Philips Hue Smart Lights Setup (with Alexa & Google Home!) | The Tech Chap

Philips Hue Smart Lights Setup – Make Gaming and Movie nights even more immersive with Philips Hue Colour bulbs, Hue strip lights and wireless Hue Go lamps – and then control with your voice control using Amazon Alexa & Google Home! Check out Hue:

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Ricky Robinson says:

you never went through the setup

Kam K says:


Adam Ford says:

Will they work if I have Amazon echo and just a bulb? Or do I need the bridge?

IW says:

First time I heard about these so called smartlights I was pretty skeptical to ve honest. A collegue of mine showed me how he was able to turn on and off any light in his home all the way from the office. He said he had gradually switched over all his bulbs to smartbulbs within a few weeks. I only got 1 to begin with but ordered another 5 the day after I got it. Especially since he showed me how to get 5 for free if I buy 5. If anyone is interested just drop a comment and I’ll hook you up! Gonna turn my whole house into a zoo of lighting haha

Lethal Damage Gaming says:

seems pretty useless

kristen wojtala says:

Do u have to have an iphone?

Francisco Vasquez says:

You have to have continuous power going to these light right? How does that affect your electric bill? I know you can turn the lights off with the app but you have to also keep the power going to the devices and lights. Does that affect the cost of your energy bill?

vinesha kaleyvani says:

Is it expensive??

Luis Enrique Flores Aceves says:

Hello guys I have some sonos devices with Alexa, do you recommend philips or another brand for alexa?


mach smith says:

would be really good to see exactly how it is set up…

YourBoiAlex13 says:

Pretty cool, except for the fact it costs a shit ton

Scotia Jinker says:

Can echo plus work the lights without the bridge ?

BIG T says:

Is there a way where I can program amazon echo so that I can say to “hit the lights” and then the lights turn on and Metallica’s “hit the lights” plays in the background?



Pfeiffer says:

Should have compared all the bulbs…

Ben Paynter says:

Such a good product line up but it really is over priced. Phillips profit margin must be massive!

S SN QN says:

Absolute garbage product. You need a bridge?? How ridiculous. Get a tp-link kasa smartbulb instead.

Missus Whateveritistodaydoll says:

The video title says this is a set up…. It isn’t.

VaginalProtrusionOfTheCystFilledLabia Labia says:

Its such a beautiful light though. not just because it changes colors but because you can customize the dimness and the color to be just right. it’s actually incredible if you think about it.

MrNobody808 says:

Is the hub wireless or just hard wired?

devilboykillz says:

any one know if you have a fan that has 3 spots for light. if you use only 1 does it still use the same amount of electric like if you had all 3.

Laurent Roy says:

So Awesome

Juju N says:

Will it work with 99¢ store lights?

NinjaGamer 443 says:

Love these lights ❤️

Fabian Daroca says:

Just learning about this stuff but an going to change my entire condo like this. Very Cool!!!!

Lyndar Lehane says:

Clickbait… no setup information at all, just a sales pitch

Doggymisfit says:

I would have my room lit teal/turquoise or blue

Scott S says:

I see bulb’s for sale on Amazon saying you don’t need the hue. Are these cheap knock offs why would people buy the hue if you don’t need to. Im totally new to this smart lighting. I’ve just bought an echo 3 any advice be great thanks

Zane The main says:

What is the app

sleepwalkerZZZ says:

I use Google Home while my roommate uses Echo. Are we able to use the same lights in our apartment to work with both Alexa and Google. Or only one or the other.

deleteaman says:

Does not show how to actually connect it. Not a setup video. Stupid

Kam K says:

Does it come with the cords to connect the hub bridge to the rotten

MathiasNov30 says:

Sales pitch

Kim Brue says:

It didn’t teach me anything.

Ryan Trevino says:

That’s cool I like lights for some reason

Ian Smith says:

Ordered these Hue lights from Amazon a few weeks ago when videos like this promoting them started appearing all over YouTube. Yesterday got an email from Amazon saying “Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available.” Honestly, I often think Philips couldn’t organise a p***** in a brewery.

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