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Allen of Damn Good Reviews provides an in-depth demo and final review of the Insteon Home Automation Kit including the Hub, SmartDimmer, Appliance Link, the software app and more which will allow you to control your home from pretty much anywhere there is a connection to the internet If you have been thinking about automating your home then watch this video on Insteon home automation products.

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HeyVernsky says:

I have two insteon systems
Do not buy
This has been a nightmare
Over $1000 and I still have a broken system

Hunter Polyiso says:

This review is inadequate as it does not address setting up cameras. Having tried to do this and work with Insteon in this process proved impossible. I would not recommend this product.

FlightSergeantRose says:

Very good demo and review. I think I’m sold on it. Thanks. 

splutzer says:

In-STE-on, not Instant-on. Just a little annoying is all 🙂

KevKevAllen says:

Say it with me “in-stee-on”

Kevin Rush, AIA CSI says:

You should show the Windows Phone app too. Did you buy from Microsoft?

TheDorianTube says:

I don’t get it, why should we pay tons of money for something that produces more work?! Open App > Select Device > Tap OFF > Lights turns OFF. Normal Procedure: Switch OFF > Lights OFF LOL. Unless they’ll start to integrate multiple internal mics around the house and voice commands, this thing is useless

fulesmackofule says:

This seems to be quite simple at first look. What if I want to program my lamp to turn on/off at random times when I am not home?

Benny Bologna says:


George Cox says:

Really good

Mariel Starnes says:

Is this software compatible with the Honeywell L5200  wireless home alarm with  ZWave .  I want to be able to arm/ disarm the home alarm remotely ( not the remote control with my android )

Dario Quinones says:

Wonder does it support for Isy994i?

Tim Archer says:

I have over 50 Insteon devices installed now. 100 percent reliability. Had ZWave for 6 years with spotty reliability and erroneous info on locks. NEVER gain with ZWave.
Also, NO monthly service fees with Insteon vs $10 a month with ZWave.

Paul Andrews says:

In-STE-On —- Not “Instant On” 
Good grief. 

Joseph Cardoni says:

Do you need to use Insteon, or any other type smart bulb for the interior dimmer effect to work, or will it work with any standard incandescent bulb? Thank you!

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