Nest Hello Doorbell Review: Ultimate Smart Home Tech!

Building the Ultimate Smart Home with Nest Hello and Nest x Yale lock. Smart Home setup tour linked below, but today we’re checking out some essential smart home upgrades. ▶Pick up Nest Hello here: ▶Subscribe for more:

Nest Lock:
Nest Cam

This video was sponsored by Nest, but opinions are my own and it’s pretty dope.

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David Beiler says:

Nest is great if you want google to know where you are 24/7

A car Guy says:

The audio is messed up,Fix it and upload it again

Top Kamnark says:

Is it possible you could do a car tech??? It would be awesome!

xxnike629xx says:

Dom Esposito
I’m moving to a house in about a month and I’ve seen videos about Nest products posted by Judd and I am leaning on getting a whole bunch of them for my house.
My concern is what if the door lock jams/break, or what if there’s a power outage or the Internet goes down? Will you not be able to get inside your home?

Aryan Rana says:

Love your vedios dom

mobilitytoday says:

Forgot that the aware has NO key so powerloss sucks. Truthfully Dom you need to really use the product and not push these out so quick.

khail chain says:

great when its hack and you get robbed

Anmol Rai मन राई says:

Thanks for the awesome video

Alex Pires says:

The Yale lock can open when the smart camera recognizes me?

Gallo Cochino says:

how’d you make the social media … layer? at the end this and some of your other videos?

Food Stamp says:

Sup Mister Dom

Aditya Rathod says:

Great work Dom as always!

Instinct 23 says:

Man I need that doorbell but 229 dollars are insane.
Maybe for 150 max

Vinnie Sims says:

I’m slowly upgrading my Home to be a SmartHome…

TheWaffleLord says:

*Big shoutout to Dom Esposito for sponsoring this comment.*

Christopher Lee says:

Great video Dom! Winning combo right there with the Nest Hello Door Bell and the Nest Yale Lock!

David Datura says:

Cool and useful gadgets!

Shane Pikelin says:

Good review. But you forgot to mention a key point. You need Nest Aware to take advantage of most features. Need it to have continuous 24/7 video and use familiar faces. Best I described it is the doorbell without nest aware is like a photo doorbell and a video doorbell with nest aware.
Without it, you can only scroll through your timelin and see “gifs” of events like motion or a person detected. In my opinion it’s not that appealing without nest aware. (5$ a month min) we own the doorbell and were definitely going to keep nest aware after our 30day trial ends. It essentially turns it into a nest security cam for the front of your house with the added bonus of a doorbell haha. We’ll add a normal security cam at the back of the house and we’re set!

Marcos Mori says:

The only downside is in case of a hacker attack on your lock or camera system… Like the one seem on Mr. Robot season 2.

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