Panasonic Home Monitoring System Impressions

On his day off, The Camera Store’s Chris Niccolls decided to install a new Panasonic home security system and document the process. Take a look at the features of this cool system, and find out if it can make even a huge YouTube sensation (his words) feel safe at home.

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Order the Panasonic Home Monitoring Components from TCS:

Shot and edited by Jordan Drake
Shot on the Sony FS5


k zane says:

mahaloooooooooooooo….. thanks fir a good laugh @ 2:39an in Hawaii….. I needed to smile… DON’T HURT JORDAN!!!!!! HE’S A DELICATE FLOWWWER!!!!

Calvin Chann says:

Unless the thieves steal the SD card or the whole system.Don’t temperatures in Calgary fall below -30?

Richard's World says:

Most of the “good looking” comments were from guys. LOL
Now I know why you aren’t feeling so safe.

You can use the snow to do a how to do photography in the snow video.

Timi says:

“just look at me, im incredible”

veryannoyingname says:

what wavelength of infrared is being used. Is it of the red glow in the dark type that alerts the people that there is a camera or is the wavelength of the type that isnt seen so filming of intruders is without warning the intruder.

Thomas Bryant says:

Ok… I wasn’t going to watch this because I really really don’t care about home monitoring systems… I am now glad I watched it because it was of of the top funniest videos you’ve made. Thanks.

azuremain says:

You’re like ageing wine, getting better and better.

nizamdeen nizu says:

Hi guys, when are you going to do the review on Olympus pen F (2016)

Bowen Zhang says:


Wildy Snow says:

Subscribed then cancelled subscription. For the Pentax jibe.

laurenoe says:

Pentax on the mantle. Nice.

mpxz999 says:

One question!
How do you power the cameras outside? Did you have to install an outdoor outlet?
Or did the power cable go into the house somehow?

I’ve been wanting to install some cameras lately too, but this has been the major thing standing in my way!

Bachmann Manuel says:

Funny guys

theheinzification says:

But it still won’t stream videos to your personal cloud without fees instead or in addition to save it on the card, right?

Peizxcv says:

Now someone can hack it and monitor Chris 24/7

Xia Yu says:

I understand why kris need this,I am in a much worse situations than this,one of my neighbors are heavy drug users and there are some gang of thieves in this city I live.I am in home some times when crooks trying to break in,I choose to installed the swan one system.One day,a groups of thieves who had knives trying to broke into my home.My camera warns me fist,then the really loud siren goes off.The thief shocked,it haves me time to call police Music Library says:

You guys!! Love the ending!

Jim Li says:

Wish I can do a double like

Beverly Evans says:

Was it difficult to set up the external camera? Where does the wire plug in?

Rupert says:

someone knows when the 80d is on the market?

Colvin Ang says:

FS – 5 Please!!!

hennwei says:

LOVED this video guys. One question i’m gonna ask, how does the indoor camera stack up against a dedicated baby monitor? does it lag terribly? and does it have IR as well? <3

TimmyTechTV says:

0:38 – Kind of a big deal on YouTube… Thanks for the laugh guys. 😉

Christopher Sears says:

What about s-log and 4k?Also, the Canon fans are the ones who are more likely to be stalking you after the pool incident.

Ray-Hong Wang says:

I would like to know how do you feel about the camera
is it good?


Martin Benford says:


chrisw443 says:

bit paranoid. lol Neat system, funny video

Xerkaw says:

“heated super sledge” Somebody is playing fallout 4…

janijtube says:

You know you could have just dug a moat around the house and put some sharks in it. 🙂

Ethan Chin says:

That last scene though… XD

Jon Hermannsson says:

awesome – congrats on baby – and make sure your wife and baby are priority one – not us viewers 🙂 we love your videos – but wife and baby before work and viewers

NuclearChicken911 says:

Seriously funny video XD

Jeffrey Cheng says:

Does it shoot 4K with V-log?

Myles Martinez says:


“Some of these people might want to…turn me into a suit.”

Great line. XD Also, it amuses me that all the comment examples you posted seem to come from males.

Ali Rashid says:

lol. brilliant

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