LaMetric Time Smart Clock Review

Review of the new LaMetric Time Smart Clock.

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LaMetric Time Smart Clock is a Kickstarter project by Smart Atoms that raised $370,000 back in August 2014. It’s described as a Smart Clock but it’s really a connected LED display that can be used to show a wide range of information from the internet or other connected devices.

One of the problems with the Internet of Things and smart home devices is that the only way to see information about what’s going on is via your phone or television. However, you don’t want to leave your TV on all the time, and you don’t want to have to keep taking your phone out of your pocket every few minutes. If only there was a connected, always on display that could show you essential information at a glance.

This is the problem that Smart Atoms is aiming to solve with their LaMetric Time Smart Clock. Calling it a Smart Clock seems to be rather underselling it though. LaMetric Time is a black rectangular box about the length of a DVD case. Lurking inside are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios for external connectivity. On the top is has 3 buttons, 2 directional and one selection. On the left side it has a power button and 3.5mm auxiliary sound input jack as well as a speaker. On the right side it has volume up and down buttons as well as another speaker. On the back it has a power jack as well as a micro USB socket. On the front of the device there appears to be nothing to see; that is until you power on the device.


wombat warns says:

lame trick

Lachlant1984 says:

I didn’t know there was a battery powered version of the LaMetric Smart Time, I just assumed it was AC only. I didn’t see any mention of their being a battery powered version on their site last night. It looked to me like the AC Adaptor you pulled out of the box had flip out US power pins on it which you’d attach an EU or UK plug adaptor to, am I right?

Avalanche says:

Can I use it to show a whole sentence (e..g, moving from one side to the other)? Like custom messages

Stochastic Drift says:

It is paid review because this product for £159 is total shit. I have requested Amazon to take it back for my full refund because it’s just a piece of crap.

Igor Andrusyk says:

шо то за дно таке?

Jacques says:

can’t control it using local network… and device is locked down you can’t fully exploit it, what a shame, a great thing ruined…

Pieh0 says:

Thanks for the ear piercing noise at the start, i didn’t need my eardrums anyway…

Infos Pratiques says:

Excellent 😉

ShoeNiverse says:

Any idea on where to buy one used?

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