Nest Secure: Is It Worth It?

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When it comes to smart home technology, things like hubs and smart bulbs come to mind, but one important product that is usually overlooked is the home alarm system. Luckily, Nest is attempting to solve that with Nest Secure, a new smart alarm system that easily integrates into any home. Check out the video above to learn more!

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ProgressEqualsHappiness says:

Ehhh I need more equipment for that price imo

Jack Crow says:

The combination motion/contact sensor is interesting. The motion sensor is useless on a window with blinds, but the contact sensor would work. However, your paying $50 for both, where a contact sensor could cost $25. I think its all ZWave which mean it COULD work with any contact sensor, however, I doubt it will. They want to create that subscription echo system revenue.

$500 buck for a zwave hub and a few sensors. WTF

PhantomEagle says:

What if someone just unplugs the base station and muffles it? Also if you already have a siren system outside of the house does it connect to that?

Tommy C says:

Needs a battery powered keypad that can be placed on a wall…that way i can place the nest guard in a discreet location out of immediate view…needs further integration with nest protect. So that the nest protect alarm will also sound when the nest guard goes off…then i might buy….

Scott Sophia says:

I liked the idea of the nest secure to replace my current alarm system, especially with the potential savings versus paying ADT monthly for monitoring, when all they really do is call me every time I forget to turn off my alarm, and I wouldn’t have to deal with the alarm fees from the police for false alarms. While others have commented that $500 seems like a lot of money, for a quality security system that integrates with other products well, I don’t think it’s a bad price. And I can be the monitor of my own system.

With that being said, I don’t think I’ll buy one yet. I think the plastic materials used for the base are cheap looking, and I don’t like that you are limited to one keypad. It would be nice to be able to place one at the front door, and another at the back door. The additional tags at $25 each seem overpriced ($15 seems more reasonable). The lack of integration with nest protect smoke alarms for audible alerts seems like a big oversight, especially for people with larger homes. It would be nice to be able to at least have the option to hear door open alerts, and have the alarm go off on the nest protect as well if there were an intruder. The lack of a volume option also seems pretty big.

While not an oversight, it would also be nice to have integration with Google Home, where it might ask you if you want to call the police if the system determines you are home during a break in. Hopefully some of these issues will be addressed in a software update.

I like the idea of not paying for alarm monitoring, but having the option if desired, as well as the option for cellular service. I also really like the integration with nest cam, and the idea of integration with a smart lock.

I think the ability to temporarily disable the alarm on one door is great, but I worry that it might be possible to stick a coat hanger through the crack in the door, and temporarily disable it.

If nest addresses these issues, I would definitely purchase the nest secure. Until then, I’ll wait.

Living Impetus says:

Strange inflection.

tallperson117 says:

Lost me at $500.

Originallyfromlongisland _ says:

Coolness, i should have gotten the nest instead of the Ecobee.

Roger McKenna says:

If it starts ringing when a burglar goes in to the house it will be pulled out of the wall and smashed on the ground / rapped in a blanket to silence it. The cops are unlikely to get there for 10 -20 mins and the criminal will be in and out in 2mins. You need an alarm box on the outside of the house as s a visual deterrent and once triggered cant be silenced with out a ladder. What I’m saying is nest you need an external alarm sounder and box.

VanillaCracker says:

Doesn’t sound very loud to me? Most security systems have a 100db siren, which is the legal limit for inside a home (to prevent hearing damage). Hard to say for sure from the video, but this sounds like maybe 75db.

Finn Cook says:

Quantity one numerous vxcexm down develop o’clock approve desperate statistics African valley.

James M says:

Depending on Wi-Fi to protect your home? What a joke!

michael p says:

Hmm keypad and base station are integrated so seems vulnerable to smashing?

Johan Visser says:

Very good hardware but useless app. When your alarm gets triggered it send you a notification on your phone. There is no alarm that sounds load on your phone just a ping. In my case I was in a busy restaurant when I received this ping and never heard it. So all this alarm is good for is to watch afterwards how they carried your stuff out your home

Tonysoldier319 says:

Hey Austin,

I made the same mistake it appears you’ve made when I set up my Nest Detects. The actual Detect with the button on it should be on the door (the part that moves), while the magnet should be on the door frame. I made this mistake and didn’t realize it for over a month. It resulted in unexpected open door detection delays, which could have been exploited in a burglary. Now the doors are detected instantly when open.

Tl;dr Place the portion of Detect with the button on the door itself, and the magnet on the frame.

I hope this helps you guys when setting it up.

Chris Cloud says:

I currently use ADT and considering using the Nest system, but they need to beat ADT pricing if I’m ever going to switch over.

Mike Sun says:

So, looks great but let’s say

1. My cell has to be on and in cell range with data connection to receive the alert, right? No 3rd party monitoring system, right?

2. I know that thing has a battery but and is protected against unplugging – But lets say someone brakes in and drops the main box in a bucket of salt water. – Since salt water acts as a very good shield for any kind of radio waves there will be no alarm send, right? or does it sent the alert right way to the server and if no disarm comes you get a notification?

These are the really interesting questions to me – you have answers?

Boxeru13 says:

Cool but not $500 cool

Jeff Johnson says:

$500 with only 2 sensors. seems like a rip off to me. on top of that extra sensors are $59. ouch! for $500 this thing should come with about 10 sensors. what the hell are 2 sensors going to protect a hotel room, lol.

3rdperspective says:


Victoria Alarm says:

Garbage…. we professionally install a basic Honeywell touchscreen system for $500

Nicholas Pham says:

The Audi S4 key fob interested me more than the nest secure..

Pie 4life says:

Where’s the alarm nigga no one is gonna hear that outside

Robert LeBlanc says:

What if your home has multiple regularly used entrances?
Not everyone lives in an apartment.

Dan Harvey says:

Is there no sounder that goes outside on the side of your house?!

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