Piper – the best little home security and automation device you’ll find for the money [Review]

Full review at http://www.redferret.net/?p=46355. Piper is a brand new home security and automation device, which manages to combine incredible ease of use, with a top notch smartphone app, and superb functionality.

Not only will it do the typical video monitoring of this type of product, but the on-board sensors will also check on temperature, noise levels, humidity, motion and ambient light. Which means you can keep constant watch on just about every important environmental factor in your home from your phone, and with a product which is priced very aggressively.

The 180 degree 1080p fisheye camera is excellent, with a huge field of view, but enough clarity to see everything in the room. There’s also a ‘quad’ mode which lets you split the image into four, and literally pan each window into a different part of the view/room. It’s like having four cameras in one. Audio in and out also works well, even out and about via 3G, which is great for chatting to a pet or the better half.

The last part of the equation are the rules, which are customizable routines that you can set up to trigger actions if the camera or sensors detect anything in the area. So you can set up the unit to trigger an alarm, or email or SMS you or a trusted circle if it detects an increase in temperature, humidity, or motion in the home.

Since you can chain up to five of these devices together on the same network, you can really have a complete monitoring system working 24/7 to look after your home, and warn against fire, theft, flooding and various rampaging 90 feet lizards.

Price: From $199 / €149

Full review at http://www.redferret.net/?p=46355


dnsmithnc says:

This might be nice for a room or something but, beyond that, I can’t see it. One thing is, though that alarm seems loud, that type of noise will not go far beyond your walls. I wonder if it could be hooked up to a proper siren.

Javis Gonzalez says:

Hahaha when you unplug it and forget there’s batteries! Haha

zzsilver says:


brianminkc says:

dude stop laughing

mochamocha8 says:

Can’t even get mine to connect 🙁

Juan Camaney says:

The review is very poor, may be next time you can do a better one please.

Rose Raphael says:

thank you

HappyToBeNappy says:

Does it record?

samantha paitakis says:

you have to set it up to your home router, which is not quite as easy as it appears as mine is taking several attempts to do that and it’s still not hooked up. Then, you cannot use your phone from a different location than your home.. in order to see what’s actively going on. You have to be home in order to use it to see what’s going on wherever the camera is. I think it’s a lot of money and big pain in the ass.

Batman Still Rising says:

that was hilarious, you couldn’t turn it off. It needs a better app feature lmao

Anthony Ruan says:

I did the same thing as you opening the Alert

B. Robertson says:

Great demo ,thanks .. Panic mode is serious !! wow.

Spazziekat says:

ROFLMAO!!!!! That panic mode… hahahahaha

-RoN- says:

Can i romance it?

Brian Westfield says:

You sold me at @8:45 LOL! Looks like a cool product, thanks for the demo!

Muhd Idham says:


Nicola Straw says:

Brilliant…can it face looking through a window at the car etc .??

Piper 1futurevet says:

My name is piper…

karlo ayala says:

Does it have scheduling for the Alarm? Could I have it to only go off on certain hours of the day? Please advise.
Nice video. 😉

Devora Beevers says:

lol im glad i looked up about the panic button instead of trying it lol thank you! lol

essay bih says:

fuck u bitch

Fawaz Sawaed says:

how to fucking connect more than one phone ? it only work for one phone

Oleg Kirvalidze says:

I have recently purchased my Piper and would like to share my experience of using it.
Yes, it is a nice looking device, does many things BUT until there is a connection present to Piper’s central server from your phone and from your Piper.
Piper does not support direct connection from phone and does not support connection Phone->WiFi->Piper
If for some reason connection to central server is lost then you can not control your Piper at all. So briefly saying: No connection to server = Piper is dead.

Foxy tau says:

I pissed my self laughing watching this its cool.

Theoriginal1981 says:

What a great, honest review. Setting the alarm off had me in tears!! hard to listen to on the monitor, so can imagine being their was worse. 

River says:

Great video, was wondering if I could hook this into my ADT Go Smart panel. Their cameras are shit.

Eman H says:

Hi. I suppose I must log in from my mobile to the same WiFi connection the camera is signed in to, otherwise I won’t have any streaming?  Can I turn the app on while I’m travelling like 100+ kilometers? Thanks 🙂

Matityah says:


007007fred says:

Hey man if you don’t have no knowledge about the security camera please do not post such a media us this! You did not mention anything about the recording what is the use of the security cam of it out of the recording to me this is only just a fancy baby monitor


i dont have smart phone so can i use it

Coffeeborn says:

I laughed so hard I cried!

Lee Castillo says:

yeah, I thought about that. got AT&T

Husky Playz says:

ummmm….why did I press this?

darryl lynn says:

how long does the alarm last when tripped if I don’t disarm it?

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