Integrating Smart Home Devices with the Google Assistant

To get started, read the building Smart Home apps documentation here:

Nick Felker introduces how developers can integrate their Smart Home devices with the Google Assistant. This video shows how to build a webhook for the HomeGraph to sync, query, and execute commands on IoT devices including smart light bulbs, thermostats, vacuums, cameras, dishwashers, dryers, outlets, switches, washers, locks, fridges, fans, and more.

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Floris says:

I still don’t really see the point of smart homes. Sure, it may seem cool, but in the end it doesn’t improve user experience that much, since most things require little physical activity to turn on/off.

Prateek Sureka says:

So annoying! My google home is having an aneurysm after playing this video

werty1st says:

the video is nice but doesn’t help. the setup is still too complex. 🙁 i wanted to use google home directly but didn’t succeed. i now use ifttt to call a voice activated webhook.

Rich Pierre says:

excellent, I’m ready for the era of integrating smart homes with smart cars alongside other smart devices. let’s continue to develop the perfect smart city!

Alvar Lagerlöf says:

Fans. Cool. I want blinds too

Igor Gabrielan says:

Ricardo JL Rufino says:

Hi, this works in any Language ? Like pt_BR ?

Ian Sklar says:

Good video and info…i think. You really should get somebody to speak more clearly and intelligebly or teach him to. Sorry if that was a bit harsh, but we want to understand.

jawwad mobin SAJID says:


MarcoNP says:

That Google sticker on the MacBook though

Kuba Wolanin says:

It would be great if the review process of the smart home apps was improved a bit.
Looking forward to finally run openHAB integration with the Assistant! 🙂

YouTube Administrator says:

@Google Developers Still doesn’t explain how I use the Google assistant on my phone to turn my lights off…

Ivar Gustle says:

Will google assistant ever understand “g suite”?

Zulu says:

When you said hey Google it opened up Google assistant on my phone

Krisztián Szekeres says:

Please don’t activate my Google home

fade Konno says:

I spot a Mac I’m disappointed

Markus von Staden says:

Is there somewhere a more detailed Instruction/Tutorial? I mean like for REAL beginners? I am just getting into Raspberry and only have some basic Arduino skills. But I would love to built my own Smart devices without IFTTT or similar.

Wuyi Li says:

He could get a Chromebook than a Macbook with a Google sticker.

Varun Bgm says:

Here u go…. giving literally everything to Google

Philippe Nathanael says:

Hey google, I’m working on a homemade smart car, and I would like to put android auto for the media and maps integration, how can I contact you? Looking forward to it…

Mandar Sant says:

which language is used to build this

Jake Kornegay says:

watching this in a room with a google home is super annoying…but at least i learned today’s forecast ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Rishikesh Shendkar says:

Isnt that a MacBook? :p

Shko Shorsh says:

The google logo is on apple logo

G4M3_0V3R says:

I mean.. I would like to watch this kind of stuff, but seriously drop the hey Google .. obviously we own them or we wouldn’t be here.. I mean just mute yourself, I am tired of content providers not thinking about this.. I do not want to mute my house everytime I see a video I want to watch. Thank you for making the content, just a year later it gets old..

Anders Kyhl says:

hey google
please spy on me more says:

For those of you struggling to have a beginner tutorial, or how to get started with this : I started with this great tuto : the fact is that this is not as simple as it seems on the video. You need yo build two things, first of all an Oauth2 server (which is mainly designed for production purposes so you can use a less secure one as shown in the link above if you plan to use this for a DIY project), this server will give a token for the google assistant to talk to the backend you also need to create. The backend have to parse the command sent with your assistant, do something of your choice (like turning the light on/off), and then answer back to the google that the request has been executed correctly. If you have any question, I can answer them so you do not have to struggle like I did to find some crucial info.

Gagandeep Singh says:

I wonder what google assistant would have said on listening to “ok google, wow! that’s really hot.”

Lars Rye Jeppesen says:


Carlos Condack says:

Note to self… Disable Google home microphone when watching videos about the Google home.

Felix Beichler says:

“Ok, Google is my smart Fan still on?” “Sorry I can’t understand you because your Fan is for real on”

WHAT'S INSIDE ??? says:

Send me some items

Novo Vires says:

NSA / CIA HOME = Smart Home with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Assistant…. Good luck with the State Surveillance software…..

Sanjay Patel says:

Please , continue to Celebrate BDTime……

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