTechNinja’s video. I’m hooked to your channel now. I adore minimalistic channels that keep things simple, and you definitely are on my list. Keep up the good work, Matt!

philsiphoneblog says:

Great video and interesting products! 🙂


Thanks for this great video! I’m building a new house and I’ve got the autobug! haha Your video helped me tremendously.

bringitonbatman says:

Great quality video, between this and your home theatre tour, made me subscribe 🙂

Gabriela Estevez says:

Hey Matt, been researching home security systems, cams, sensors, lights and all that, i LOVE Samsung, i have the phones, tablets, tvs & sound system and i needed the smart cam & lights, me head hurts from watching soooo many reviews of different cams, u just made my decision easy and helped realice i need this kit as well, not just the hub. u made your review veey informative, fast and easy to understand. Thank you so much 🙂

Max Daniël says:

Can the smartthing hun change to away mode with geofencing? Nice video

Amanda Woolsey says:

Hi Matt! So I’m curious. How do you connect everything in your office? Do you buy multiple outlets adapters or do they have have a large power strip style way to connect all them? In you office the things are split across the room so I’m assuming there are multiple spread across then room but I’m curious how many to achieve the whole room connected. Great video! Always love what you do!

hojo70 says:

I was interested in this device until I read the reviews on Amazon, they were abysmal.

brol1k says:

Where’d you get that white shelving unit in the background

Kevin Abirasniette says:

bro your videos just keep getting crisper and crisper #teamcrispy

Stephanie Carls says:

Love all the details — we’ve been looking at doing something else in our home and this is one of our first choices. Appreciate it! 🙂

Jonny Wilson says:

Thanks buddy! Superb review!!!

Carl Mag says:

Matt muy buen video!

Bill Bethel says:

Great review. I purchased because of your easy to understand explanation.

Sammy Hildebrand says:

Nice review! I think it’s really cool tht you don’t have to worry about leaving a light on when you leave so it doesn’t burn up your power bill cause your on your cruise (an example).

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