My Favorite Smart Home Tech! (Setup Tour)

Epic Smart Home Tech – Building a smart home! This setup tour features my favorite smart home devices with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri or HomeKit. If you’d like to check out my Smart Bedroom, or reviews, check the links below! Pick up an August Smart Lock Pro here:

This video was sponsored by August, but these opinions are my own!

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August Smart Lock Pro –

Philips Hue –

Amazon FireTV Cube –


iHome Smart Plug –

OutDoor Smart Plug –

Logitech Circle 2 Cam –

Living Room Setup Video –

Smart Bedroom Video –

Budget Smart Home Tech –

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Hunter Rossi says:

Desk set up please, I want to know what those speakers you have are

JC Caro - Mushimaster Reviews says:

As a guy who lives in a third world country, none of these seem viable for me

The convenience of everything is incredible and would be great for me TBH since I love tech and all, but with security leaks I’m a little apprehensive with regards to adopting this tech. Maybe in time I will, but I haven’t crossed that point yet


Dom despacito

Fer Miranda says:

So, if you have no power you can’t open your door because you get use to don’t have a key with you

John Moss says:

Love you like a brother I’ve never met Dom

Brett Howarth says:

I would love if google home would make a product with an IR blaster built in like the cube.

MrLevidell says:


Humberto Cr says:

Dom Despacito :v

Stony P says:

Your knob is big, door knob that is

Chad's Tech Tips UK says:

Wow lovely set up right there.

Wang William says:

hi bro, nice video.could you help me do videos for smart home?

C says:

Those iHome plugs are great, I have some as well. They will also allow you to see the energy consumption of whatever you have plugged into them.

Ari Mariaman says:

With all home tech there, how much you saving in electrical bill? Or it make more?

William Tarpein says:

You were driving my Alexa crazy!

xxnike629xx says:

Looks cool. I might have to invest in some of these.

Christopher Perkins says:

Is the August Smart Lock weatherproof? I could use these on my exterior gates.

bwfeldy says:

How did you get homekit to work with Nest thermostat? So cool!

Hanno Rymerais says:

waiting for smarthome-tech bathroom-tour.

Anshuman Jha says:

I don’t know why smart home tech and automation doesn’t make sense to me… If unlocking a door takes 5 seconds from a key… WTH???

The same old Show says:

My favorite tech is the smart lock

imbored200 says:


DHTV says:

The lock is great! Does it need a specific back plate?

Spencer Doez says:

“alexa play despacito 2”

noah lot says:

What kind of person dislikes videos

DJ nAsTyjAy says:

Does anyone know if smart plugs are safe for air conditioners??

Nishant Rana says:

Also provide links for india

Vinnie Sims says:

How did Dom get his Nest thermostat to work with HomeKit? I thought you can’t do that? Would love to know!

Justin Dampal says:

Imagine if Killgore from Flash breaks into his house..

geegoflex 1 says:

Wow!what a coincidence,wow!

Lunar Çraft says:

tey no fap for 90 days thank me later

Jay Tech says:

Love these videos

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