Review: First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound is a HomeKit-Equipped Smoke Detector and Smart Speaker

The Onelink Safe & Sound from First Alert is a smart Carbon Monoxide and smoke detector, with a built-in speaker, nightlight, and Amazon Alexa support. Stream wirelessly from Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio and more or use Bluetooth. Soon, it will add AirPlay 2 for even more functionality.
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Jesse Diaz says:

I dont imagine you can say “Hey Siri” with Onelink?

Nathan Lawrence says:

No Spotify Connect yet either, yes? That’s a bummer.

bertraminc says:

Another product that invites home spying. Why would people continue to invite home listening into their home.

Jonathon Karrels says:

Is the Airplay 2 update going to be like Ring promising HomeKit?

Jonnathan Marcellus says:

Been waiting on this review! Thanks

surfie007 says:

Do Americans connect their smoke alarms to the house’s electricity?

Pat Vaudo says:

Thanks for the review. I didn’t see any mention of a backup battery (For the smoke/CO portion of course)

Paul Martin says:

Amazon Alexa *built-in*? Yeah, nope.

Jon Smejkal says:

Do you think we’ll see AirPlay 2 support before iOS 12 and newer iPhones are released later this year?

Queenblessful says:

So is one enough for a 3 bedroom house or you have to get a few?

caro garcia says:

*Smoke detector works fine>>>**** it can detect smoke and vapor easily even from my vape Easy installation The plastic looks good Packaging need some blood ritual (the plastic is sharp and can use to cut shushi) Easy set up on Smart thing hub. Much noisier than my wife once smoke detected (Humor only) Easy battery detection on smart thing apps*

Cali707 says:

One of the best automations is when it detects smoke you can set it to turn on all your other homekit lights. So if it goes off at night all your lights turn on, kinda cool so you can see right away

JB Dragon says:

The issue I see is that Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors have a limited lifespan. The Sensors are only good for a MAX of 10 years. So $15 a pop or so is not a big deal, but $250 for 1? I have 6 Smoke Alarms around my house and 1 Carbon Monoxide detector. To replace my current ones with these things would cost me $1500. Just to be replaced in 10 years at most. Looking around, is seems Carbon Monoxide has a life expectancy of 5 years. So if it’s a combo unit, you’re wasting 5 years for Smoke.

Simon Invents says:

They ripped off my idea, and I even contacted them years ago.

Martin Godinez says:

Awesome review, unfortunately any Smart Home Technology is limited to Wi-Fi connectivity. A lot of devices get disconnected rendering what was basic functionality of your home useless. Plus at this point there is no standard, just too annoying. I’ll stick to my clap lights lol.

Jon Smejkal says:

Can you use Apple HomeKit with Siri AND Alexa at the same time once AirPlay 2 support is added? (Mixed Home?) I’m pretty sure I’ll pick HomeKit if that’s the case but was curious.

Jesse Diaz says:

ALso I know we are waiting for a firmware update for Airplay 2 but in the article you said if we wanted to use Apple Music, we would have to stream over bluetooth. BUt wont the device have at least airplay 1 function so I can just pick it as a speaker in apple music like I would my Apple TV or Homepod?

Stephen Colangelo says:

Cool but $250 cool? Idk

The Legend says:


D S says:

No AirPlay?

Drift Lyfe says:

A copy of nest protect

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