Petnet Beta SmartFeeder Automated Smart Home Pet Feeder – [Review]

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Christian Simpson says:

What if I left home and have no access to any wifi networks? Will the app continue with scheduled meals? Can I feed my pet manually with no wifi access?

Richard Forester says:

Cool idea for cats.  But I can’t imagine using this for a dog unless it was just for the day.  Cats usually have litter boxes but dogs have to be walked.

Sarah Pruitt says:

This is awesome! I travel a lot and I am thinking about getting this for my scottish fold. So are you saying that can have access to this device using my smartphone even if I am overseas?

YouLove Claudia says:

I can’t connect the feeder to my wifi :”(

shirlslee says:

Thanks for the in-depth video! Has Oliver figured out how to get more food from it? I’m weary of automatic food dispensers because cats can usually figure out a way to “paw” out more food from them.

Sarah Villafania says:
David Focardi says:

Good review

lemster101 says:

Thanks for this video. Very informative.

tamn3 says:

Firstly, great review. Thanks!

Does it notify you when your pet has eaten the food? Also do you have a list of the missing advertised features?

Also how long did it take for the beta unit to ship?

Biggs says:

My cousin had this petfeeder and as of today, he had no problems with it. He has used it for about 5 months now.

Mizz Maria says:

…or you could just bend over and pour some food in the dam bowl yourself

Daniel Feodoroff says:

Wish it worked with birds

shawanna bell says:

Hey, thinking about buying this. Do you have any thoughts on this product for multiple cats (I have 2)?

Akiokia Yin says:

Right now the feeder is $99.

Pia Leena Thorsaas says:

Do you take order from Norway? And what is the shipping cost?

Gold Dust Global says:

this one is much more cool :

davis martin says:

I have one the battery life is to short i always have to worry about charging

E Kanas says:

What is the speaker on the bottom for?

Georgina Pizarro Gomez says:

I bought one from my dog Andy to Spain… Shippment costs was quite expensive but I like this and maybe I will recommend it to my mom to feed my cat who is very fat.

Patrick Qi says:

Quick Question, how does the manual feed button work? If the cat stuck its nose or paw on the button, would that release food?

Bruno Gallardo says:

Great review! But how does the dispenser itself exactly works? How can that be so precise?

Ryan Fishkin says:

very cool invention.

Andrew OHara says:

@Patrick Qi It will not let me respond directly to you so hopefully you see my response! The manual button does just that! If the cat presses the button, it will feed them! My cat has luckily not figured this out yet! There is an option to turn this mode off as well if they do figure this out!

dylan technoGeek says:

petnet is the best thing that has happened to the pet industry

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