Mi Smart Home from Xiaomi – Review

More at https://xiaomi-mi.com/sockets-and-sensors/

Upon returning home, automatically turns on the light, household appliances will start to work, and fragrant coffee will be ready … and it’s not dreaming technology of the future, it is the reality that came to life thanks to Mi Smart Home Kit. Using various combinations of components, you can automate the Smart devices, remotely manage devices using a smartphone, fast create favorable conditions for your life. Take a few steps to realize our plans into reality.

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paulo106 says:

The video tricks. The gateway has no European connector as it looks in the video https: //youtu.be/xtrTxguT0-4? T = 6m13s IT was time for Xiaomi to create a version with EU plug?

DoyJimenez says:

What do i need to setup the smart security video u mentioned? The magnetic sensor and yi cameras only?

Anie S says:

Please help with English instructions and app in English??. Please please please!!

Aj Qureshi says:

Hey. do u know where i can get a english version of the mi app for android? n the manuals?

Yousef Nofal says:

Well done educational video for Xiaomi smart home devices i am replacing all of my devices to Xiaomi.

sneakywan says:

Where can we order the Smart Home with US/CDN plug???

AQ MY says:

manufacturers direct sales intelligent socket:+8613826519982

Ankit Singh says:

Please make gaming console also please?

Heinz Siegfried P says:

hello, is there a way to extend the range of the gateway so more far devices still can connect to it? or do i use more than one gateway in that case ?

Felipe Matos says:

Are they compatible with other Zigbee hubs? Does it work with IFTTT?

nazi man says:

Ты Русский?

Sid Acidic says:

a bit too much to digest in a single video. do you have any website to explain all of these gadgets , what they do and most importantly how do they work with each other. In English please. thanks so much.

Uzi Panti says:

but this is all in CHINESE right?

random name says:

very good gadgets but the presentation sucks

hery hui says:

cannot connecting with amazon echo

Mohit saha chowdhury says:

but when this all launch in India

sejihu says:

This is a typical ad, not a review or an opinion. No doubt xiaomi has great products but using reputable reviewer that people trust to read a script is manipulative.

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